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Tuesday September 25, 2012

25 Sep

Very Excited The Mindy project premieres tonight at 9pm on FOX, I saw the pilot on Hulu a few weeks ago. This show is worth your time, this is definitely 30 minutes you will happily give up.

Also, Vegas premieres on CBS at 10pm, I love Dennis Quaid and Michael Chiklis, I hope this one is a hit and stays on for years to come.

The NCIS wonder twins are back tonight.

And Fox’s breakout hit New Girl returns for season 2, will it continue it’s streak or hit the sophomore slump.

Also on, Go On and The New Normal.

What are you looking forward to tonight? Hit the comments with your Tuesday night pick.

The Mindy Project

Episode: Pilot
After getting drunk and disorderly at her ex-boyfriend’s wedding, Dr. Mindy Lahiri realizes she needs to get her personal and professional life back on track.


Episode: Pilot
When rancher Ralph Lamb becomes a sheriff, he begins investigating the murder of the governor’s niece and instantly clashes with mobster Vincent Savino.


Following the bombing of NCIS headquarters, the team engages in a cross-agency manhunt for Harper Dearing

NCIS: Los Angeles

Episode: Endgame
Callen faces suspension for shooting the Chameleon; Hetty adjusts to retired life.

New Girl

Episode: Re-Launch
Schmidt throws a “rebranding” party; Jess is fired from her teaching job; a new side of Winston is revealed after he drinks some of Nick’s fruity concoctions.

New Girl

Episode: Katie
Jess meets a handsome stranger (David Walton) who thinks she is his blind date; a regular at Nick’s bar claims he is Nick from the future; Winston’s mother visits.

Go On

Ryan is ecstatic when he’s finally invited to play in Jeremy Roenick‘s hockey game; Anne asks Ryan to a wedding.

The New Normal

Episode: Obama Mama
Shania surprises Bryan and David when she reveals she plans to vote for Obama in her school’s mock election; the guys throw a party to prove that they have a diverse group of friends.

Tuesday September 18th – What You Should Watch

18 Sep

ABC from 9 to 11 is airing “Best in TV: The Greatest TV Shows of Our Time” with Barbara Walters

The season finale of So You Think You Can Dance is on at 8pm on FOX

NBC has new episodes of, The Voice,  Go On, The New Normal and Parenthood

Go On

Recent widower Ryan King joins a grief counseling group at the behest of his employer.



Episode: Left Field
Jasmine and Crosby define the boundaries of their marriage; Sarah’s new boss (Ray Romano) helps her understand Drew’s feelings; Kristina receives potentially life-altering news.

So You Think You Can Dance

The top dancers are chosen.

Thursday September 13th – What’s On

13 Sep

The X Factor continues at 8 on FOX, followed at 9 by the season premiere of Glee.  The show is splitting it’s focus between the new kids in the New Directions, and graduates Rachel, Finn and Kurt. Tonight’s guest star, Kate Hudson as Rachel’s dance teacher at NYADA.  

America’s Got Talent season finale airs tonight.


New Directions holds open auditions; Rachel struggles to please her dance teacher at NYADA.

Wednesday September 12th – What’s On

12 Sep

Drumroll please…………the moment we have all been waiting for the premiere of The X-Factor with Brittney Spears on FOX at 8.

NBC at 10 premieres Guys with Kids, and Animal Practice at 10:30, now which one of these will be cancelled first.  Do you think they will beat last seasons record holder for fastest sitcom canceled currently held by “Free Agents“. 

Guys With Kids

Episode: Pilot
Chris tries to find a baby sitter so he can go to a basketball game without his ex-wife finding out; Gary and Marny get some time alone in an unusual spot; Nick forgets something important.

Animal Practice

Episode: Pilot
Dr. George Coleman, an anti-social but successful veterinarian, is dismayed when he learns that his ex-girlfriend has inherited the hospital where he works and is now his superior.
The X Factor

Hopefuls perform for the judges.

2012 – Is it Soup Yet???

18 Dec

2012 is just around the corner, so lets discuss when our faves are returning and new shows are premiering. This is only a partial list, as more dates are available I will post updates.

I am missing dates for A Gifted Man, Blue Bloods, Revenge, Once Upon A Time, CBS Monday Comedy Block and the ABC Wednesday Comedy Block. I am sure they all come back in January, near the end of the month I think.

Of course that little show called American Idol is back to dominate our lives and ruin the Fox schedule for months.

Thursday January 5th

The Vampire Diaries – Happy Dance, its back!!!!

Project Runway All Stars – Ok, not impressed with this list, only some of these folks are worth tuning in for, Kara Janx, Sweet P and Austin Scarlett.  Where is Santino? I need him to do his Tim Gunn impression.

Friday January 6th



Sunday January 8th

The Firm – premieres on NBC. Based on the bo0k and the Tom Cruise movie of the same name the action picks up 10 years in future. It stars Josh Lucas.


House of Lies –  premieres on Showtime, Don Cheadle and Kristin Bell star. A subversive, scathing look at a self-loathing management consultant from a top-tier firm. Marty, a highly successful, cutthroat consultant is never above using any means (or anyone) necessary to get his clients the information they want.  Can’t wait.


Tuesday January 10th

Ringer – I cant wait to see what happens next. Gemma is dead. Sibohan is back in NYC and preggers.

Wednesday January 11th

Are You There, Chelsea? Premiere (NBC) – I am curious about this Chelsea Handler sitcom, I find her show on E! mildly entertaining.

Thursday January 12th

30 Rock

Rob – premiere on CBS – not even gonna bother, I give it 5 episodes top.

The Finder – Bones spin off, the pilot was horrible, they have re-tooled, lets see if its better.

Friday January 13th

Fringe – Second half of the season, quite possible the last season will be about getting Peter back. But what will it be like when he gets there? Season 5 anyone.

Real Time with Bill Maher

Sunday January 15th

Golden Globes

Monday January 16th

Alcatraz premieres on Fox – Dead inmates from Alcatraz come back to life to kill again. mmmm, not sure about this one. But curiosity has the better of me. 

Tuesday January 17th


New Girl

Justified – Oh Timothy Olyphant how I have missed you. You can park your boots under my bed any day. Yummy.

Monday January 23rd


Hart of Dixie

Monday February 6th

Smash premieres on NBC – Behind the scenes look at how a broadway musical is put together. Katherine McPhee and Debra Messing star.

Sunday February 26th

The Oscars

Monday March 12

Touch premieres on Fox – Keifer Sutherland is back.

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