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Ringer “It’s Called Improvising Bitch”

11 Apr

I gotta hand it to the folks at Ringer, I think they knew the end was near so they just keep going for broke with these last few episodes.  Even if they don’t get a second season at least they will be remembered as that bat-shit crazy show Sarah Michelle Gellar did for a season on The CW. We should have known the ship was going down when the wardrobe went from being cutting edge fashion to Target chic.

On last night’s episode. Catherine tries to kill Bridget, who she thinks is Shiv, when Andrew foils her plan she decides to kill them both, when Juliet foils that plan she decides to hold everyone hostage. Then she calls, wait for it… Olivia, her lover and partner in crime. Olivia is having none of this craziness and tells Catherine good-bye, sending Catherine over the edge, or more over than she is already.   Our hapless tri call Agent Machado on cell phone they have hidden in the couch, using the old one way call to fill him in on their situation.  He springs into action, and heads off to Olivia’s, he uses her to lure Catherine out of the apartment. She takes Bridget hostage and heads to Olivia’s, where our FBI guy finally gets to save the day.

Meanwhile, Shiv is still trying to get Henry cleared of Tyler’s murder. She heads over to Oksana’s (the hotel maid that fingered Henry) and quickly figures out Oksana is a high priced hooker and that is why her payoff wasn’t nearly enough. One of Oksana’s tricks shows up, she hides Shiv in the closet.  Ok, if all the crazy with Catherine wasn’t enough, check this out.  Shiv is locked in the closet while Oksana and her customer have sex, do blow and Oksana od’s, and to top it off Shiv goes into labor.  Love this crazy show!!

Shiv has a C-section, her twins, yes her female twins are premature and in bad shape. Henry is by her side, and in a move that proves Henry bought a clue, he asks the doctor for a paternity test. Go Henry.

I am not sure how they can top this if they get a second season, I am sure they will have to dial it back a bit if they do. 

What are the possible cliffhangers for next week’s finale? The paternity test? Does Macawi kill Shiv or Bridget? Does Andrew figure it out?  One thing I am sure of, I won’t get a satisfying end to the show. What would I do if it was up to me, if I was Pam Veasy and The CW let me know I had one hour to wrap it up.

First of all I would apologize to the audience that stuck it out all season, I would apologize for squandering the talents of  Ioan Gruffudd, Sarah Michelle Gellar and Jason Dohring.  I would apologize for taking a show with an interesting premise, and some great glossy noir episodes in the first half of the season and letting it unravel into the campy crapfest we witnessed in the last 12 episodes.

Then, Malcolm leads Machado to Macawi, Machado gets shot (doesn’t die) Malcolm saves him and kills Macawi in the process. A new bromance is born.  Henry finds out the twins aren’t his or Andrew’s and leaves Shiv and the twins. Shiv, leaves the hospital, abandoning  the twins to social services.  Henry and Bridget renew their vows, the second half of the episode is filled with wedding fun, Juliet and Bridge getting all gussied up. Henry and Tim coming to an agreement over Martin Charles and destroying the flash drive.

Last two minutes of the episode, set against some of the music this show is known for using. (The CW site for Ringer music)

Bridget walks down the aisle, to a beaming Andrew

Shiv walking down the street

Bridget gets to Andrew, he leans in to kiss her and whispers in her ear, I love you Bridget.  Pull back to reveal Bridget’s reaction.

Cut to Shiv walking into a strip club to apply for a job.

Chessy, obvious, but hey after the crap Pam really wrote how could my version be any worse.

Next Week:

Ringer “Let’s Kill Bridget” Oh F#!&K It Let’s Kill Everyone

28 Mar

Coco Channel had a lot of fashion advice, one of her gems, after you finish dressing take off the last accessory you put on, this will ensure you have not overdressed.  Well Ringer should take this advice, only they need to remove more than one accessory.

I guess the show really is getting cancelled because they keep piling so much stuff on there won’t be anything left for next season.

I do have to hand it to them, last night’s opening tease was probably one of the best of the season. 

Henry being interviewed by the cops, Catherine and Andrew kissing, Bridget or Shiv shot dead. After the commercial we find out that all of this action is a flash forward. We pick up 2 days earlier, Machado is questioning Bridget and Andrew about the Tarot card. Am I the only one who thinks showing SMG a tarot card is just too funny. I know I need to let go of the Buffy but I can’t.

Plotwise a lot happened last night, and in true Ringer fashion they dropped a bomb on us in the last 2 minutes of the show, more on that later.

Henry’s father in law turned him into the cops for Tyler’s murder, that is cold. Juliet and Andrew conspired to get the money back from Catherine with a phony real estate deal, Machado went after the Tarot Card guy, and in the end he and Bridget (who thinks is Shiv) faked her death so Macawi would think he killed Bridget. Got all that, I told you a lot of accessories, right, and not small cute accessories either. I am talking big plastic, neon colored earings, belts, bangles and slouchy socks from the 80’s accessories.

Poor Henry, one of the forums calls him “toolbelt”,  because he is such a tool.  I agree he is a tool, but I really hope he doesn’t go down because of Shiv.  I am getting a vision of the season/series finale, Henry being escorted to his jail cell, Shiv in labor, Catherine and Bridget in a life or death struggle over a gun or on a balcony. 

BTW I am completely convinced that Andrew knows who Bridget is, and has known for awhile. I predict that comes out in the second to last episode. I am so in love with Ioan Gruffudd, if only he would marry me. A girl can dream.

