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The Killing “Ogi Jun”

15 Apr

I don’t want to sound mean, but I do not care about Linden and her custody battle, Richmond’s recovery or the Larsen kid’s emotional problems. Why do good shows insist on dragging down the action with unnecessary side stories.  Smash does the same thing, stick to the theme, the main idea. If you can’t figure out enough action around the theme, don’t bore me with BS.

I do care about the investigation into Rosie’s murder, so lets stick to that ok.  Linden and Holder worked on tracking down tattoo guy, in the process they learned Stan was suspected of a murder of a former associate. The murder was his ticket out of the polish mafia, it gives us more insight into Stan’s character. And a possible motive for murder.

Speaking of Stan, he goes to the morgue to retrieve Belko’s body, how much do we love Brent Sexton. When he gets there, he finds out that Kovarsky has made the funeral arrangements. Kovarsky is making a serious play to get Stan back in the family, and using everything he can to manipulate Stan. Stan teaches Tommy a valuable lesson, if someone talks shit about Rosie, pick the biggest kid in the bunch and punch him in the bridge of the nose. I guess Stan doesn’t believe in turn the other cheek.

Holder and Linden stake out tattoo boy’s house, and bond, I love these two together, Starsky and Hutch, Eames and Goren, they are the new cop power couple. Linden takes off, Tattoo boy shows up Holder gives chase. He couldn’t jump the fence and the kid gets away, that was not believable.  I will say this,  the soundtrack for this show is fantastic, the music for the chase sequence was spot on.

The mayor pays Richmond a visit in the hospital, for a bit of gloating. Basically Richmond tells him he knows he was behind whatever evidence the police had that made them so sure he was the killer. I guess Richmond and Jamie are going to team up to uncover the truth. Richmond decides to officially withdraw from the race, Jamie tries to talk him out it, Richmond fires him.  Again I really don’t care about this BS, it doesn’t solve the murder.  

Terry calls Jasper’s dad, with whom she had an affair, or he was her Beau Soliel client, not sure if we ever got confirmation. I guess that secret has yet to come out. It doesn’t impact Rosie’s murder, so moving on.

We find out Tattoo boy’s name Alexi, he is a foster child, who was the son of the man Stan killed.  Oh dear, that can’t be good. I know you are thinking it was a revenge killing, but that is too obvious for this show. I think Alexi and Rosie were in love and were planning on leaving together, I don’t think either knew the truth about their father’s connection. 

I always hope that she shows I watch are smarter than me, all this build up and Rosie’s murder is simple revenge. I have more faith in this creative team.

Are you watching The Killing or did you give up after last year’s finale.

The Killing “Numb”

9 Apr

Numb, Richmond is Numb, Terry and Holder want to be Numb and I bet Sarah wishes she was.

As the episode opens we catch up with Mitch on her road trip, she is smoking listening to bad rock and passing up a hitchhiker who looks a little like Rosie.  The same girls pops up later at the hotel where Mitch is staying and banging random sales guys she picks up in the hotel bar.

Holder continues his downward spiral after finding out he was a patsy for the high ups and used to further their agenda. I must say when he hits bottom he really knows how to hit bottom. He lies to his nephew, beats up a former dealer and his mother, has skanky sex with a fellow junkie in his car and ends up playing in traffic.

Stan Larsen takes matter into his own hands, he uses his polish mafia buddies to track down the Beau Solei (escort service) computers. When his buddies get the computers they tell him Rosie wasn’t on them, but we see them being erased at the end, so either she was and they are covering it up or they are erasing them to cover up the crime and resell the computers for profit. If memory serves, Terry worked for the service, I wonder when that will come up again.

Richmond, thinks he is getting feeling back in his legs and insists on starting rehab immediately. By episode end he must face facts, and his future as Professor Xavier.  I am interested to see where we are going with this character, will he continue his run for mayor, will he ever find out why he was set up. Will we?

Sarah spends the entire episode in a bulky sweater, that looks hot and uncomfortable, I couldn’t work like that. I do have to give the show credit, they aren’t trying to sex her up with a lot of cleavage.  She works on tracking down Rosie’s backpack, when she gets it and realizes what Holder did she calls him to make nice.  She is also working on getting the warrants for the escort service computers, before she can the place is torched.  She uses surveillance camera footage to track down the guys who did it, they are driving Larsen’s van and the driver has the Anime tattoo.  In the scenes for next week we see them track the tattoo guy down, but who knows if it is the same guy.

In the end Linden and Holder reunite and get back to the business of solving the case.  Alot happens but a lot doesn’t happen, but again this is the killing.


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