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Friday Night Round Up – Blue Bloods, Grimm and Fringe

5 Nov

I watched Grimm, Fringe and Blue Bloodson Friday night.

courtesy CBS

First up Fringe, the heart of the show is back, Walter and Peter are back together. But the reunion is bittersweet, Walter doesn’t remember who Peter is, my heartbreak for both of these characters. Walter and Peter is perhaps the best father son relationship on TV.

The last scene between Walter and Peter brought it all home, Peter encouraging Walter, telling him he knows what he is capable of, that support and love that we saw in seasons 1-3.  Walter taking Pater’s face in his hands, still racked with guilt over the boy who died 25 years ago, believing he doesn’t deserve this second chance.  The last shot of Peter alone and abandoned.

Wins, Lincoln, the typewriter and the introduction of time slips. 

Grimm, this week is a variation on Goldilocks. I like this show, but I am hesitant to get to attached.  The ratings were solid and if it holds NBC could pick it up. But I wouldn’t be surprised it it made its way to the Syfy channel for season 2. 

Blue Bloods, so glad my BF and parents go me hooked on this show. This is a text book example of how to execute a TV show.

  • strong story telling – check
  • liakble characters that you care about -check
  • no gimmicks – check
  • sold family values – check

Consistency in the action and progression of story from week to week.  My favorite part of every episode is the Reagan family dinner, I feel cheated if their isn’t one.  

Just a few random thoughts on what I watched last night.

Did you watch any of these shows, what did you think?

Sunday What to Watch

30 Oct

Listings courtesy of Zap2it

New episodes of The Good Wife, and Once Upon A Time tie for the top spot.

Showtime has Dexter, and an excellent new show called Homeland.  Boardwalk Empire continues to improve on its impressive first season.

What Halloween would be complete with The Simpsons’ annual treehouse of horror special, this year is # 22.

And as always I want to hear from you. What are you watching?

Once Upon a Time

Regina tries to push Emma out of Storybrooke and Henry’s life; information about the Evil Queen’s curse comes out.

The Good Wife

Alicia defends a Taiwanese national; Eli’s ex-wife approaches him about a potential political campaign
Honorable mention:

Allen Gregory

Episode: Pilot
When pretentious 7-year-old Allen Gregory begins the first grade in a public school, he struggles to fit in with his peers; Allen has in interesting first meeting with his principal.

The Simpsons

A boulder traps Homer’s arm when he takes a drive through a canyon; a spider bite paralyzes Homer; Flanders becomes a vigilante by night; Bart and Milhouse travel to a distant planet to obtain an extract.

Pan Am

Despite being close to losing her job, Maggie manages to make it onto a flight to Rio de Janeiro; Kate is unsure of herself after getting a difficult mission involving a Yugoslav diplomat; Ginny’s games don’t sit well with Dean.

The Amazing Race

After falling behind, a dismayed contestant is encouraged by spirited locals; contestants participate in an intense foot race.

Boardwalk Empire

Nucky arranges a risky liquor delivery; complications arise in Nucky’s federal case; Jimmy finds a new mentor; Margaret makes a confession; Lucy struggles in solitude; Van Alden wrestles with his conscience.


Episode: Blind Spot
Brody confronts his surviving jailor; the agency is on the trail of Aileen and Faisel.

Wednesday 10/26 Tons to watch

25 Oct

Feast or Famine, Tuesday was famine, Wednesday is a feast.

Thanks Zap2it for the Listings

This week the Top Spot goes to American Horror Story, I tuned in because it was Ryan Murphy the genius behind Nip/Tuck and Glee.

I stayed because this is one heck of a creepy, weird show with a great cast. Dylan McDermott, the totally awesome Connie Britton, Frances Conroy and Jessica Lange.  Come on, a show called American Horror Story has an episode Titled Halloween, the week of Halloween. love the kitsch.

 Check it out I am not wrong about this one. Preview and a Sneak Peak Below

My love affair with Revenge continues, I think I may have a breakdown when it goes on hiatus after November Sweeps.

