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The Vampire Diaries “Before Sunset”

4 May

-3 liters of blood + head injury x paint fumes = set up for next week’s flashback episode

Really, no one thought to take Elena to the hospital, maybe an MRI or a transfusion was in order. When I make comments like this my boyfriend says, “baby, you are watching a show about vampires, you honestly expect it to be realistic”. Good point, maybe not realistic, but at the very least be true to the characters. Damon and Stefan have professed their undying (ha, get it un-dying) love for Elena, they have saved her life on numerous occasions and neither of them thought she needed medical attention.

I guess the men where too busy planning their road trip, which I have to admit, was a pretty great scene. Damon and Stefan are right up their with some of the all time great TV brothers, right after the Winchesters and Larry, Darryl and Darryl.  

In a nutshell, Evilaric wants to kill Klaus, so he takes Caroline hostage to lure Elena to the high school. Elena is Klaus bait after all.  In the meantime Klaus shows up the Gilbert house to collect Elena, he is leaving town and he needs his doppelganger, the boys say no way.

The whole sequence at the house was pretty inspired, Klaus tossing things thru the windows, I guess if he couldn’t get in then the pointy end of a picket fence flying thru the air at high-speed is just as good. Of course his aim totally sucks, he missed every time.  Stefan gets a call from EvilAlaric, they tell Klaus Elena is gone and Alaric has her, which gives us a great scene between Klaus, Damon and Stefan working together to plot Alaric’s demise.  Quick quippy dialogue, lots of snarky bitch biting. Oh boys.

Bonnie has idea, it involves a spell, (big surprise) she says lets use the desiccation spell Abby used on Mikael. The boys head over to the high school,  big fight scene, Damon and Stefan knocked out, Alaric is about to stake Klaus which may or may not kill everyone Elena loves, so she stops him. Somehow Elena has figured out that if she dies then Alaric dies, Esther made him a super Vamp that is not immortal, because he is tied to a mortal.  Perfect excuse for Alaric to turn Elena in the season finale.  This was anvil #1.

Alaric lets Klaus go; Klaus takes Elena to the mansion, instead of taking her with him on the road, he is going to take her blood. In the meantime, Alaric wakes up Damon and Stefan and tells them Klaus took Elena. The head over to the mansion, unfortunately, Klaus has already drained 3 liters of her blood, in the confrontation she hits her head.  

Team TVD uses the desiccation spell on Klaus; the spell disables him, but doesn’t kill him. Very convenient that spell, Alaric is satisfied (for the moment) and no one dies (for the moment). I must Joseph Morgan’s acting, coupled with the slowing heartbeat and the CGI really made this scene work for me, it was so engaging. Not to mention Paul Wesley’s eyes, he looked so conflicted, yet so determined to rid them of this monster.

The boys need to get Elena home before dark, Alaric doesn’t have a day walker ring (yet), and he hasn’t been invited into Elena’s home (yet) so if she is in her house he can’t get her.  Before they leave Elena tells them she knows she needs to make a decision and choose one of them, she knows it isn’t fair.  Wow, it’s only taken her two seasons to realize what a selfish bitch she has been. I guess that is some sort of growth. But as my boyfriend reminds me she is super hot so who cares.

Thinking Elena is safe and sound the boys take off with Klaus’ body, they are going to dump him in the Atlantic so he can’t be revived. Because that worked so well for Connor at the end of season 3 on Angel.

The boy’s road trip, as mentioned above was terrific, short but great. The brother’s decide, that whomever Elena doesn’t choose will leave town. Stefan suggested it first, and it took a few minutes for Damon to agree, but he did.  And here comes another anvil. Damon says something like, it will only last 60 years and then we will be reunited. In other words Elena will only live for 60 more years, and once she is dead we can get back together. (anvil #2) Elena is so getting turned in the finale.

