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Once Upon A Time – The Price of Gold

14 Nov

Last night night’s episode of  Once Upon a Time , “The Price of Gold” introduced us to one of the most recognizable fairytale characters in all the land. Nothing against Snow White, but I think there are more references in popular culture to the elements in the story of Cinderella than any other fairytale.

The story opens in fairytale world, as Cinderella’s (Jessy Schram) steps (sisters and mother) head off to the ball.  As expected her fairy godmother appears and tells her she has the power (her wand) to send her off to the ball, to find her prince.  Then boom, Rumpelstiltskin blows her up and takes the wand.  Nice Twist.

Robert Carlyle is really hitting it out of the park with his performance, he has created a definitive vocal and physical line for the character, but is never so over the top that he becomes tiresome to watch.  He repeats the theme of the show, “all magic comes with a price”, but Ella doesn’t seem to care she is desperate to leave her old life behind.

She insists she can handle whatever he has to offer and makes the deal, he prettys her up and she is off to the ball. Of course she meets her prince and they marry, it is on her wedding day that she finds out Rumpelstiltskin’s price, it is her first-born.

When she becomes pregnant she decides to leave town. Upon hearing this, her husband Prince Thomas (Tim Phillipps) who is also brothers with James (Prince Charming) devise a plan to outsmart Rumpelstiltskin. If he uses an enchanted quill to sign the deal he will be frozen forever and they will lock him up.  All magic comes with a price, they are successful but she looses Thomas in the process.

Back in Storybrooke, we learn that Ella is a pregnant and unwed maid named Ashley.  When she and Emma meet it strikes a chord in Emma, she sees similarities between this girl and her situation when she had Henry. She tells her she can change her life, and prove everyone wrong. 

This prompts Ashley to break into Mr. Gold’s store and steal the adoption contract she signed with him. In Storybrooke, Thomas is a rich kid named Sean and his dad has brokered the deal with Gold to protect his son from “that girl”.

Emma gets two job offers tonight, one from Sheriff Graham (Jamie Dornan) to become his deputy, the other from Gold to track down Ashley. Gold doesn’t tell Emma why he wants her back, just that she has stolen something “precious” from him.  Feeling responsible for Ashley’s actions because of the advice she gave her, she accepts the job.

Finally!! Emma’s belongings arrive, so we can see in her something besides a white t-shirt and red leather jacket. Now we get to see her in a sheer burgundy blouse and blue leather jacket. However, she is still wearing the same skin-tight jeans and riding boots. Not sure what look the costume designer is going for here, but, the it works and Jennifer Morrison can certainly carry it off.

Regina (Lana Parilla)  is off to an all day “town council” meeting, she tells Henry to stay home or their will be consequences.  He doesn’t listen and heads off to Emma’s.  He shows up just as Gold is offering Emma the Ashley job, he convinces Emma to take him along.

They go to Ruby (aka Red Riding Hood) and ask her what she knows about Ashley. Ruby tells them about Sean. Emma confronts him,  the father basically tells Emma that Ashley is not going to ruin his son’s life.

Emma and Henry head back to the diner to see Ruby. Emma quickly figures out Ruby (Meghan Ory)  gave her car to Ashley to get away and sending them to Sean’s was a stall tactic. Ruby tells them she is headed for Boston. While on the road Henry tells Emma that no one can leave Storybrooke (except her) without consequences, and they have to get to Ashley as soon as they can.  They find Ruby’s car wrecked on the side of the road and Ashley in labor.

On the drive to the hospital Emma asks Ashley if she is really ready to keep the baby and if she understands what it means, that it will change her life and she can never leave. This conversation is made more poignant because it is happening right in front of Henry.

They get her to the hospital, where she gives to birth to a baby girl that she names Alexandra, the same name Thomas had picked out in fairytale land.  Thomas/Sean shows up to see his daughter, they have a nice family reunion moment. But will they live happily every after? Is this Emma’s first step toward breaking the curse, will each little happiness she achieves for the inhabitants of Storybrooke, weaken the curse, chipping away bit by bit.

Gold shows up to collect the child, Emma agrees to make a deal with him to keep the baby and Ashley together.  I know why she did it, but certainly Emma must realize what making a deal with Gold will mean. She will owe him a favor in the future, you know that will come back to bite her at some point.

Before the episode ends, we learn that “all day town council meeting” is really code for Regina and the Sheriff  having sex. Are we setting up a love triangle with Emma, I hope not. So far this show managed to avoid this and kept these two female characters away from the cliché of fighting over a man.

The show is off for two weeks, here is a preview for “That Still Small Voice”. Looks like we are going to dig deeper into Dr Hopper’s (Jiminey Cricket) back story.

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