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News Round Up

22 Dec

Did you see the season finale for American Horror Story last night, what did you think? I wasn’t disappointed, lets see if they can keep it going into Season 2. well done Jessica Lange, well done.

Ryan Murphy, AHS co-creator told reporters, that the second season will be set in a different city/locale,  and most of this season’s cast, (Connie Britton. Dylan McDermott) will not be returning as regulars. I suppose that is one way to keep it fresh.

Castle is planning an episode set in the 40’s. Nathan Fillion is playing a Sam Spade type, Beckett is a gangster’s girl, and the fabulous Mark Pellegrino (Dexter, Supernatural and The Closer) is set to guest star as a crocked club owner.  This could either be a jump shark moment or a fantastic episode only time will tell.

Revenge, Emily Van Camp recently revealed the writers are planning to increase the business at Jack’s bar The Stowaway. Wonder what the big draw will be? FauxAmanda mixing up some Black Dahlia’s perhaps.

Hart of Dixie has cast Zoe’s dad, we’re psyched to see Gary Cole (The Good Wife, The Brady Bunch movies) back on our screen. How will the reunion play out, we hope great so Cole will stay around.

Supernatural Jason Dohring (Ringer, Veronica Mars) will be popping up on the January 13th episode as the god of time, he will send Dean back to 1944.

Glee has cast Oscar winner Helen Mirren to perform the voiceovers for one of the characters inner monologues. The show hasn’t revealed which character she recorded the monologues for, Jane Lynch is the obvious choice, so I would go with Brittney. In other Glee news, the January 17th episode will also feature songs from the musical “Grease”.   Hell Ya!!

The Good Wife is back January 8th, and from the looks of the preview the second half of the season is picking up the pace. Cary and Kalinda!!  Click Here

Newsroom, Aaron Sorkin‘s new show on HBO has added Jon Tenney (The Closer) to its cast.  Set in a fictional newsroom the show also stars Emily Mortimer, Jane Fonda and Sam Waterston. 

Need to know what Marathons on TV this weekend, TVLine has the scoop.

The Vampire Diaries the January 12th episode belongs to Caroline and her 18th birthday, and a major turning point for Stefan and Elena.

Off Topic – I remember when “spoilers” meant “spoilers”, now its more like previews, there is nothing spoiler about anything TVLine or Entertainment Weekly or Eoline publish.  Stop using the word spoiler in the title of the post it is false advertising.

For example, below is a “spoiler” from Ask Ausisello, there is nothing spoiler about this, if you watch the show you would know this is exactly were the show is headed.

Question: The wait for new Vampire Diaries episodes is maddening. Please give us some Delenda scoop to tide us over? —Gabi
Ausiello: Stefan’s seeming betrayal of Damon and Elena leaves the pair “fraught with sexual and romantic tension and very, very, very angry at Stefan,” reveals Plec. “It leaves them thrown together to defend themselves against whatever Klaus’ next move is going to be. It leads to a fairly interesting showdown between Damon and Stefan in which Damon literally tries to beat the answer out of Stefan as to why Stefan betrayed him and ruined his plan.”

Wednesday 10/26 Tons to watch

25 Oct

Feast or Famine, Tuesday was famine, Wednesday is a feast.

Thanks Zap2it for the Listings

This week the Top Spot goes to American Horror Story, I tuned in because it was Ryan Murphy the genius behind Nip/Tuck and Glee.

I stayed because this is one heck of a creepy, weird show with a great cast. Dylan McDermott, the totally awesome Connie Britton, Frances Conroy and Jessica Lange.  Come on, a show called American Horror Story has an episode Titled Halloween, the week of Halloween. love the kitsch.

 Check it out I am not wrong about this one. Preview and a Sneak Peak Below

My love affair with Revenge continues, I think I may have a breakdown when it goes on hiatus after November Sweeps.

The Rest


Episode: Halloween
Tessa’s costume reminds the kids at school of a recently departed neighbor; George tries to convince Dallas that Halloween is fun; Dallas’ husband returns from a business trip

Modern Family

Episode: Halloween
 Claire prepares to make the Dunphy house spooky for Halloween; Cameron does not like the holiday because of a traumatic childhood experience; Jay and Manny tease Gloria about her accent.

Happy Endings

While Brad and Jane are house-sitting in the suburbs, the rest of the gang attends a warehouse party.


 Bridget, as Siobhan, heads to the Hamptons with Andrew, Henry and Gemma; Henry intends to rekindle his affair with Siobhan; Gemma receives unsettling news
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