The Rest


Episode: Halloween
Tessa’s costume reminds the kids at school of a recently departed neighbor; George tries to convince Dallas that Halloween is fun; Dallas’ husband returns from a business trip

Modern Family

Episode: Halloween
 Claire prepares to make the Dunphy house spooky for Halloween; Cameron does not like the holiday because of a traumatic childhood experience; Jay and Manny tease Gloria about her accent.

Happy Endings

While Brad and Jane are house-sitting in the suburbs, the rest of the gang attends a warehouse party.


 Bridget, as Siobhan, heads to the Hamptons with Andrew, Henry and Gemma; Henry intends to rekindle his affair with Siobhan; Gemma receives unsettling news


25 Oct

Spoilers on Glee, Dexter, Bones, Revenge and more. Click on the link below if you dare.

Thanks TV Line

TV Monday 10/23 What YOU Should Watch

24 Oct

Top Spot goes to Castle, 10pm on ABC for two reasons, it looks like classic fun Castle, and any references to the movie “Ghostbusters” deserves the top spot.

Hart of Dixie

Zoe makes a shocking discovery about the local minister and his wife; Lemon wants to restore the town’s historic bridge, but must submit a proposal to Levon.

2 Broke Girls

Caroline tries to construct a bed by herself; sparks fly between Johnny and Max.

Sunday – What I am watching

23 Oct

Sunday is turning out to be a very busy TV night, Dexter, Homeland, The Good Wife, BoardWalk Empire, Pan Am and now Once Upon A Time.

Once Upon a Time gets the top spot, it is premiering tonight. I saw the pilot and I am in, great idea, good execution, I can’t wait to see how it all unfolds.

Listings courtesy of Zap2it

Once Upon a Time

Episode: Pilot
Emma’s life turns upside down when she is visited by Henry, the 10-year-old child she long ago gave up for adoption; Emma brings Henry back to his foster mother in a strange town called Storybrooke.

The Good Wife

Alicia’s key witness commits suicide, forcing her to turn to Colin Sweeney (Dylan Baker) for help; Eli takes action on Peter’s behalf.

Boardwalk Empire

Nucky introduces a surprise guest speaker at a dedication for war veterans; Eli questions his allegiances; Nucky gets a new lawyer; Jimmy learns a lesson; Richard goes hunting.


Dexter leans on Brother Sam during a crisis of faith; Debra gives her first press conference on the new serial killer.


Episode: Semper I
Brody’s erratic behavior threatens his status with the media; Carrie is desperate for evidence against Brody.

Pan Am

Kate discovers the man she and Maggie have been competing for is involved in her next mission; Dean puts his career at risk when an attractive passenger tempts him.

Blue Bloods – A Night on The Town

21 Oct

What Blue Bloodsdoes best is family. The cop part, the cases etc are secondary to the family scenes. That is what I like most about this

courtesy of CBS

show, it gives you a warm fuzzy feeling. Maybe the mob guy getting  revenge on the dealer who gave him the bad drugs wasn’t so warm and fuzzy but the rest of the show made up for it. 

The scene with Frank ( Tom Selleck) and Henry (Len Cariou) and the boys at lunch was priceless, the older generation imparting wisdom on the younger generation.

Danny (Donnie Wahlberg) and Linda (Amy Carlson) working on their marriage. 

Jamie (Will Estes) seeking counsel from his dad about his undercover assignment.

The show builds a genuine bond between the characters and the audience, you instantly care about the lives of these people. I look forward to the family scenes most when I watch this show.

Jamie’s undercover storyline is looking pretty good, of course he and Bianca are going to fall for each other.

I do love how Danny was able to take care of the wife and still get his criminal. Too funny.

No family dinner this week, booo!!.

Fairy Tale Face Off

21 Oct

Cover of "The Fairy Tales of the Brothers...
Cover of The Fairy Tales of the Brothers Grimm

Once Upon a Time premieres this Sunday October 23rd on ABC at 8pm, Grimm premiers Friday October 28th at 9pm on NBC.


