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4/15 Sunday What You Should Watch

15 Apr

Part Four of the Titanic mini series is on tonight, new tonight,  The Good Wife, Amazing Race, Celebrity Apprentice, GCB and CBS is premiering a new cop show called NYC 22.

Also airing tonight on LifeTime at 10pm is Jennifer Love Hewitt’s new show The Client List, its cheesy, but fun, and its brings the pretty in the form of Colin Egglesfield.

The Good Wife

Episode: Pants on Fire
As Alicia counsels a client who is considering a strict plea deal, Peter’s political rival forces her back into the public eye.


Episode: Part Four
The crew takes evasive action after spotting an iceberg but is unable to prevent a collision; as panic takes hold, Louisa makes a shocking promise to Hugh; Paolo turns to a mysterious passenger for help; life-changing events unfold.


The rivalry between the Rev. Steve and Pastor Tudor leads to Amanda taking charge of the church musical; Cricket and Carlene compete in a sing-off

The Celebrity Apprentice

Episode: Puppet Up!
Each team must make its own puppets and perform for an audience; while an outspoken celebrity tries to be a team player, another contestant has a breakdown.

The Client List

Episode: Turn the Page
Riley finds the phone number for a woman from her husband’s past; Linette begins a new romance.

4/9 Monday What You Should Watch

9 Apr

Uma Thurman arrives on Smash tonight as “the star” who is going to save Marilyn. Karen is picked to be her understudy. Poor Ivy she can’t catch a break.

Also new tonight, the entire CBS line up, Hart of Dixie, House, Bones, Gossip Girl, The Voice and Dancing With The Stars


Episode: Understudy
When the show’s new star gets stuck in Cuba, Derek puts Karen in as understudy; Tom and Julia celebrate their anniversary.

Hart of Dixie

Episode: Heart to Hart
Zoe feels conflicted about seeing her father, who is coming to Bluebell to operate on George’s father; Lemon decides to befriend Zoe so she won’t tell George about her affair; the Rammer Jammer’s owner hosts a cocktail contest.


Episode: Gut Check
After a fight on the ice, a 22-year-old minor league hockey player collapses and coughs up blood; House stuns Wilson; Chase has an offer for Park.


When an extreme couponer’s remains are found on the side of a road, the investigation leads the team to the supermarket where she shopped; Brennan adjusts to being at work and away from her baby; Cam is unhappy with her daughter’s choice of suitors.

2 Broke Girls

Max talks Caroline into participating in a clinical drug trial to raise money to help Caroline’s father.

4/2 Monday What You Should Watch

2 Apr

Bones returns tonight at 8pm on Fox with the birth of Baby Bones.

Castle, House and Smash are all new tonight.


When the remains of an escaped convict are found in the sewer, the investigation reveals the man died in prison; Brennan gives birth in unconventional circumstances.


Episode: Hell on Earth
Julia and Tom must find a title for the recently reinvigorated musical; Ivy and Karen compete for an orange juice commercial; Frank makes a discovery.


The team treats an Army veteran who refuses treatment unless he and his brother are given information about their dead father; Adams seeks help when she suspects House is sick.


Episode: The Limey
An attractive detective from Scotland Yard (Brett Tucker) teams up with Castle and Beckett to investigate the murder of his friend’s daughter; Lanie tries to talk Beckett into making a move on Castle.

Wednesday 3/28 What You Should Watch

28 Mar

This is a weird time in the TV season, there is a hodge podge of new episodes from established shows, like Happy Endings. Networks burning episodes of shows that are low in the ratings that won’t be renewed, but since they already paid for them they want to run them.  Like Whitney, Are You There, Chelsea and Bent.

Speaking of, tonight is the Finale for Whitney, RIP. Don’t feel too bad for Whitney, she landed a hit with 2 Broke Girls on CBS, she is in the money.

Rating kings like, American Idol and Survivor are there to pay to the bills.

I am still waiting for my beloved Revenge to return.

Until then I have new episodes of Happy Endings and repeats of Modern Family and Suburgatory to get me through.

Happy Endings

Episode: Big White Lies
Things spiral out of control after Penny tells a white lie to avoid an irritating childhood friend; Dave and Max’s lonely and jealous landlord (Ben Falcone) falls for Alex.


Tessa takes pleasure in flaunting her relationship with Scott Strause; George becomes extremely nervous about Scott and Tessa being alone together.

Modern Family

Episode: Egg Drop
Claire and Jay’s competitive streaks lead them to take over their kids’ school projects; Phil asks Haley and Gloria to help him with a presentation; Mitch and Cam meet with prospective birth mothers.


Whitney and Alex head to City Hall to get married, but an expired driver’s license sparks an unusual chain of events that interferes with their plan; Whitney’s father (Peter Gallagher) tries to come to the rescue.

Are You There, Chelsea?

Episode: Surprise
When Sloane’s husband calls to announce he is on his way home after she has spent the night drinking with her sister, it’s up to Chelsea to get her cleaned up before he arrives


Episode: HD
When Pete catches Ben in a compromising situation, he decides to tell Alex; Walt and Screwsie help Charlie with a bully.

3/19 Monday What You Should Watch

19 Mar

Lots of new episodes of all our favorites tonight, except Hart of Dixie.

CBS comedy block is all new tonight, I have been jonesing for 2 Broke Girls, so glad its back.

House is new tonight, the march to the series finale continues.

Dancing With The Stars premieres a new season. The case on an all new Castle is about the murder of contestant on dance show, what a coincidence.

Top Spot: Smash – It’s the moment we have been waiting for, the workshop finally takes place and we get to meet Ivy’s mom who is a broadway star, played by a real Broadway legend Bernadette Peters.  Based on the sneak peak below she is redefining stage mother. singing “Everything’s Coming Up Roses” from Gypsy.


