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Monday October 1 What You Should Watch

1 Oct

It’s the second week of the new season, Mob Doctor hasn’t been cancelled, yet.  Castle had a stong start last week, and Dancing With The Stars All Stars is having the best ratings of its run.

My pick for tonight is Bones, it has become a new show this year, congrats team Bones.


After an explosion in a hotel garage, the Jeffersonian team tries to identify victims by investigating remains found at the scene; Sweets works with a temporary partner (Danielle Panabaker) while Booth works on the department’s budget.


On Beckett’s first day back from suspension, she and Castle investigate a weathercaster’s death, and try to hide their relationship from their co-workers.


Episode: No Quarter
Nora takes Charlie and Miles back to the rebel camp; Maggie and Aaron look for Grace; Danny takes a stand.

2 Broke Girls

Max and Caroline hold onto the hope that Martha Stewart will help support their business; Caroline loses a good luck charm.


When Louis learns that Joe and Ali haven’t been romantic lately, he decides to interfere.

The Vampire Diaries Bippity Boppity Boo!

10 Feb

Last night on The Vampire Diarieswe all went to a ball. Klaus played fairy godmother to Caroline, he has pretty good taste in dresses.

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Stefan and Damon squared off over protecting Elena, (again), in the end Stefan helped her meet with Ester even though it might have killed her.  As a result they pissed off Damon who had very angry sex with Rebekah, and broke Kol’s neck.

What are they going to do for Prom?

I loved seeing everyone dressed up and I liked the use of a modern song during the waltz scene, even though Elena and Stefan ending up together on the dance floor was predictable.  They barely discussed the serial killer storyline, I think its Alaric suffering some weird side effect of being under Klaus’ control.

All of a sudden Klaus is so in love with Caroline, its seems pretty weird, all of a sudden they want the audience to see his soft non-villian side. Is this so we will care more when he dies? Any who, Caroline is not going for it, she pretty much tells him off.  He sends her a sketch of her and a horse, I know, weird.

Ester convinced Elena to give her a drop of her blood to use in the spell to bind all the original vampires together. If one dies they all die, she admits her children are abominations and should be stopped. I am not buying it, I don’t think she wants to bind them to kill them but to protect them and make them stronger. 

As usual Elena and Stefan had their weekly scene, they love each other, they can’t be together, I won’t give up on you Stefan crap. Yawn!!

Except for the pretty dresses and the fabulous house where they held the ball last night was pretty boring and repetitive. The original’s storyline has been the worst this show has ever done.  Perhaps they will wrap it up by the end of February sweeps, and the rest of the season can focus on Alaric, the serial killer and bringing Tyler back.  A girl can wish.

The Vampire Diaries – Smells Like Teen Spirit

20 Oct

Love the whole Alaric training Elena to be a slayer. Loved Damon training her more, they have such fantastic chemistry together. I am totally on team Damon. Nice shout-out to Buffy, way to respect the show that made this all possible.

This whole Stefan has flipped the switch on his humanity is vaguely familiar, oh yeah Angel did that in Season 2 of Buffy. Difference is Stefan is protecting Elena for Klaus not trying to kill her. But the heartbreak and mental anguish are still the same. Do you think Elena will have to take him down and send him to hell like Buffy had to do with Angel.  Like David Boreanaz before him Paul Wesley is far more interesting when he is a bad ass.

Love Caroline, she is a vampire second, a high school student amped about her senior year first. They have stayed true to the character, its like making her a vampire was giving her highlights.  Love how she and Bonnie just put things in perspective, so what if my boyfriend can see the ghosts of his dead x-girlfriends or mine was turned into a WereVamp hybrid. Lets move on, new day.

Rebekah, “Barbie Klaus”, (love the Damon snark) moves in with the Salvatore brothers, that is not going to end well.  Matt bringing Vicki back,  also not going to end well. Vicki made a deal, she has to kill Elena.  Oh show I love you.  Good thing she has a super strong, bodyguard to save her from the burning truck.

Loved the Stefan, Elena, Alaric scene in the hall. Well, I love any scene with Alaric.

Barbie Klaus, is going to high school so she can keep an eye on Tyler. Total Barbie smack down between Caroline and Rebekah. Awesome!!!

Anna said it, “you can’t upset the balance of nature without a price”, well duh, even if you never saw Buffy, Angle or Charmed, we have learned that over and over in the last two seasons of TVD. Isn’t Anna the product of upsetting the balance, she wouldn’t be here if Bonnie didn’t bring Jeremy back to life.

Ha, Elena the human blood bag!!

More ghosts, nice, even better they brought back hot Mason. Could Aunt Jenna be a November sweeps event, lets hope so. As hacky and tacky as it sounds I could totally get into a little Jenna/Alaric Ghost action. Ditto! Get out your pottery wheels.

Sebastian Roche, love him in everything he does, from Jerry Jax on General Hospital to Balthazar on Supernatural, love TVD’s take on the vampire hunter.

Can we have at least one happy couple on this show. They just got Tyler and Caroline together, and now everyone is messing with them. Tyler is a little to happy to be a hybrid. Not going to end well. I love that Caroline is mentoring Tyler, like Stefan mentored her.  The scenes between Stefan and Caroline at the beginning of last season were some of the best.

Oh show, Damon giving Elena first aid. Tyler and Caroline post sex glow.

Bad show, Tyler feeding.

As usual last couple of minutes Mikal “I don’t feed on living things” Katherine “then what do you eat”.  Ha!!

I want my Alaric/Damon bromance back.

Nice Elena staked Stefan, hasn’t every girl wanted to do that to every boyfriend who turned into a d-bag.

And next week…

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