If they turn Elena it will solve a lot of problems, Alaric can never die, and Elena’s choice will be delayed since she will be busy adjusting to her new “life”. Who will turn Elena, Alaric? Katherine?  Remember Katherine can come back now that Klaus is dead. 

When last we saw Alaric he had called a council meeting and outed Sheriff Forbes and Mayor Lockwood for having a vampire daughter and a hybrid son, he revealed himself as a vampire. Will the town pick up their pitchforks and torches and go after Caroline and Tyler?

Last scene, Elena passed out on the floor bleeding from the nose. Head injury leads to coma, leads to flashbacks of her parents and Aunt Jenna.

Next week is the season finale, who lives, who dies, who gets turned into a vampire, and of course is Alaric the big bad for S4, or is some new threat coming. How cool would it be if they brought Jenna back and she and Alaric paired up?  Yummy.

And you say?

The Vampire Diaries “Do Not Go Gentle”

27 Apr

I guess if we were going to lose Alaric, (Matthew Davis) at least they are giving him a good send off.  I remember when they got rid of Cordelia on Angel it was so lame, you could tell how mad the producers were at her for getting pregnant and screwing up their season 4 plans to make her the big bad.

But I digress, back to TVD. Last night’s episode was made of win, coming on the heels of that awesome Damon/Elena kiss this was completely satisfying sex after fantastic foreplay. 

I am completely in camp Delena, they are so hot and for the adults, while Stelena are all mushy romantic and boring, I watched all those scenes rolling my eyes with disgust.

Last night’s episode centered around Mystic High’s annual decade dance, dances to TVD are like birthday’s to Buffy, they never end well. Let’s talk about the good first, the costumes, Matt and Jeremy’s budding bromance, Damon and Ric while Ric was dying and Bonnie possessed.  The best scene, when everyone came to say good-bye to Ric, I will admit it, I cried, it was so sad.

That lasted all of 5 minutes, and then BAM. Alaric is a super powerful, Vampire who also happens to be a Vampire Hunter, with a white oak stake coated in the melted metal of his resurrection ring.  This sequence of events almost makes up for all the Klaus crap this season, I say almost because I don’t know how this going to end up. The actor who plays Alaric has already booked another show on The CW, dead or not he is off the show.

There is a lot of spec on the net that Elena will be turned in the finale, and Damon or Stefan will be made human, it sounds cheesy but I think this show could make it work. As long as it makes Klaus goes away I am all for it.

What didn’t work, the salt line, I have seen enough episodes of Supernatural to know that all you need is a human to scrape their foot through it to break the spell.  Anything Klaus, his last scene screaming at this mother in the coffin was so over the top, yeah yeah you are going to raise an evil army, blah blah.

While Ester has all the vamp folk holed up in the gym, she is busy making Alaric into super vamp killer, of course this requires Elena’s blood.  Ester gets halfway thru the spell before she is interrupted by Matt and Jeremy. Alaric stakes her, which breaks the boundary spell, but they are too late. Alaric has two choices, drink blood and become a vampire or die. He decides not to complete the transformation and chooses to dies, everyone comes to say good bye, lots of crying ensures,Damon and Ric bond one more time.

But wait, Bonnie, possessed by her witchy friends shows up, she disables Damon and makes Alaric feed on her. He completes the transformation and he is now SuperVamp. Evilaric.

Next Week: Is the second to last episode of the season, usually this is the episode when all the shit goes down. Klaus is going to try to leave town with Elena (like that will ever happen), but meets with resistance from an unlikely source. Stefan and Damon talk about the future.

The Vampire Diaries “The Murder of One”

30 Mar

Lets just boil it down, the good, anything with Damon, the bad, once again we can’t kill Klaus. Will you please wrap up this plot, this has been the worst thing about this season. Most shows usually hit their stride in Season 3, everything has gelled, characters, the network loves the show we are rolling but not TVD.

