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5/4 Friday What You Should Watch

4 May

Fringe has two episodes left this season, that news is easier to swallow now that I know they have renewed it for a 5th season. Granted it’s only 13 episodes and it is the final. But at least they have an opportunity to give the show and the fans a proper ending.

Also new tonight Supernatural, I stopped watching for a season or two when they did that whole Dean/Satan storyline, but the last few weeks with Dick Roman and Bobby’s ghost have been really good.  The announced a new EP for next season, so even though they haven’t officially announced it has been renewed I can’t imagine they would cancel it now. 

Nkita, Blue Bloods, Grimm and The Finder.


Walter is forced to revisit his painful past when a fringe event causes people to spontaneously combust; the team faces off with David Robert Jones.


Meg contacts Dean and Sam with news that Castiel is conscious and talking; a teenager becomes a reluctant prophet after being struck by lightning

Blue Bloods

Jackie and Danny look into the suspicious death of an investor; when the Sanfinos order a hit on Jimmy Riordan, Frank puts Jamie under house arrest.


After a wealthy matriarch mysteriously dies and her stepdaughter loses everything in a Ponzi scheme, Hank and Nick investigate; Juliette tries to help Nick find closure.


Episode: Dead Drop
Ryan wants to go to the CIA director for help when Percy’s nuclear weapon plan appears to be getting out of control; Alex is shaken when Sean is shot.

Friday 4/27 What You Should Watch

27 Apr

Fringe is wrapping up season 4, tonight is the first of the final three episodes.

Blue Bloods is new tonight, thank goodness, because I need a Reagan family dinner.

We also have new Grimm, Supernatural and Nikita.


Episode: Worlds Apart
Both teams fight for the same cause; shocking developments related to the Cortexiphan children arise.

Blue Bloods

Episode: Working Girls
When an attempt is made on the life of a witness in Danny and Jackie’s care, they realize the task force has a leak; Erin receives a job offer that would have her working with her father.


An investigation into a construction worker’s death leads Nick into a conflict in the creature world; Juliette makes Nick invite Monroe to dinner.


Dick Roman (James Patrick Stuart) acquires a hard drive that contains sensitive information about Dean and Sam; Bobby tries to help the brothers retrieve the hard drive, but his anger toward Dick gets in the way.


Episode: Shadow Walker
Nikita talks Birkhoff into using $20 million of his own money to lure Percy into a trap; Birkhoff is arrested.

4/6 Friday What You Should Watch

6 Apr

Lots of new episodes tonight, including my Friday night favorite Fringe. Also on for your viewing pleasure, Blue Bloods, CSI NY and Grimm.


On the other side, Lincoln joins forces with his alternate and Bolivia as they look for a vigilante with a connection to the shapeshifters.

Blue Bloods

The son of a firefighter whose death was ruled a suicide convinces Danny to reopen the case; Jamie worries that press coverage of him rescuing a baby from a burning building will compromise his cover.


Episode: Kill Screen
The CSIs suspect a murder may be related to a high-stakes video gaming tournament.


Nick plans a weekend getaway with Juliette, but his responsibilities get in the way of romance; Monroe and Hank each encounter new relationships.

Friday 3/30 What You Should Watch

30 Mar

Fringe is all new tonight, and after last weeks Peter and Olivia reunion I can’t wait to see what the show has in store for us the rest of the season. Tonight’s episode looks like it is more about the creature of the week than P&O.

Blue Bloods is back tonight, when are they going to get back to Jamie’s undercover gig, that is the storyline I am most interested in.

Also new tonight, Grimm, Supernatural and Nikita.


The team investigates a case that Peter recognizes from his world.

Blue Bloods

When a weapon linked to a crime is brought into the NYPD’s gun buyback program, Danny must decide whether to arrest the suspect or follow the “no questions asked” policy.


Nick and Monroe investigate when a shop owner becomes the victim of a grisly murder; Nick thinks he has found an ally; Sgt. Wu becomes entangled in Adalind’s plan


A hunter surprises the brothers with a request for help; Sam and Dean battle a Japanese creature that can be seen only by drunken people.

Blue Bloods “Reagan v. Reagan”

10 Mar

Last night’s episode of Blue Bloods, “Reagan v. Reagan”, did what Blue Bloods does best, family dinner.

In a nutshell, story A. Erin Reagan is prosecuting a woman for killing her husband, the woman’s attorney is killed shortly after court lets out. Danny is in charge of the investigation,  this leads to a showdown in the courtroom and at family dinner. Sibling rivalry done right. Story B, someone has been scamming the commissioners credit card, they think it could be Frank’s good friend and restaurant owner, in the end it turns out it isn’t.   

At the center of the Erin vs Danny dispute is a mysterious person named M or Monroe, the wife says this is the person that killed her husband. When Danny starts to follow that lead, as the attorney was doing Erin gets mad, she says the police already investigated but no such person existed. Danny goes ahead with his investigation, knowing it could bring down his sister’s case. Erin tells him he is being used, they argue as only a sister and brother could.

