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Once Upon A Time “Heart of Darkness”

19 Mar

Last night on Intervention, the Dwarves confronted Snow about her behavior since taking Rumple’s potion, even Jiminy Cricket was there to mediate.  Snow refused to listen, in the end she stormed out pick axe in hand (hi-ho hi-ho) off to kill the queen.

Rumple gives her a special bow and arrow to get the job done, she takes aim and shoots. Charming jumps in the arrow’s path and prevents her from killing the queen knowing it would blacken her heart forever. He is trying to help her remember who she is and the love they have for each other. They kiss “true love’s kiss” and she remembers him, just as the Queen’s men show up and tear them apart.

In a Last of the Mohican’s reference, she calls after him, “I will find you” as the Queen’s men take him away.  The Dwarves’ agree to help her in her quest to get Charming back.

In Storybrooke, Mary Margaret has been arrested for killing Katherine, they found her heart on MM’s jewelry box, and the murder weapon hidden in her apartment.  She hires Mr. Gold as her attorney. 

August tells Henry the answer to helping MM is in The Book, the book says Regina’s keys will open any door. He steals her keys, brings them to Emma and they try them on MM’s apartment door, the keys work. This convinces Emma that Regina set MM up.

Emma goes to Mr. Gold, (he is studying the lamp of the Genie under a magnifying glass, nice touch) she asks for his help, she tells hom she will do whatever it takes to defeat Regina. He agrees to help and tells her to fear not because she is more powerful then she knows.

Back to Fairytale land, Rumple takes a strand of Charming’s hair and mixes it with a strand of Snow’s, it forms a magical bond in a bottle.  Rumple has created True Love.

In Storybrooke, MM uses the key someone left in her cell to break out of jail.

Sure the show has clever moments, and heavy handed moments but all in all it is stable in the ratings and its fan base is loyal It is sure to be renewed, now lets just hope the programming monkey’s don’t screw it up and move it to a new night.

Next week, Emma goes to a tea party, The Mad Hatter is in town.

Once Upon A Time Sneak Peeks for Sunday 11/27/2011

27 Nov

Once Upon A Time is all new tonight, the episode titled “That Still Small Voice” delves into Dr Hopper’s (aka Jiminy Cricket’s backstory) and Emma’s first day on the job as Sheriff Graham’s deputy.

We also get to see Snow and Charming play hangman in the hospital. Remember no one gets a happy ending in SB until Emma breaks the curse.  

Happily Ever After

24 Oct

ABC’s Once Upon A Time drew a 3.9 adults 18-49 share, this is a solid number people, next week will tell the tale, (no pun intended),

courtesy ABC

will it hold, build or drop. I am sure there will be some slide, but not much.

This is a good solid show, well written, acted and slickly produced. It seamlessly moves between the fairy tale universe and ours, I immediately became invested in these characters and really want to see more.

Jennifer Morrison, (Emma Swan) carriers the show, she is a joy to watch, I am glad she is back to grace my TV screen. Lana Parilla (Evil Queen/Mayor) will definitely be the break out of the new season, her work in these dual roles is fantastic. 

There were definitely some moments that the more cynical viewer will call cheesy, I actually found them quite charming and right in line with the tone of the show. The Mayor offering Emma apple cider, the apples on the table, Jiminy Cricket ( the voice of Pinocchio’s conscience) as the town shrink. Not to mention the name of the town, Storybrooke.   

The curse is, all the fairy tales characters are locked in a prison of time, time will stop and they will all be trapped in a world where everything they hold dear will be ripped from them and all their happy endings will be taken away.

Rumpelstiltskin/Mr. Gold, played by Robert Carlyle is the antagonist of our piece, interesting he is locked up in  the fairy tale universe, but owns Storybrooke.  I wonder how he made out better than everyone else? A deal with Queen no doubt.  While preparing for this entry I re-read the Rumpelstiltskin fairy tale, and he is a deal maker.

Loved the last scene with the Evil Queen/Mayor in the mirror mirror on the wall. Obviously she knows the truth, and I get the feeling Mr. Gold does too.

If you are looking for a charming show, that will give you a warm and fuzzy, then Once Upon a Time is for you. In one word it is Hope.

Preview for next week

If you watched tell me what you liked, or didn’t like?

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