Scenes I loved, Damon and Alaric, Damon’s faux Elena rescue, and I know this is wrong but Damon being tortured. Next time, can we get the shirt off completely before we string him up. The gang practicing their attack at the beginning of the episode was pretty good, nice moments when Damon called Matt “Beefcake” and Caroline “Barbie”. Again we love Damon. He is the Spike of TVD.

It’s not sweeps so I knew there was no way Klaus was going to bite it last night (ha made a funny) but to dash my hopes with another BS spell loophole. Oh show, how you annoy me. So the new twist is, if you kill an original it will kill everyone they have sired.

The gang has to figure out if any of the originals sired the person who sired Katherine. One thing we do know, Klaus sired Tyler, so we definitely can’t kill Klaus because it would kill Tyler. Tyler who is barely on the show, will it be the big sacrifice of the season, or will Bonnie pull some more BS magic out of her ass and save him.

The use of magic on this show demonstrates just how lazy the writers and show runners are, its their out every week. Boring!!

Once again Bonnie is used and abused, poor Kat Graham she is so much better than the way this show treats her. Maybe Bonnie should cast a spell and blow them all up, they would so deserve it, or at the very least Julie Plec and Kevin Williamson.

Nice product placement with the AT&T 4G smartphones, watch Klaus use his stylus to write a text message, see Jeremy play with his dog on video chat. Then watch the AT&T commercial at the break and buy the phone,  so you can be just like them, sans the blood lust of course.

The rest of the episode was meh, we had Stefan and Elena angst, Elena pretending to be made at Damon, this is the most boring love triangle ever.  Stefan and Damon could do so much better.  The show is off for two weeks.

Spoilers indicate we have the decade dance coming up, someone is going to die (yawn). I remember when this show was so good at surprises and suspense. remember Katherine’s return at the end of season 1, OMG!!! I jumped, we all jumped.

There is also a flashback episode featuring the return of Aunt Jenna, and the finale will introduce the big bad for next year. 

What did you think? Did you even watch?

3/22 Thursday What You Should Watch

22 Mar

The Vampire Diaries is all new tonight. Also new tonight, Touch the new Kieffer Sutherland series starts its run tonight at 9 on FOX.

Did you see the pilot?  Great premise, Keifer is awesome, but can they sustain it? Lets see.

The NCAA marches on, I picked the Tar Heels in the pool, did I lose yet?

NBC is all new tonight. Are you watching Awake, its pretty damn addictive. I saw a great question on another board. “Do the other people exist and keep living when Britten is in the other reality?

Ashley Judd’s missing is back for week two at 8 on ABC.

Last week on TVD, we finally learned who the serial killer is, and no it’s not one of the vampire, it is my beloved Alaric and his broken ring. Apparently that Gilbert ring has a kink in its mojo.  Speaking of kink, Sage played by Cassidy Freeman who was featured prominently in the 1912 flashbacks is back in Mystics Falls and the previews hint at a 3 way between Damon, Rebekah and Sage.  Oh my, i will be over here on the fainting couch, someone get my smelling salts.

This week

The Vampire Diaries

Damon meets an old acquaintance at the Wickery Bridge restoration ceremony; Abby struggles to adjust to her new life; Elena asks Stefan for help; Damon tells Stefan about a new discovery.


A widower and his son try to understand how a robbery at a pawn shop triggers a sequence of events that impacts people all over the world.


Detective Britten runs into Rex’s former baby sitter, Kate, during an investigation into an alleged suicide; while working a case with Bird, Kate appears again, but this time as a suspect.


As the search for her son continues, Becca makes a questionable agreement with the head of French intelligence (Joaquim de Almeida).

Thursday 2/16 What You Should Watch

16 Feb

The Vampire Diaries was pretty much a yawn fest last week.  Lets see if we can step it up this week. Judging from the description below, it looks like more of the same. Bonnie and her mom are back, boring. And big surprise Elijah proposes something to Damon and Stefan that puts Elena in danger.  There was a running joke on Buffy, whenever Dawn was in danger Buffy used to say it must be Tuesday (the same day the show aired). It must be Thursday since Elena is in danger. 

