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4/14 Saturday What You Should Watch

14 Apr

I don’t normally do a Saturday post, but there are a couple of things on tonight worth mentioning.

Julian Fellows, Oscar winning writer (Gosford Park), creator and writer of the very successful Downton Abbey has written a 4 part Titanic mini-series airing 3 hours tonight on ABC and concluding with one hour tomorrow night.

Until James Cameron’s Titanic the best movie Hollywood had produced on the subject was A Night To Remember, airing tonight on Turner Classic Movies at 10pm.


Tensions rise during a disastrous tea party; the ship’s encounter with an iceberg incites chaos and panic on deck; a passenger, Louisa, must choose between her husband and her daughter; passengers race for spots on the remaining lifeboats.
A Night to Remember(1958)

A ship’s officer sees disaster as the Titanic hits an iceberg and slowly sinks on its 1912 maiden voyage.

Kenneth More, David McCallum, Honor Blackman, Jill Dixon, Laurence Naismith

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