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Fringe “Brave New World” Part 1

5 May

Well, what a way to kick off the 2 part finale, Belly is back, Jones is dead (he was the Bishop) and they shot Astrid. I am going to assume she doesn’t die because she was in the 2036 flash forward episode.  I wasn’t surprised Bell was behind everything, I was surprised that they killed Jones off, it seemed pretty blah for a character that was built up as the big bad.  If this was supposed to serve as the series finale was this a rush job, kill off Jones and bring back Bell.

I have to hand it to Fringe they keep coming up with new and inventive ways to make me afraid of something I come in contact with  everyday. Last night escalators were the delivery system for Jones’ latest attack. He planted a device that emits nanites onto the handrails of an escalators at a busy mall. The nanites reproduce at a rapid rate based on the victim’s movement, eventually the victim spontaneously combusts, the people around them figure this out as they watch the others burn and die around them. They all freeze in place and stay frozen as the investigation goes on around them. Like a creepy game of Red Light, Green Light.

As Walter is examining the victims one of the survivors, Jessica (Rebecca Mader, Charlotte from Lost)  starts talking to him, eventually she becomes the test subject they use to create the anecdote. I am a little suspicious of this character and her willingness to participate, I think we will find out in part 2 that she is involved with Bell. As the story progresses we find out that Jones has been working with/for Bell all this time. Walter also figures this out when he studies the nanites, he realizes the tech is far too sophisticated for Jones, it is Belly’s work.

His suspicions are confirmed when in the very next scene we see Jones meeting with WIlliam Bell, and it is really Leonard Nimoy, not a cartoon, not a voiceover, not a stand in. Awesome!  They have an intriguing conversation about a chess game Bell has in his office (located on a boat BTW), the pieces are bell shaped, he tells Jones he hasn’t made a move on the board in 40 years. He explains to Jones that he shouldn’t confuse, “a winning move with a winning game”, and the art of chess is sacrificing the right piece at the right time.  In this particular game “the bishop” is the most important piece.  Jones immediately heads out to sacrifice a “Bishop”. Unfortunately for Jones, he is the bishop Bell is going to sacrifice and meets his fate after a rooftop fight with Peter.

Walter heads over to Massive Dynamic to confront Nina about the nanites, and he wants access to his research. Nina confesses that Bell’s car accident was really a suicide because he was dying of cancer.  She says he died on Christmas, but Walter says he came to see him at St. Claire’s on New Years Eve. Which makes everyone think, maybe Bell isn’t as dead as we thought. Walter and Peter head off to St. Claire’s to get the visitor logs, of course there is no record of the visit, Walter knows there has to be come evidence. As with all the visits to St Claire’s, Walter is so tormented, he is so afraid he will put back there, you see him doubt his own sanity.

To prove to himself and everyone else he is not crazy, he uses the page from the log book, an easy bake oven and pig brains to make Belly’s fingerprints appear on the log. He wraps the page from the log around the pig brains and bakes it in a lemon cake. The chemical reaction from the heat, the pig brains and the cortexiphan in Bell’s system make his finger prints appear.  The page also reveals a brown smudge that turns out to be oil from Chilean Almonds, an obseesion of Bell’s, Walter says Bell had an arrangement with the distributor to by direct.

Walter and Astrid head off to the warehouse where the Almond importer was located. The importer is no longer there, they are about to leave when Walter hears a noise. So by all means lets investigate, with no back up. They are confronted by bad guys with lots of guns, they are chased and Astrid is shot. Bell comes out of the shadows and says, “Hello old friend”.

Peter and Olivia have a lovely moment at the beginning of the episode, they are going over the real estate section looking for houses. Peter reads the details of one of the listings, he mentions 3 bed rooms, Olivia says nursery?  Awww, that can only mean she is going to die next week. The moment of bliss is interrupted by the call about the burning people at the mall. This episode is filled with several examples of Olivia’s special abilities, something that I am sure will play itself out into next week’s finale. She is able to stop the spread of nanites in the Jessica’s body while they are waiting for the anecdote. When Peter is fighting with Jones on the rooftop she is able to help Peter fight back, by controlling his body, thereby giving Peter the upper hand over Jones. 

How will it all end next week? Will Olivia, who the Observer said dies in every timeline, die next week? Well we know she can’t die until she gives birth to Etta.

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