I really hope they wrap this originals storyline up soon, there is still time to salvage the rest of the season.

Sweeps continue so everything is all new tonight, the highlights, Big Bang Theory, Person of Interest, 30 Rock, Parks and Recreation and Grey’s Anatomy.

The Vampire Diaries

Elena discovers Damon’s most recent indiscretion; Abby (Persia White) and Bonnie take part in a ritual to appease spirits of nature; Elijah (Daniel Gillies) presents Stefan and Damon with an ultimatum that puts Elena in danger

The Big Bang Theory

Sheldon and his nemesis, Kripke (John Ross Bowie), compete for a corner office; Penny feels uncomfortable after receiving a gift from Amy.

Person of Interest

Episode: Blue Code
Reese infiltrates a smuggling ring in pursuit of the latest person of interest

Grey’s Anatomy

Amelia arrives at Seattle Grace to beg Derek to help with the gliosarcoma case; Cristina and Owen have heated arguments during marriage counseling; Alex realizes he needs to improve his people skills in order to be a good doctor.

30 Rock

After Jack is mugged, he decides to run for mayor so he can protect the city’s elite; Liz puts herself ahead of the good of the city; Jenna and Paul try acting like an average couple.

Parks and Recreation

Episode: Dave Returns
Leslie and Ben run into Leslie’s ex (Louis C.K.) while soliciting an endorsement from the Chief of Police; Andy leads the search for a campaign theme song.

The Vampire Diaries Bippity Boppity Boo!

10 Feb

Last night on The Vampire Diarieswe all went to a ball. Klaus played fairy godmother to Caroline, he has pretty good taste in dresses.

Français : Photo du générique de la série The ...

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Stefan and Damon squared off over protecting Elena, (again), in the end Stefan helped her meet with Ester even though it might have killed her.  As a result they pissed off Damon who had very angry sex with Rebekah, and broke Kol’s neck.

What are they going to do for Prom?

I loved seeing everyone dressed up and I liked the use of a modern song during the waltz scene, even though Elena and Stefan ending up together on the dance floor was predictable.  They barely discussed the serial killer storyline, I think its Alaric suffering some weird side effect of being under Klaus’ control.

All of a sudden Klaus is so in love with Caroline, its seems pretty weird, all of a sudden they want the audience to see his soft non-villian side. Is this so we will care more when he dies? Any who, Caroline is not going for it, she pretty much tells him off.  He sends her a sketch of her and a horse, I know, weird.

Ester convinced Elena to give her a drop of her blood to use in the spell to bind all the original vampires together. If one dies they all die, she admits her children are abominations and should be stopped. I am not buying it, I don’t think she wants to bind them to kill them but to protect them and make them stronger. 

As usual Elena and Stefan had their weekly scene, they love each other, they can’t be together, I won’t give up on you Stefan crap. Yawn!!

Except for the pretty dresses and the fabulous house where they held the ball last night was pretty boring and repetitive. The original’s storyline has been the worst this show has ever done.  Perhaps they will wrap it up by the end of February sweeps, and the rest of the season can focus on Alaric, the serial killer and bringing Tyler back.  A girl can wish.

The Vampire Diaries “The New Deal”

5 Jan

When we last left this generations Scooby Gang, they had tried but failed to kill Klaus. Stefan was on the run and took Klaus’ family (in coffins) with him.  Stefan did this to keep Klaus from killing anyone in Mystic Falls. And as we find out in tonight’s episode this was deeply flawed plan.

The episode opens with Bonnie dreaming about 4 coffins, Klaus is laying in one with the necklace that will not die drapped over his hands. Next we cut to Elena jogging, running hard and fast, working out her issues, she is being chased at first we think she is being paranoid, its just another jogger, but is it?

