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The DVD Box Set that Ate My Weekend

21 Aug

 It used to be a DVD box set, now it’s streaming episodes via Netflix or Amazon. It starts innocently enough, I see a repeat of a show I

Cover of "Veronica Mars"

Cover of Veronica Mars

watched back in the day, like Veronica Mars or the Dallas re-boot airs and I want be to revisit the show. 

The next thing I know I have spent the whole weekend watching all three seasons of Veronica Mars, or Season 1 of the original Dallas.  Alias, Buffy, Gilmore Girls, Dawson Creek and The Closer have all sucked me in. 

Has this ever happened to you? What show sucked you in?

Happy Mother’s Day – TV Moms I Love

13 May

Joyce Summers (Kristine Sutherland) – Buffy The Vampire Slayer – She always saw the good in people and knew what mattered most, she fiercely protected Buffy even after she found out that Buffy could take care of herself. She did what every parent must do at one time or another in their childs life she took on the school principal. And as any fan of Buffy can tell you no matter how many times you watch the episode in which Joyce dies, “The Body” you cry every time, it’s like losing your mom.

Mrs. C (Marion Ross) Happy Days – Maybe it was because she was the only one who could put the Fonz in his place, or the fact that she was a TV mom in an era (1974-1984) when women were joining the workforce and a generation latchkey kids were born either way she is tops in my book.

Lorelai Gilmore (Lauren Graham) The Gilmore Girls – More of best friend than a mom, her junk food and coffee addiction did not get in that way of delivering some of the best advice to Rory along the way.  Not to mention for someone who never worked out never impacted her waistline.

Roseanne Conner (Roseanne Barr) Roseanne – Full of sarcasm and eye rolls Roseanne’s particular brand of motherhood turned a lot of people off, but I have yet to see a more realistic portrayal of a mother on TV to date.  And no one could argue she loved her kids and was devoted to her family.

Claire Huxtable (Phylicia Rashad) The Cosby Show – This is one smooth lady, she was always in control of her kids and her husband. And a successful lawyer to boot, get back with ya bad self Claire.

Carmella Soprano (Edie Falco) – The Sopranos – Between the fake nails and turning a blind eye to Tony’s latest fling Carmella kept Meadow and AJ in line and on track. I think that gets lost when people look back at her character, they forget those scenes and the balance it brought to the show.

Olivia Walton (Michael Learned) – The Walton – Another cool customer when it came to juggling a lot of stress, Momma Walton was one of the best. The woman was raising 7 children plus living with her in laws in rural West Virginia during the depression enough said. And dont’ forget she battled polio and he house burned down. But she always had enough food and love for everyone. She also had dignity and pride.

The Good Wife “Alienation of Affection” Observations

9 Jan

We are back from Christmas break, the last new episode TGW aired was “What Went Wrong”, and quite frankly that is exactly what I was asking. TGW had gotten off track after a great start, and I wondered if it would get back to business.  That question was answered last night, with “Alienation of Affection”.

Who knew chasing down paper could make me as tense as watching Tom Cruise dangle from a building in MI4.  Did you know one of the greatest movies about the law is called “The Paper Chase”, you should check it out. Ok, back to the show, so Alicia almost sinks LG, but Cary saves the day.  I have been in love with Matt Czuchry since he played logan on Gilmore Girls, I am so glad to see this actor getting  a chance to really show his stuff.

The show continued it’s impressive run of recurring guests stars with return performances by Carrie Preston, F. Murray Abraham, Zach Grenier and Bryan Brown

What was really good about last night’s episode you ask? The amount of Alicia and Kalinda scenes, finally the girls are getting back together, they are peanut butter and jelly, sure you can eat on without the other, but they are oh so much more satisfying together.

How they served everyone with the lawsuit, an art gallery, a school, a wedding and David Lee in full Gilbert and Sullivan Pirates costume.

Carrie Preston representing Will in his grand jury trial.  I know there isn’t room, but it would be great if they could make her a regular. 

The way Diane put Eli and David in their place when they go into it.  I hope Eli and David have more scenes together, these actors have tremendous energy.

OMG the equity partner meeting at the beginning, all you needed was a some pasta and red wine and it would be Sunday dinner at my Grandmother’s house.

Welcome back Good Wife, can’t wait for next week.

Hart of Dixie – Pilot

27 Sep

Cover of "Doc Hollywood"

Cover of Doc Hollywood

I really liked Hart of Dixie,  it reminded me of Everwood and Gilmore Girls, it was sweet and charming. Rachel Bilson is so endearing as Zoe Hart, I can totally relate to where she is at this point in her life. She did everything that was expected and it wasn’t enough, she didn’t get the fellowship she worked so hard for because she was missing a key part of the job. Heart.

Ever feel like that, you think you have it all covered, the good thing is coming, and them wham, you don’t get it because of a detail. A detail that no one mentioned to tell you would trip you up in the end. Didn’t any of Zoe’s mentors or bosses think, they should coach her over the last four years.  Zoe is pissed and rightfully so, but, if they did tell her then we wouldn’t have a show.

I found it humorous that the boyfriend dumped her because she talked about work too much. Is that supposed to be ironic, because isn’t it usually the men who can only talk about work. She doesn’t seem that broken up about it. I like it, the whole moving on with out a man.

Because in TV land the cute female lead never has to worry. She has a whole room of writers to whip up the next set of options, in this case two, who say and do the right things.  I could never figure out why men can mimic all the stupid crap on TV, but none of the stuff they really should.

First impression, it reminded me of Doc Hollywood, the 1991 Michael J. Fox movie, similar story, big city doc, stuck in small southern town, fish out of water story. Thinks he is better than everyone, learns his lesson, everyone lives happily ever after.

Zoe learns her lesson by the end of the pilot, which is good, we dispensed with the obvious early and set up several key plot points for future episodes. Like, Lemon and the mayor, the triangle between Zoe, George (love Scott Porter) and Tom.

What really works is the cast they have assembled around Bilson, especially Tim Matheson and Nancy Travis, I don’t think Travis will be back since she is in the new Tim Allen show. It’s a shame I really liked her “motherly” interactions with Zoe, since Zoe’s mother is a wash.

Ok, the box wine, making out with the cute neighbor in his car scene was silly, it summed up her day perfectly. What woman hasn’t sucked back a few and made out with the wrong hot guy. Good way to reach your audience.

Jamie King is interesting to watch as Lemon, it would be easy to dismiss the performance as “stock”, but lets give Miss King more credit, her interactions in the scenes with Cress Williams, who plays the mayor clearly show there is going to be some depth to this southern belle.

I am looking forward to watching this every week, it has great potential, and a great cast to carry it off. This is a much-needed break from, murder, edge and mayhem.

The numbers for last night, Hart of Dixie 1.78 million viewers, higher than it’s Gossip Girl lead in, but it didn’t fare well with the all important 18-49 demo, it only got a 0.8 share.  It is up against 2 1/1 Men, which was number one again last night with 20 mill viewers, down from last week.

BTW if you believe Star Magazine, Ashton and Demi are getting divorced, supposedly a $290million divorce.

What did you think of Hart of Dixie, let me hear your thoughts in the comments. I would love a lively discussion right about now.

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