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Blue Bloods – “Whistle Blower”

8 Jan

Blue Bloods was all new Friday January 6th, with Whistle Blower.  The main action center around the murder of Ray Milo, a man willing to protect construction workers rights, even if it means risking his life.  He was working for Erin as a confidential informant. She had promised to protect him if he helps her, of course he is murdered.  In a touch of irony Ray watches as giant rat is blown up before he shuts down a construction job and organize a strike.  

The Reagan family rallies around a guilt stricken Erin, Frank and Danny both lend support. Danny is the most help because he solves the murder and finds out that Erin isn’t too blame afterall.  It was the wife, she ratted him out, so the giant rat at the opening of the show didn’t represent him ratting out the unions, but his wife ratting him out and ultimately causing his death.

The B story, is the recording of an officer beating a man on the street, a PR nightmare for Frank.  The lesson I learned from this part of the episode, cameras are everywhere, you are always being recorded, privacy is a thing of the past.  My boss always says don’t out it in email unless you want the whole company to read it.

Which brings us to Sunday dinner (my favorite part of the show), Frank sets up Danny, there isn’t a cop who doesn’t have something in his history that he would prefer internal affairs not know about, let alone have caught on tape.

Blue Bloods delivers another solid episode, it doesn’t need flash or twists, just good solid story telling and acting.

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