Based on the conversation between Elena and Bonnie at the Mystic Grill weeks have passed and she has not heard from Stefan. Bonnie has been having the same dream over and over and doesn’t know what it means. Cut to the bar where Damon is getting drunk and Alaric is barely tolerating him. We learn from the bartender that Jeremy was fired a week ago. Good job Alaric aren’t you supposed to be watching over this kid.

Jeremy and Tyler are best buds, getting drunk and shooting (using a crossbow) things in the woods, weren’t these guys at war just a season or two ago over Vicki. You know what they say bros before hos. Tyler thinks he is  Superman and dares Jeremy to shot him, so he does, he catches the arrow.

Elena is pissed at Jeremy, he has been spiraling out of control since Bonnie broke up with him. So he sort of cheated with the ghost of his dead girlfriend, what was the big deal. Klaus shows up with the jogger from the morning. Told ya he wasn’t just some random dude. Klaus is back for his sister, so he threatens everyone, he and Damon square off.  So far not impressed, we are off to a very slow start.  And no Caroline.

Bonnie goes to the house in her dreams, goes to the basement and runs into Stefan. He needs her to  create a spell to keep the family hidden.  Elena just gets more and more annoying every week, she is screechy.  Do you think it is a good idea for a show to turn its lead female character into such an annoying pain in the ass.

Klaus and Damon have a drink, have a chat. Klaus fills Damon in on Stefan’s recent activities. Klaus makes a call, he has compelled Jeremy to stand in the street and get hit by a car. Alaric pushes him out of the way and gets hit instead, he has one of those magical rings so we know he won’t die just get banged up a bit.

Tyler visits Klaus, we find out they are in cahoots, of course Tyler has no choice because Klaus sired him, Tyler is a dead man by the end of the season.  Damon shows up tells up everyone that Klaus wants his coffins back, all they need to do is find them and give them back to Klaus. And since everything always works for this bunch, that should be no problem. 

Tyler pitches a fit, he wants to hit the road, leave town. Becareful what you wish for, by episodes end you are leaving town.  He predicts no one will make it out of this town alive. Really? After three seasons that’s the best we got. Elena confronts Stefan, she tells him he needs to give Klaus his family back. Stefan doesn’t care if Klaus is going to kill Jeremy he isn’t giving them back. Elena slaps him, tells him to go to hell, he’s dead, he’s a vampire, go to hell Really?

This is the point in the episode when I say, there has to be a twist, some payoff because if there isn’t this is one lame filler and bad way to kick off the second half of the season.

Stefan and Damon fight, big deal. Damon finds out Stefan killed Mikal at the homecoming dance to save his life. Again.

Jeremy confronts Tyler, Tyler tells him Klaus isn’t done with him. Does that finally mean Jeremy will get killed off.

Alaric is not recovering, he wakes up but is still in bad shape. Klaus’ henchman shows up, says he can save Alaric but Elena has help get the family back.  Jeremy shots him with a crossbow, grabs a cleaver and chops off the henchman’s head.  Tyler is a badass.

So how does it end…

Alaric goes to the hospital, we meet his new love interest,  we know that won’t end well.

Elena has Damon compel Jeremy again, removing his memories.  Damn she is too much, she hates it when people take her choices away but she does it all the time to Jeremy.  They send him off to Denver and to forget about Mystic Falls.  I predict, Klaus will track him down and bring him back. 

Stefan lets Damon in on his plan, he has hidden the coffins in the house with a cloaking spell. Hide in plain sight, that’s what I always say.

Elena gives Rebekah back to Klaus. In exchange for Jeremy’s life. Klaus says he will control Rebekah and keep her from killing Elena.  They have a face off about Stefan, more threats etc. After all that Klaus sticks the dagger back in her, so no Rebekah for us.

I hope they wrap this up during February sweeps, I really don’t want to deal with this storyline until May.

Damon and Elena kiss.  Let Delena begin.

