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Living in a TV World

9 Oct

If you could live in a TV show which one would it be?

My blog is named TV Happy Place, because TV is my happy place,  nothing is more relaxing or enjoyable then sitting in front of my TV and having a great episode of my favorite show or good movie wash over me.  Allowing me to tune out my day and focus on the made up world of other people.

Worlds where everyone has a beautifully furnished apartment, an awesome car, the perfect wardrobe, Apple computers, perfect hair and make-up and friends.  It doesn’t matter if their salary supports any of this, that is irrelevant in TV land. If you want reality watch the Discovery Channel and stop throwing logic at my fantasy world.

Back to my question, which TV show would you live in and would you want to take over as a main character, a supporting character or a background player?

Over the years there have been many shows I would have happily traded this life for, interestingly enough as much as I love it, Buffy The Vampire Slayer was never one of those shows. Not sure why, not that Sunnydale, the Scooby Gang, Buffy, Spike and Angel weren’t awesome it wasn’t dreamy enough. I was happy watching from afar, too much angst.

If I got the chance today, I would have to pick Revenge (ABC Wednesday at 10pm). First of all, The Hampton’s and you know what they say, location. location, location.  Second, everyone is rich , they live in fabulous homes on the beach, they wear beautiful clothes, throw incredible parties and everyone is kissing their asses.  Granted there is this pesky revenge plot thing, where people’s lives are being destroyed, that definitely dampens the mood.   To avoid being a target I would either choose to be Emily Thorne (Emily VanCamp) or Nolan Ross (Gabriel Mann).

Why these two characters, Emily is doing all the revenge, so basically she is having all the fun, Nolan is free from her sights and his helping her, not to mention he is a computer genius and filthy rich.

Next I would have to pick Glee (Fox Tuesdays at 8pm), I am a sucker for a spontaneous musical number, I wouldn’t to take over an existing characters life, I would like to be a new member of the Glee club, and Puck’s new GF.

Lets hear from you in the comments, what TV show past or present would you like to live in, and what character would you be.

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