Other things worth mentioning:

  • Bridget’s really bad stripper hair, and those outfits
  • Limo driver guy, what is up with that plot point
  • Machado loosing control and tackling the dry cleaner customer and getting suspended, rogue FBI agent, nothing more dangerous
  • Gregory Harrison Still brings the pretty
  • Catherine’s necklace when she meets with Toby (eww note to writers everywhere do not use the name Toby ever) 

And of course the biggest moment of them all, Catherine is on the other end of the hitman’s phone at the end. So has she been the mastermind the whole time trying to bump off Shiv.

Next Week:

Ringer – “Maybe we can get a dog instead”

9 Nov

Just when I think Ringercan’t get any crazier it does. I don’t think this show will ever jump the shark, because it is one big jump the

shark moment.

I didn’t even have to wait for the last two minutes to get the big moment this week, the highlight for me had to be when Bridget showed up at the dinner with Andrew and Siobhan’s Paris bot-toy Tyler. The look on Tyler’s face was priceless, he thinks he has been sleeping with the bosses wife.  

Question, Tyler told Bridget he didn’t realize he was sleeping with the bosses wife, will Bridget assume Tyler meant before Siobhan killed herself or will this be the first little thing that nags at Bridget, that makes her start to question if Siobhan is really dead.

Remember the rule, no body, no crime, not dead.  She needs to rent Julia Robert’s “Sleeping With the Enemy“, Julia’s character faked her death by drowning out at sea. Maybe this will ring a bell for Bridget.

I am glad this show doesn’t take itself too seriously, I really think all of this melodrama is intentional and very shrewd on the part of the creative team.

They resolved the baby storyline, with a miscarriage, thank god, I really didn’t want that to continue much longer. Juliet and Andrew’s concern was sweet and genuine. Can I please marry Ioan Gruffud, he is so awesome and that accent, so sexy.  I fast forwarded through the Malcolm stuff, but now that they hooked him up with Charlie I guess I have to pay attention.

This week we had smart Bridget (Sarah Michelle Gellar) who figured out how to warn Malcolm about the wire by using the old note in the menu trick. Charlie told Bridget he didn’t find any leads on Gemma.  I said it before I will say it again, until I see a body I say Gemma’s not dead. Maybe Charlie is holding her somewhere?  What is Charlie going to do about Malcolm, poor Malcolm, he went from one bad situation to another all for Bridget. Dude get a clue and get away from this chick she is bad news.

BTW, I love how smudged eyeliner and messy hair equal drug addict in Bridget’s NA flashbacks. 

Juliet hitting on her teacher (Jason Dohring)  is eww, stalking him to the Good Samaritan’s club is creepy. Can’t wait to see how that all plays out. 

Tyler is our new loose cannon.  Will he be the first one to figure out there is two of them, if he is, well-played show. Didn’t see that coming when we first spied him three episodes ago.  Andrew’s business partner could hardly contain her glee when she heard about the miscarriage, she is totally thinking she has a shot with Andrew.

Here is a preview for next weeks episode, “Shut up and eat your Bologna”.  I really do love the titles they use for this show.

Ringer – Twins with an Identity Crisis

20 Oct

Ringer UP 14% in the ratings!! Congrats Team Ringer.


I am not really sure what kind of show Ringer is trying to be, thriller, teen sex, romance drama, my neck hurts from the whiplash from trying to keep up.

No matter what type of show it wants to be, I want them to find Gemma (Tara Summers) just so I don’t have to hear her stupid voicemail message anymore, “you’ve reached, Gemma don’t be boring”. I hope somebody killed her, she is annoying. Although I doubt she is dead, I don’t care what the caller in the last scene said, until I see a body I am not buying it.

Lets say Shiv (Sarah Michelle Gellar) was behind Gemma’s disappearance. Does that mean she found out Gemma found out about Bridget. How did Shiv find out, who is Shiv’s mole in NY?

SMG is blonder, and looks a little tanner, reminds me of how her look changed between seasons 2 and 3 of Buffy.

What was good about last night, we learned how far Bridget will go to protect her new life. What I don’t get is why she implicated herself in the crime?  Agent Machado (Nestor Carbonell) will be on her doorstep every minute, is her strategy to hide in plain sight. No matter what the outcome it made for a nice twist.

There where a couple of times I thought Shiv might be pretending to be Bridget, like when they showed her at the dumpster and calling the police. But based on the last scene that doesn’t seem to be the case. Shiv pretending to be Bridget pretending to be Shiv would be a nice plot twist, it seems like something this show would do.

The rest of the episode was meh, I am over the Juliet (Zoey Deutch) new school thing, as much as I love Jason Dohring I don’t need a student teacher affair in the middle of this mess. The only thing that could redeem him, is if, his character turns out to be FBI, or working for Shiv. When are they going to introduce Juliet’s mother?

Somebody please buy Andrew a clue, they are wasting Ioan Gruffudd, I hope they are just saving him for the big drama scenes that will surely happen when he finds out about Bridget. Of course by that time he will be in love with her and it won’t matter. When the heck are they going to have sex, Bridget needs a bun in the oven, or a miscarriage stat.

Bottom line, Ringer is like watching a Laker game, it all happens in the fourth quarter.  Every week this show has a so-so 58 minutes only to be redeemed by the last two.  What can I say it’s those 2 minutes that keep me coming back.

Preview for November 1st

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