OT and totally shallow, Nina looked really puffy, her face her tummy was all poochy.  Maybe too much food over the holiday break.

Next Week

more of the same, Stefan threatening Klaus, Damon and Stefan fiighting, Elena whining about not losing anyone else.

God where is Caroline when we need her.

The Vampire Diaires – “Homecoming”

11 Nov

Its mid season finale time on The Vampire Diaries, last year brought us Katerina.  This year it’s “Homecoming”, another Mystic Falls school event another death or two, can’t wait for Prom.

The Salvatore brothers are slowly catching up to the Winchester brothers on Supernatural, the lengths Stefan will go to protect Damon are epic.  How many times has Dean sold his soul or died to protect Sam.

 I can’t believe we have to wait until January 5th  to see what happens next.

I have a question, can someone please tell me how Klaus (Joseph Morgan) didn’t know he was talking to Katherine and not Elena,(Nina Dobrev) can’t vampires sniff out other vampires?

“Homecoming” was probably the strongest episode we have seen so far this season, it built to a final 20 minutes of non-stop twists, and everyone was in on the action.  I thought it was really weird that Alaric (Matt Davis) was missing from a significant mission, how will they explain why he wasn’t there for the Klaus showdown.  

We open with dead Mikal (Sebastian Roche) on the floor, we soon learn this is part of the plan to lure Klaus back to MF so Mikal can kill him.  Apparently Mikal has a magic stake (sounds dirty right) that only he knows about and it is the only thing that can kill Klaus.  Stefan (Paul Wesley) calls Klaus, tells him Mikal is dead, come on back. Klaus says ok, but I want to see the body.

A vampire can’t dagger an original without dying, so Elena has to do the honors, and boy howdy is she getting good at using that dagger. They even get Rebekah (Claire Holt) in on the plan, she verified Mikal is dead when Klaus asks to speak to her. Remember Becky is pissed at Klaus for killing mommy so she is inclined to help the gang. 

Break for teen angst, Elena is whining because she doesn’t have anything to wear to the dance, Bonnie (Kat Graham)  is whining because Jeremy fell in love with the ghost of his dead girlfriend.  When this show does it’s 90210 moments it cracks me up.

Becky, or evil blood slut as Caroline (Candice Accola) (love her) calls her, is going to Homecoming with Matt. Poor Matt (Zach Roerig), you know that has disaster written all over it. Becky is trying on her dress for the dance, and it is not flattering at all. She tells Elena how she never go to go to a Homecoming dance before and blah blah blah. Elena feels bad, she suggests Becky wear her mother’s necklace, (the one that will not die) and then Elena daggers her, she feels bad about it, but she can’t leave anything to chance. And Becky could screw up the plan

Damon (Ian Somerhalder) and Elena prep wolfsbane grenades, Stefan comes in to borrow a tie for the dance, Elena says he doesn’t have to go. Stefan responds with the best line of the episode, “I’m compelled to protect you, and if I look at your track record at high school dances, its’ pretty tragic. My luck you’ll go ahead and get yourself murdered by the homecoming queen”  Side note, does anyone remember the Julie Brown song, “everybody run the homecoming queen’s got a gun”

Tyler (Michael Trevino) and Caroline argue, the whole Klaus sire thing is getting out of hand, not surprisingly they break up by the end of the episode. Which completely sucks because they had some of the hottest sex scenes on the show.

The gym is flooded, (guess who did that), the dance is moved to Tyler’s house. Where the heck are the chaperones, don’t all these school dances require chaperones.  Klaus and his band of merry hybrids are there to make sure Mikal is dead, when the death is confirmed Stefan will get back his freedom.

Basically the episode comes down to this, Mikal shows up to kill Klaus, Mikal threatens to Kill Elena, (really Katherine), Klaus says go ahead, so he does.  Then Damon stakes Klaus, Stefan stops him, Klaus kills Mikal.  Now Stefan is free. And everyone watching  just said WTF??!!!!