Episode: The Workshop
Eileen, Derek and the team present “Marilyn the Musical” to would-be investors; Ivy struggles to perform; Karen must make a difficult choice; Julia and Michael face the consequences of their actions.


Episode: Love Is Blind
The team works to save a blind man with a mysterious illness; House’s mother makes an unexpected visit.

2 Broke Girls

Caroline and Max spend their spring break dog-sitting at a couple’s lavish apartment.


The investigation into the death of a contestant on a popular dance competition show leads Castle and Beckett to a shocking secret that may have led to her death.

Monday 3/12 What You Should Watch – Smash, The Voice, 2 Broke Girls

12 Mar

CBS is still repeats. But Smash is all new and The Voice is really heating up. House and Hart of Dixie are also repeats.

I am wrong to love Derek on Smash, sure he uses his position of power to get Ivy to sleep with him, he tortures her and Karen with sadistic mind games. Is it so wrong to love a character that immoral? I think not, he is by far the most interesting thing Smash has going for it.  But what is up with that hair, is it a wig, it looks so weird.

Tonight’s preview looks so over the top I had to laugh, but I am so going to watch this train wreck.


Episode: Chemistry
Ivy starts to have problems with her voice; Julia cannot seem to avoid Michael (Will Chase); Eileen and her new pal Ellis hang out at a downtown dive bar; Karen books a side job at a bar mitzvah.

The Voice

 Music industry professionals Jewel, Lionel Richie, Alanis Morissette, Robin Thicke, Kenneth “Babyface” Edmonds, Ne-Yo, Kelly Clarkson and Miranda Lambert help the judges choose which vocalists will advance in the competition.

2 Broke Girls

 When Caroline tries to return some jewelry to Barney’s to get money for Max’s broken oven, she realizes her last name no longer opens doors at the store.

Friday 3/9 What You Should Watch

9 Mar

CBS is all new tonight. Blue Bloods is my favorite Friday night show. Grimm is also new tonight, I hear it is coming back next year, interesting.

ABC has Shark Tank, Primetime: What Would You Do and 20/20 

Blue Bloods

As Erin prosecutes a woman accused of murder, the defendant’s attorney is slain, and Danny is asked to investigate; things get heated when Danny is questioned on the stand.


During an investigation into an arson-related homicide, Nick meets a woman (Danielle Panabaker) in Portland’s world of fire-dancing who may be too hot to handle.

Monday 1/29 What You Should Watch

30 Jan

CBS line up and Castle are repeats

House, Alcatraz, Hart of Dixie are new.

Are you watching Alcatraz. So far I am liking it, its not ground breaking or anything but I am sticking with it, for now.

Top Spot – My favorite fluffy escape

Hart of Dixie

Zoe’s unusually cheerful demeanor leaves her friends feeling curious; Lemon faces a few obstacles as she campaigns for the Belles’ Memory Matron position.


Episode: Runaways
When a homeless teenager’s (Bridgit Mendler) symptoms get worse, adult consent is required for an invasive surgery; Taub tries to connect with his daughters; House threatens Foreman’s relationship with a married woman (Yaya DaCosta).


Episode: Cal Sweeney
When a notorious robber (Eric Johnson) returns from the past, Rebecca must extricate him from a hostage-filled bank before his identity is discovered.

Friday 1/20 What You Should Watch

20 Jan

Fringe is new tonight, CBS is repeats. Shark Tank is back. Chuck and Grimm are new.

Its Friday so the Top Spot goes to Fringe

Here is a promo and a sneak peek to warm us up. Mr. Jones is back.


The alternate Fringe division faces a new adversary in a race against the clock.
Shark Tank

NBA champion Bill Walton helps a triathlete pitch his idea for a unique water bottle; a ghostwriter from California seeks a business investment; two women from Minnesota present their online business that helps people plan their own funerals.


Sarah and Chuck face Nicholas Quinn on a Japanese bullet train; Casey faces a difficult decision.


Nick discovers someone may be “festering” a monster as a result of a dark childhood; Monroe receives an unsettling message.

A Gifted Man

Saving a patient could cost Michael his practice; a neuropsychiatrist (Eriq La Salle) uses body language to diagnose a patient’s illness.

Blue Bloods

 Danny makes a discovery about an attempted bank robber’s past; Jamie starts working with a new partner (Monica Raymund).

1/12 Thursday What You Should Watch

12 Jan

WOW its a big night tonight.  30 Rock is back, Rob Schneider‘s new sit-com premieres on CBS ( and is quickly cancelled, sorry Rob), The Finder premieres on FOX.  The Finder is the Bones spin-off, it is keeping Bones’ slot warm while Emily is on baby leave.  The Big Bang Theory is new tonight. 

A prayer to the TV gods, please let this weeks new episode of The Vampire Diaries be better than last week’s snooze fest.

The Vampire Diaries

Episode: Our Town
Elena, Bonnie and Matt throw Caroline a party; Damon and Stefan butt heads over how to deal with Klaus; Bonnie learns of Jeremy’s plans; Tyler refuses Klaus’ latest demand.

The Finder

Iraq veteran Walter Sherman helps a teenage boy locate his missing father, a military pilot who vanished while on a mission; Leo and Walter keep a watchful eye on a teen parolee.


Episode: Pilot
Rob meets his new wife’s large Mexican-American family for the first time and notices he doesn’t quite fit in.

The Big Bang Theory

Amy is upset with Sheldon when he isn’t impressed with her recent accomplishment; Howard struggles with Bernadette’s aversion to children.

Person of Interest

Episode: Super
Finch investigates a building super who is overly involved with his tenants; Detective Carter’s pursuit of Reese and Finch may finally pay off.
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