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Blind Items

20 Nov

I love Blind Items, they are mini mysteries.  See if you can figure these out, head to the comments with your guesses.


Actress on a very successful sitcom, she was/is the lead, but her role has been diminished as of late. The creators/writers make it all seem very plausible and storyline driven. Behind the scenes, it is a different story. Seems our girl has made some questionable decisions, that have lead to unprofessional behavior on the set.  She isn’t winning at all. (source: over heard at lunch)

#2 –

I really wish I could have witnessed this first hand. I heard it was hysterical. So, this recent network reality star who is more famous for something other than being on a reality show for a bit was walking down the street yesterday in West Hollywood when she was confronted by a very angry man. The reality star has supposedly been dating this B-/C+ primarily television actor and the man on the street was not happy. The gist of the conversation was that the reality star had stolen his man. The reality star thought the person meant like he was a fan of the actor and was just joking about the theft of “his man.” Turns out that is not the case at all as he loudly proclaimed right there on the street that until our reality star came along, the man on the street and the actor had been “fucking and sucking” every night but because he could not make him famous he went out and found a “slut like you.” (source CDAN via DLISTED)


While at a party a few weeks ago, TV Actor 1 set up his new lover, TV Actor 2, with a ‘date’ for the night. Actor 1 thought that Actor 2 would enjoy the experience of hooking up with someone different. The media got hold of the story from other party guests, and reported that the hunk was on the prowl and had a one night stand with this very beautiful woman. Well, almost. The mainstream media got it wrong. The ‘date’ was actually a pretty pre-op transsexual! The Actors are both happy about the media report, though, as it allows them to both remain in the closet for another season. (source: Blind Gossip via DListed)



Blind Item

26 Oct

It didn’t take long

the character Fonzie from the sitcom Happy Day...

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Which two leading ladies on this new show are already at odds over screen time and line counts. They look about even on-screen, but apparently one thinks the other should have less since her character is becoming more popular with fans then expected.

Sounds like what happened with the Fonz and Richie, and we all know how that turned out.

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