Damon and Elena have a very touching scene back at the Salvatore mansion, they will survive this, they will have to let Stefan go.  Damon is torn, he wants his bro back, but he also wants Elena.

Katherine calls to say she is on the run, after she hangs up we find out Stefan is in the car with her and a flashback reveals why Stefan stopped Damon. Basically if Klaus died so would Damon, Stefan has sacrificed him self once again for Damon. Now he is on the run with the caskets full of Klaus’ dead family.

Questions for January:

how many people will Klaus kill in revenge, Jeremy, Tyler, Bonnie and Matt are all ripe for the picking,  don’t even think about touching my Alaric

will Aunt Jenna finally return

will Stefan undagger all of Klaus’ family and build his own family to take on Klaus

will Tyler and Caroline get back together

how many shots of Stefan spying on Elena and Damon watching them get closer and closer will we get

I predict Damon/Elena sex for Feb sweeps, Stefan back by the end of the season and next year is about the reverse love triangle. Maybe we can finally get Stefan and Caroline together.

Here is The CW‘s January sneak peak

Vampire Diaries – Ordinary People

3 Nov

Ordinary People is one of my favorite movies, if you have not seen it I highly recommend it. It won the Oscar for best picture, Robert Redford won for best director,   Timothy Hutton won for best supporting actor, and Mary Tyler Moore, an Oscar nominee, shed her sweet, goody goody image, and showed the depth of her acting skill.  Donald Sutherland the only member of the cast not to be nominated was robbed, his performance is one of the best of his career.

This has very little to do with tonight’s episode of The Vampire Diaries, but since this episode is one of those that I classify as watch once, don’t save on the DVR or re-watch when you buy the DVD’s I had to make this post worth it. So why not recommend a great film.

We start the episode in the Lockwood tunnels of mystery, Alaric and Damon have brought Elena to show her the cave paintings, ohh pictionary.  The wall reveals the names of the original family, Niklaus, Rebekah and Elijah, all written in Viking script, not sure when Alaric learned how to translate Viking, but lets just go with it. 

We have a flashback to Klaus and Rebekah carving their names on the wall just in case we didn’t get it when Alaric and Damon explained it to Elena, like 30 seconds ago. Pictionary. After the flashback we find out their is one more name on the wall, Mikal, the vampire hunter. Daddy’s home, and somebody is in trouble.  Ok, so Klaus and kin, are older then we originally thought, they are really old school.

I love when a show figures out a way for two characters who should be having sex, but can’t are still touching. Like the Damon and Elena training scenes, really love seeing them together.

Sebastian Roche, how I love you, I think you are stalking me,  you always appear on my favorite shows in the second or third season.

Stefan is still locked in the intervention room. Damon goes to visit, they banter, the usual chit chat.  And then Damon sets him free.

Rebekah and Elena meet for a chat. Rebekah fills Elena in on the family history.

Is this really supposed to be a sweeps episode, up until last week’s episode this season was made of win, WTH.

The only thing they did right tonight, was whole lot of Alaric. It made the hour bearable.

OMG is that stupid necklace really on the wall, and it means witch. 

This is how bored I am with this episode, I am wondering if Paul Wesley really made all those quarter shots or if it was CGI.

So the mother, is the original witch, and she was white, she is the token witch. They became vampires to survive, but now they were shunned. Ok we get it, magic has consequences, blah blah blah.

I had to sit thru 38 minutes of crap to get to Mikal’s appearance at the bar with the bonding Salvatore brothers. One thing this show does well is the Damon and Stefan dynamic.  Ok, gauntlets have been thrown, Stefan gets Klaus back to Mystic Falls so Mikal can kill him or be killed.  What the heck happened to Katherine?

Gee, wonder how that is going to turn out. 

