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The Vampire Diaries “The Murder of One”

30 Mar

Lets just boil it down, the good, anything with Damon, the bad, once again we can’t kill Klaus. Will you please wrap up this plot, this has been the worst thing about this season. Most shows usually hit their stride in Season 3, everything has gelled, characters, the network loves the show we are rolling but not TVD.

Scenes I loved, Damon and Alaric, Damon’s faux Elena rescue, and I know this is wrong but Damon being tortured. Next time, can we get the shirt off completely before we string him up. The gang practicing their attack at the beginning of the episode was pretty good, nice moments when Damon called Matt “Beefcake” and Caroline “Barbie”. Again we love Damon. He is the Spike of TVD.

It’s not sweeps so I knew there was no way Klaus was going to bite it last night (ha made a funny) but to dash my hopes with another BS spell loophole. Oh show, how you annoy me. So the new twist is, if you kill an original it will kill everyone they have sired.

The gang has to figure out if any of the originals sired the person who sired Katherine. One thing we do know, Klaus sired Tyler, so we definitely can’t kill Klaus because it would kill Tyler. Tyler who is barely on the show, will it be the big sacrifice of the season, or will Bonnie pull some more BS magic out of her ass and save him.

The use of magic on this show demonstrates just how lazy the writers and show runners are, its their out every week. Boring!!

Once again Bonnie is used and abused, poor Kat Graham she is so much better than the way this show treats her. Maybe Bonnie should cast a spell and blow them all up, they would so deserve it, or at the very least Julie Plec and Kevin Williamson.

Nice product placement with the AT&T 4G smartphones, watch Klaus use his stylus to write a text message, see Jeremy play with his dog on video chat. Then watch the AT&T commercial at the break and buy the phone,  so you can be just like them, sans the blood lust of course.

The rest of the episode was meh, we had Stefan and Elena angst, Elena pretending to be made at Damon, this is the most boring love triangle ever.  Stefan and Damon could do so much better.  The show is off for two weeks.

Spoilers indicate we have the decade dance coming up, someone is going to die (yawn). I remember when this show was so good at surprises and suspense. remember Katherine’s return at the end of season 1, OMG!!! I jumped, we all jumped.

There is also a flashback episode featuring the return of Aunt Jenna, and the finale will introduce the big bad for next year. 

What did you think? Did you even watch?

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