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4/11 Wednesday What You Should Watch

11 Apr

Revenge isn’t back, in its place is a re-cap episode to get us primed for the show’s return next Wednesday.

Don’t Trust the B in Apt 23 premiere’s tonight, the show is getting great buzz.

The rest of the ABC comedy line up is new, The Middle, Modern Family and Suburgatory.

The usual suspects are also new tonight, American Idol, Survivor, Criminal Minds, CSI and Law and Order SVU


Recapping the story so far.

Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23

Episode: Pilot
When naive June is scammed by her new roommate Chloe, she decides to turn the tables on her and by doing so earns Chloe’s respect.

Modern Family

Episode: Election Day
On Election Day, the family does some last-minute campaigning for Claire; Claire experiences technical difficulties during interviews


Episode: Down Time
George becomes concerned when Dallas’ divorce is finalized; Dalia’s therapist, Dr. Richard Rohl (James Lipton) helps her make a breakthrough; Ryan and Tessa go on a date

Wednesday 3/14 What You Should Watch, Modern Family, Suburgatory, Happy Endings

14 Mar

The ABC comedy block is all new tonight, Revenge isn’t on but ABC is continuing it’s Revenge for real series with another true crime story.

FOX has Idol, CBS has Survivor, CSI and Criminal Minds. NBC is running new episodes of Whitey and Are You There, Chelsea. Both soon to be cancelled.

Top Spot – Tie between Suburgatory and Happy Endings, tow of the funniest shows on TV. Check them out.


Tessa gets a job working for Dallas to earn money for a car; when Dallas throws a party celebrating the opening of her new store, her rival sorority sister, Tulsa (Robin Givens), crashes the event.

Happy Endings

Episode: Party of Six
After years of bad luck celebrating Penny’s birthday, the gang starts to believe the day is cursed

Modern Family

Cameron runs into his estranged ex-clown partner (Bobby Cannavale); another real estate agent (Ellen Barkin) snags a listing that Phil was trying to land; Jay and Gloria are suspicious when Manny makes a new friend.

Survivor: One World

A new tribe emerges; a performance by two castaways shakes up their entire tribe.


Episode: G-Word
Whitney and Alex make a surprise visit to Neal’s apartment and discover that he appears to be on a date; Whitney invites the gang to dinner so Neal can share his news with Lily.

Are You There, Chelsea?

Episode: The Foodie
Chelsea meets an attractive and talented chef (Gilles Marini) who starts courting her with rich and sumptuous meals; Olivia tries to help Rick cope when it seems his girlfriend has moved on

Wednesday 1/22 What You Should Watch

22 Feb

Revenge is not on tonight, instead the programming monkeys over at ABC have on some silly special about celebrities before they were famous.  Revenge is the break out hit of the season and they bench it during sweeps. 

At least the rest of ABC’s line up is intact, so we have Suburgatory and Modern Family to help wash away the misery of hump day.

As far as the other networks, NBC can offer us Whitney, Are You There, Chelsea and Law and Order SUV before they are cancelled.

CBS has Survivor and Criminal Minds and CSI , The CW has One Tree Hill and Fox has American Idol.


Jill’s marriage suffers after she starts seeking support from newly single Dallas; Dalia tries to get back at Tessa by befriending Lisa.

Modern Family

Mitchell ruins one of Jay’s proudest moments; Phil overhears something about one of his daughters; Gloria accidentally discovers Claire’s secret.

Happy Endings

The gang relies on Brad and Jane’s annual argument to let them know when Max will come out of hibernation and when winter will end

The Middle

Episode: The Sit Down
Sue, Axl and Brick have a meeting with Frankie and Mike to air complaints about their parenting styles; when Mike and Frankie change their ways, things do not turn out the way the kids expected.


Episode: Mad Women
Whitney gets more than she bargained for when she uses a bust-enhancing bra to tempt Alex; Roxanne asks Mark for help after she breaks up with Lance; Lily and Neal discuss a prenuptial agreement.

Are You There, Chelsea?

Chelsea tries to arrange a meeting between Dee Dee and Mario Lopez; Melvin decides to start dating again and enlists Rick and Todd as his wingmen.

One Tree Hill

Haley turns to Lucas (Chad Michael Murray) for help as Nathan tries to escape; Brooke runs into Xavier (Devin McGee); Clay connects with another patient.
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