Alaric is holding class in the caves with Bonnie and Elena, do they get extra credit for this? I would totally ask for extra credit, how do they get their homework done, how are they getting into college.  Am I the only one that felt bad for Rebkah, finding out your brother killed your mother is pretty tragic, when you thought it was your dad all along.

Damon in Elena’s bed, love it, unrequited love, so romantic. I need romance, where is romance. All these shows totally mess women up because men are not like this. They are not there looking at us like we are perfect, beautiful creatures. 

Ok next week, mid-season finale, big showdowns.

The Vampire Diaries – Ghost World Review

28 Oct

I should have known I would jinx myself, in my Thursday what to watch post I talked about how the Vampire Diaries delivers and that’s why it is my favorite. Well, it didn’t deliver tonight, this was pretty lame. 

Let me see if I understand this correctly, vampires, who are already dead can come back as ghosts when they are killed? Huh?

Moving on

At the end of last week’s episode we saw Mikal take a bite out of Katherine, and ghost Mason attack Damon.  This week’s episode didn’t even hint at Katherine’s fate. WTH.

But we did get plenty of vampire ghosts, some friendly like Casper, some not so much.

After Mason got done kicking Damon’s ass, he revealed his real reason for coming back was to help Tyler. He told Damon and Alaric he knew about a weapon to kill Klaus. 

Best parts of the episode were the Damon and Alaric scenes, I love Alaric for not forgiving Damon so easily, and Damon wants to be forgiven. I haven’t enjoyed a bro-mance this much since Clark and Lex on Smallville.

Once again the Lockwood’s have another buried secret on the property. Good thing they have a lot of land, the writers can keep finding stuff out there for seasons to come.  Mason and Damon head out on their adventure thru the tunnels to find the “weapon” that will kill Klaus.

Meanwhile Elena, still not willing to give up on Stefan, asks Jeremy to use his new-found gift as a medium to contact the ghost of Lexi to come and set Stefan straight.  Jeremy is too busy sucking face with Anna, I don’t care what Bonnie says he is not cheating, and she needs to get over it.

Lexi shows up, she and Elena chain Stefan to a chair and the intervention begins.

Bonnie and Caroline work together to get rid of the ghosts, Bonnie’s grandmother is summoned and tells Bonnie how to get rid of the ghosts. They have to destroy Elena’s necklace.  Off they go to the Salvatore mansion to retrieve the item, but it is gone. (big surprise).  Anna took it, (bigger surprise) she doesnt’ want to go back, she wants to be with Jeremy. 

Then come the bad vamps seeking revenge on the founders, and lucky for them we are having one of those founders celebrations. This one is about lighting lanterns, to symbolize when the town was safe again after the founders killed the vamps.  This history lesson comes courtesy of the head of the history department and Alaric’s boss.  Did I mention he is a member of one of the founding families.  All the warning signs are there, this guy is like the red shirt guy in the original Star Trek. Whenever they beamed down for a mission if a red shirt guy was on the team, he was dead before they got back. So you knew this guy was a goner.

The bad vamps start killing and everyone including Anna realizes it must end, she turns over the necklace.  Bonnie and Grams do a little spell, destroy the necklace and all the ghosts go poof. But not before a sad music montage, of everyone leaving. Very emo.

Lucky for Mrs Lockwood they go poof before they kill her, not so lucky for Damon, Mason goes poof before he can show what he found in the cave. Damon must go to Alaric for help, he agrees, and off they go to the cave. Alaric discovers cave paintings, next episode we get out our decoder rings and figure out what it all means.

Lexi is not successful, before she goes she tells Elena how to finish the job and poof she is gone. Elena, kind of grows a pair and tells Stefan if he wants help she will help him, but if he doesn’t change he will lose her forever.  Blah Blah.

There are only 2 more episodes before the show goes on hiatus until January. Here is a sneak peak for next week’s episode “Ordinary People” (makes me think of the Timothy Hutton movie).  Looks like we all need some post it notes.

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