David Giuntoli plays Portland homicide detective Nick Burckhardt. He is about to propose to his girlfriend, Juliette (who won’t make it thru the first season), he also happens to be a descendant of the “Grimm” a group of humans who can see mythological creatures like Hexenbiests and Blutbads.  Nick finds out about his ability along with the audience during the pilot, he is visited by his aunt, played by Kate Burton, who provides the back story, a magical key and a trailer full of stuff to use for research. Its like the Sunnydale library on wheels, very convenient for our hero.  The first fairy tale, is Little Red Riding Hood, its fun to watch Nick solve the crime and make friends with a reformed Blutbad (wolf). Of course he gets the bad guy, but a different sort of bad guy is revealed in the second to last scene.

Once Upon a Time (ABC)

Jennifer Morrison plays Emma Swan a bailbondsperson, who is visited by a small boy who claims to be the child she gave up ten tears ago. The boy convinces her to return him to his home in a town called Storybrooke. (get it story broke-n). She is told the town is populated with storybook characters, but they don’t know they are storybook characters. The show switches back and forth between the fairytale universe and present day, filing in the bits and pieces.  Ginnifer Goodwin (Snow White) was cursed by the Lana Parrilla‘s (Evil Queen), the curse ended her happily ever after with the prince and is the reason the characters are trapped in our world.  I will check this show out, I am curious to see how it is developed, we may just end up with some really fresh new inventive TV. (or not)

I subscribed to the Grimm Twitter feed and got an advanced screening of the pilot. It was good, not great, it laid a solid foundation for the season. With over 200 Grimm’s Fairy Tales to use for source material the show practically writes itself.  There is a plot twist at the end of the episode, that I should have seen coming a mile away.

The bit with the reformed Blutbad, was cute, just like on Buffy and Angel this show has a demon on the inside to guide our hero.

Are you going to watch either of these shows? Why or Why Not?

Thursday – What to Watch

20 Oct

Listings courtesy of Zap2it

Top Spot – As Always The Vampire Diaries

Smells Like Teen Spirit

Elena and her friends start their senior year with their heads still spinning
from recent events; Damon is unhappy with his new houseguest; Matt goes to
Bonnie for help; Stefan works on his most-recent task.

The rest

The Big Bang Theory

Sheldon finds himself competing with the gang for his mother’s
(Laurie Metcalf) attention when she visits

Grey’s Anatomy

Episode: Poker Face
Through Lexie, Meredith tries to get Derek interested in a
patient’s rare brain tumor; Callie ends up being annoyed when Mark and Arizona
finally form a friendship; Teddy and Alex look into alternative surgeries for a
superficial patient.

Person of Interest

Episode: Judgment
Reese and Finch must investigate a judge known for his tough
sentences, who wants nothing to do with their vigilante justice.

The Secret Circle

Episode: Wake
Faye’s ex-boyfriend shows up in town and sets his sights on
Cassie; Faye plots against the guy who broke her heart

Private Practice

Episode: Remember Me
 woman from Cooper’s past visits the practice; a pregnant woman
experiences severe memory loss after a car accident; Violet and Sheldon argue.

The Mentalist

The body of a murdered woman washes up on an island; Rigsby fears
his relationship with a public defender will create awkwardness with Van Pelt

Wednesday – For your viewing pleasure may I suggest

19 Oct

Epidsode Descriptions courtesy of Zap2it

Top of the List


Episode: Guilt
Victoria’s vulnerabilities are exposed when feelings of guilt and
a fight with her daughter become to much to bear; a vindictive Lydia returns;
now aware that he has been betrayed, Daniel decides to make a major change.


Tessa is thrilled to encounter some excitement when Sheila Shay’s
(Ana Gasteyer) doll collection is stolen; afraid of burglars, Dallas and Dalia
stay with the Altmans.

Modern Family

Episode: Go Bullfrogs!
Phil takes Haley to visit his alma mater; Claire goes out with
Mitchell and Cameron; Gloria and Jay may have to broach a delicate subject with

Happy Endings

Jane tries to help her friends visualize the path to their dreams;
Brad has a hard time relating to his humorless boss; Dave is afraid to introduce
his new girlfriend to the gang.

American Horror Story

Episode: Murder House
Vivien learns about the house’s first residents; Ben’s visitor
causes him to further unravel; Constance and Moira’s history is revealed
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