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Buffy The Vampire Slayer Top Ten Episodes

12 May

Saturday May 19th, LOGO TV is running Joss Whedon‘s picks for top ten Buffy The Vampire Slayer episodes, starting at 10am. Lets compare my list to Joss’ and I will raise him my top ten Angel episodes.

Joss’s Top Ten

Innocence,Once More With Feeling, Hush, The Body, Innocence Pt 2, Prophecy Girl, Dopplegandland, The Wish,Restless, Conversations With Dead People

My Top Ten

School Hard – The episode that introduced us to Spike (James Marsters), one of Joss’ finest creations.

PassionAngel goes on a murder spree. Sunnydale loses one of its own.

Becoming Parts 1 and 2 – Season 2 finale, firmly established Buffy’s cult status.

Faith, Hope and Trick – Faith (Eliza Dushku) is introduced.

Revelations – The one where everyone finds out Angel is alive, the scene in the library when the team confronts Buffy is tight. Gile’s feelings of betrayal and disappointment in his slayer are  hard to watch, you know the relationship will never be the same.

Hush – The town of Sunnydale loses its ability to speak

The Body – Joyce, Buffy’s mother dies.

Once More With Feeling – The musical episode. 

Smashed – Buffy and Willow begin their self destruction.

Grave – After Willow goes dark as a result of Tara’s death and kills Warren, it is only Xander and the depth of their friendship that can save her. Spike gets a soul.

Top Ten Angel Episodes

Parting Gifts – Wesley arrives in town, and Cordelia finds out she was given Doyle’s gift of visions. This is the episode when the show really took off and found it’s voice.

Are You Now or Have You Ever Been – The gang moves into the Hyperion Hotel and sets up shop.

First Impressions – Darla is back, her return sets up a season long arc that breaks up the team, almost gets Wesley killed and eventually leads to a much bigger event in season 3.

There’s No Place Like Plrtz Glrb – Season 2 finale, the gang escapes Pylea and brings back Fred, a welcome addition to the team. When they arrive home Willow is waiting to tell Angel that Buffy has died.

Offspring – Darla returns with a surprise, she is pregnant. Hot on her trail is Holtz a man seeking vengeance against Angel and Darla for killing his family over 100 years ago.

Sleep Tight and Forgiving – In order to save Angel’s son Connor Wesley kidnaps him. Holtz and his sidekick Justine slit Wesley’s throat and take Connor. Holtz takes Connor to a hell dimension, he is lost to Angel forever. Angel is unable to forgive Wesley and kicks him out of Team Angel. Wesley forges an alliance with Lilah, goes dark and sets up his own demon hunting crew.

A New World – An adult Connor returns to Angel.  Vincent Kartheiser joins the show as adult Connor, love him.

Calvary – Angel is Angelus, Cordy is revealed as the big bad and kills Lilah

Smile Time – Angel is turned into a Puppet.

Shells – Fred dies as Ilyria takes over her body.

Not Fade Away – Series Finale

Friday 10/21 What I am Watching

21 Oct

No New Fringe – Booooo!!!! Damn you World Series

New Supernatural with Buffy-Vets Charisma Carpenter and James Marsters – Yeah!!!!! 

Sam and Dean meet a witch whose anger over her husband’s
philandering has proved fatal for the townspeople

Blue Bloods

Danny tries to investigate a case while having a romantic weekend
with Linda; Jamie goes under cover to infiltrate a crime family.

Buffy Reunion

17 Oct

Be still my beating heart, this week on Supernatural it is a mini-Buffy reunion featuring James Marsters (Spike) and Charisma Carpenter ( Cordelia Chase). Marsters plays an unfaithful husband to Carpenter’s witchy wife, when she starts to get a little magical payback, the Winchester boys take notice and hi-jinx ensue.  The previews make it look like this may be one of the lighter episodes of the season.

Check out the preview below.  Want more follow the link to TVLine.com after the preview

Extended Scene – Thanks TV Line


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