We cut between, Erin’s trial and Danny’s investigation. Danny’s investigation takes him to a meeting with a man that can introduce him to the mysterious Monroe. Of course he has to get in a car with the person, but instead of a ride the person tries to run him down. Neither him or Jackie get a plate number.

The defense attorney gets wind of this and calls him to the stand as a witness for the defense. 

Danny hits the stand, and he and Erin go at each other, it’s a great scene, Donnie Wahlberg has become a pretty good actor, much better then his brother. I still can’t believe he was a member of New Kids on The Block, it cracks up me every time I watch their videos on-line. Erin does a really good job of discrediting Danny and his investigation.

Finally the family dinner scene.  Lots of tension as Danny calls Erin out for making him and the work of the police look like clowns, questioning his skills as a detective. Jamie tries to be the peace maker saying she was only doing her job. But they keep at it, Frank says it just like when they were 8 and 10.  So he sends them off to do the dishes together as punishment, he tells them to work it out. 

In the end Danny finds Monroe, he tells him Delmar was having an affair with his friend of 35 years. The husband found out and killed Delmar. In the end Danny and Erin make up, and the Reagan family stays as tight knit as ever.

Next Week, March Madness is taking over the TV, so Blue Bloods won’t be back for few.

Friday 3/9 What You Should Watch

9 Mar

CBS is all new tonight. Blue Bloods is my favorite Friday night show. Grimm is also new tonight, I hear it is coming back next year, interesting.

ABC has Shark Tank, Primetime: What Would You Do and 20/20 

Blue Bloods

As Erin prosecutes a woman accused of murder, the defendant’s attorney is slain, and Danny is asked to investigate; things get heated when Danny is questioned on the stand.


During an investigation into an arson-related homicide, Nick meets a woman (Danielle Panabaker) in Portland’s world of fire-dancing who may be too hot to handle.

Friday 3/2 What You Should Watch

2 Mar

This is folks, tonight is the night the last episode of A Gifted Man is airing, I am sorry to see it end.  Lets hope Patrick Wilson will be back on my TV next season.

Blue Bloods is new, they are finally getting back to Jamie’s undercover story. I hear it will dominate the rest of the season and I can’t wait.

Grimm is also new tonight.

A Gifted Man

Michael discovers that Anna and a patient in the clinic have a special connection; Michael reunites with a friend who has a rare illness.

Blue Bloods

When a reporter friend of Frank’s is almost attacked while investigating a story, Danny and Jackie try to find the would-be attacker; Jamie makes headway in his undercover case.


When a botched robbery ends in murder, Nick and Hank must search for rare coins; a friend of Aunt Marie’s shows up with information about Nick’s family.

Friday 1/24 What You Should Watch

24 Feb

Fringe is new tonight, and I don’t like the title of the episode “The End of All Things”, just saying way to jinx us.

A Gifted Man is also new, and will be for a few more weeks until it ends it’s freshman season in mid-March.

We also have Blue Bloods, Shark Tank, Undercover Boss and Grimm.


The team takes drastic measures to prevent life-threatening events.

A Gifted Man

Michael is determined to help his high school sweetheart (Maggie Siff), who has an irreversible condition; Zeke learns that his best friend’s cancer has returned.

Blue Bloods

When a family friend, an undercover detective, is murdered, Danny embarks on a relentless search for the killer.

Friday 2/10 What You Should Watch

10 Feb

I love sweeps. Glorious Sweeps!!

Fringe is all new tonight, it promises to drop a bombshell before the episode ends.

A Gifted Man, Blue Bloods, Grimm and Supernatural are all new as well.


Olivia, Peter and Walter face a terrifying Fringe event as they find themselves unable to escape a town.

A Gifted Man

A woman takes the clinic staff hostage after Michael testifies for a patient who he believed couldn’t control his urges because of a brain tumor.

Blue Bloods

Episode: Leap of Faith
After a wealthy woman dies of a heart attack, the daughter claims God told her that murder was the true cause of her parent’s demise; Frank investigates a rumor about a priest.


When Sam and Dean head to Kansas to investigate a case at a pizza chain that hosts children’s parties, Sam is forced to confront a childhood fear.

Friday 1/20 What You Should Watch

20 Jan

Fringe is new tonight, CBS is repeats. Shark Tank is back. Chuck and Grimm are new.

Its Friday so the Top Spot goes to Fringe

Here is a promo and a sneak peek to warm us up. Mr. Jones is back.


The alternate Fringe division faces a new adversary in a race against the clock.
Shark Tank

NBA champion Bill Walton helps a triathlete pitch his idea for a unique water bottle; a ghostwriter from California seeks a business investment; two women from Minnesota present their online business that helps people plan their own funerals.


Sarah and Chuck face Nicholas Quinn on a Japanese bullet train; Casey faces a difficult decision.


Nick discovers someone may be “festering” a monster as a result of a dark childhood; Monroe receives an unsettling message.

A Gifted Man

Saving a patient could cost Michael his practice; a neuropsychiatrist (Eriq La Salle) uses body language to diagnose a patient’s illness.

Blue Bloods

 Danny makes a discovery about an attempted bank robber’s past; Jamie starts working with a new partner (Monica Raymund).
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