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Revenge “Charade”

3 Nov

Holy Kinsey Scale Batman!!

courtesy ABC

That was some crazy episode.  Tyler and Nolan, I am really looking forward to these two trying to out manuever each other, let the games begin. Overall a very pleasing outing, note to the writers, I think Emanda (combo Emily/Amanda) has uttered enough of this type of line, “i always know who I am dealing with”, “I don’t scare easy” etc etc.  We get it she is a total badass focused on her mission.

We open with The Grayson’s being interviewed by a reporter from “The Times” about their 25th wedding anniversary. We quickly find out there will be a family dinner to honor the couple. Which can only mean, harsh words will be exchanged, stares of death and people will throw down napkins and stomp away from the dinner table.

The action shifts to Nolan’s house, where we find out he has hired a bodyguard after his run in with Frank.

Can we deal with Nolan’s outfits for just a sec, he reminds me a lot of James Spader in Pretty in Pink.  I could be wrong, but it looks like he wears a polo shirt under everything, he always has on two shirts, and the collar is flipped up. Very preppy 80’s, did I miss the memo are Izod’s back?

Back to the show, Emanda needs a favor from Nolan, (shocker) an update on Lydia’s medical condition, still comatose. I just want to point out that I said in my post last week that she would regain consciousness and return to the Hampton’s to be nursed back to health.  And that is exactly what the preview shows, and it looks like she is going to be staying at The Grayson’s.

Back to the reporter interview, ok I don’t keep up on the society pages, do they really write articles on people’s anniversaries? I know the Sunday New York Times does the whole weddings section and engagement announcements. Any who it seems a bit much.

Tyler is up to no good as usual, convincing Daniel he hit him, spying on conversations. He really is a jack of all trades, and the more we see of him, the more I am convinced he is the one dead on the beach from the pilot.

I think Ashley shoots him, but Daniel will be  accused and go on trial for murder. Then Emanda will have to decide to reveal her secret to save him, and just as she is about to they will nab Ashley.

Out of all the characters Ashley is the most expendable for season 2, they laid the groundwork last night for him to use her and for her to get revenge on him by killing him.

Emanda returns home to find Frank in her house, he thinks he has her, when he tells her found out about her past at juvy. But, we all know no one ever gets Emanda, there is always some twist. And as we are about to find out, Emanda and the warden are friends, and Amanda Clarke paid off the real Emily Thorne so they could switch identities.

Nolan and Emanda plot to takedown Tyler, and what a take down it is. A tape of Nolan and Tyler having sex, nice blackmail. Lets see how that plays out.  Tyler doesn’t strike me as the type to take that to well.  We also find out about Tyler’s secret life as a gay hustler, which leads us to an interesting discussion of the Kinsey Scale.  Tyler tells Nolan some story about his family losing everything, I don’t believe him, I think Tyler has been cut off. How would the Grayson’s not know that Tyler’s family lost everything, it doesn’t jive.

Frank finds the real Emily Thorne working as a stripper, really show, could we be less original, couldn’t she be a waitress? Isn’t your target audience women 18-49, do you think we want to look at strippers. Oh, that reminds me lets check the ratings, 18-49 3.0 rating 8 share, while Revenge had less over all viewers 8.5 million compared to CSI’s 10.7 million, Revenge had the higher share of the key demo.  remember the rating/share is more important, because that is the number that brings in the advertisers.

Oh yeah, Declan and Charlotte are still “whatever” who cares, unless there is some big stuff planned for these two I am so over it. Obviously Charlotte’s paternity is in question. David Clarke or Frank, my money is still on David. Jack is still in love with Emanda. I bet he finds out her secret or she tells him before we get to the engagement party. According to the show’s creator, Mike Kelley the show will not take all season to get back to the party or the shooting.

Frank tells the real Emily where the real Amanda is, he ends up in a ditch, Papa Grayson moves out and Lydia wakes up, and Tyler and Ashley form an alliance.  That is not going to end well at all.  Daniel tells Emanda he loves her.  Real Emily shows up on Amanda’s doorstep with Frank’s phone.

And in 2 weeks!!!?????  How do you pull your most popular new show during sweeps. What crap are they running in its place to win the ratings war.  Guess I will watch American Horror Story over on F/X.

Revenge Quick Hits

20 Oct

Was i the only one screaming no Nolan don’t touch anything. How is he going to explain his fingerprints in Lydia’s apartment to the police. If Frank is such a professional then why wasn’t he wearing gloves?

Lydia’s death definitely takes the show in a new direction. All the voiceovers about guilt were pretty big anvils of things to come.

Is Charlotte really a Grayson, could she be Emandily’s half sister, we are assuming David was in prison the whole time after his arrest. Maybe he and Vicki had a chance to get together one more time.

Tyler is bad news, but his is motive to steal Daniel’s life, ala Single White Female, or is he in love with him. That would be very twisty indeed. I still think it’s Tyler who is dead on the beach, not Daniel. Although Daniel’s death would set up Victoria’s revenge storyline.

Nolan has all the evidence, let’s see where that takes us.

Bottom line great episode from a great show. Will post more later.

Wednesday – For your viewing pleasure may I suggest

19 Oct

Epidsode Descriptions courtesy of Zap2it

Top of the List


Episode: Guilt
Victoria’s vulnerabilities are exposed when feelings of guilt and
a fight with her daughter become to much to bear; a vindictive Lydia returns;
now aware that he has been betrayed, Daniel decides to make a major change.


Tessa is thrilled to encounter some excitement when Sheila Shay’s
(Ana Gasteyer) doll collection is stolen; afraid of burglars, Dallas and Dalia
stay with the Altmans.

Modern Family

Episode: Go Bullfrogs!
Phil takes Haley to visit his alma mater; Claire goes out with
Mitchell and Cameron; Gloria and Jay may have to broach a delicate subject with

Happy Endings

Jane tries to help her friends visualize the path to their dreams;
Brad has a hard time relating to his humorless boss; Dave is afraid to introduce
his new girlfriend to the gang.

American Horror Story

Episode: Murder House
Vivien learns about the house’s first residents; Ben’s visitor
causes him to further unravel; Constance and Moira’s history is revealed
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