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Happy Mother’s Day – TV Moms I Love

13 May

Joyce Summers (Kristine Sutherland) – Buffy The Vampire Slayer – She always saw the good in people and knew what mattered most, she fiercely protected Buffy even after she found out that Buffy could take care of herself. She did what every parent must do at one time or another in their childs life she took on the school principal. And as any fan of Buffy can tell you no matter how many times you watch the episode in which Joyce dies, “The Body” you cry every time, it’s like losing your mom.

Mrs. C (Marion Ross) Happy Days – Maybe it was because she was the only one who could put the Fonz in his place, or the fact that she was a TV mom in an era (1974-1984) when women were joining the workforce and a generation latchkey kids were born either way she is tops in my book.

Lorelai Gilmore (Lauren Graham) The Gilmore Girls – More of best friend than a mom, her junk food and coffee addiction did not get in that way of delivering some of the best advice to Rory along the way.  Not to mention for someone who never worked out never impacted her waistline.

Roseanne Conner (Roseanne Barr) Roseanne – Full of sarcasm and eye rolls Roseanne’s particular brand of motherhood turned a lot of people off, but I have yet to see a more realistic portrayal of a mother on TV to date.  And no one could argue she loved her kids and was devoted to her family.

Claire Huxtable (Phylicia Rashad) The Cosby Show – This is one smooth lady, she was always in control of her kids and her husband. And a successful lawyer to boot, get back with ya bad self Claire.

Carmella Soprano (Edie Falco) – The Sopranos – Between the fake nails and turning a blind eye to Tony’s latest fling Carmella kept Meadow and AJ in line and on track. I think that gets lost when people look back at her character, they forget those scenes and the balance it brought to the show.

Olivia Walton (Michael Learned) – The Walton – Another cool customer when it came to juggling a lot of stress, Momma Walton was one of the best. The woman was raising 7 children plus living with her in laws in rural West Virginia during the depression enough said. And dont’ forget she battled polio and he house burned down. But she always had enough food and love for everyone. She also had dignity and pride.

Gilmore Girls – A Happy Place

11 Dec

When I am going thru a difficult time in my life I have found that a marathon of a TV show helps my sub-conscious process whatever is going on that my conscious mind is trying to avoid.

I am going thru one of those periods right now.  To sooth my brain,  I have been obsessively watching Gilmore Girls. In the past Buffy was my security blanket, but this time vampires, demons and sarcasm aren’t doing it for me.  

I have seen all episodes of the Gilmore Girls before, I know the stories and the players, but living it again is comforting. Perhaps it is how neurotic Lorelai is, it makes me feel normal.  Getting to watch Rory move from high school to college and remembering how much fun and easy life was then could be the draw.  If I had the choice, I would go back to 1988-1989, best year ever, not only personally, but fashion, music, movies, it was a great year.

Back to GG, perhaps it is the town of Stars Hollow itself, who wouldn’t love to live in a town like that, small, quaint, beautiful New England, with interesting people.  They have so many fun town events, everyone is there for one another, supporting each other thru good and bad times. A real community.

The show is smart and well written, great pop culture references that don’t lose their relevance over time. Granted the last few seasons where a little dodgy, especially the whole Lorelai and Christopher thing in the finale season. We all knew Luke and Lorelai were the end game, the detour was a waste.  I guess what I like best, is this show has no intrigue, no murder, no backstabbing, no time travel, it is charming show with heart about life. 

If you have never seen Gilmore Girls, or haven’t watched it for a while you should check it out. SoapNet is running repeats, or you can buy an episode at a time from Amazon and iTunes, or rent the DVDs from Netflix.

If you don’t have time to watch every episode, here is a list of the best.

I always recommend watching the first two episodes of any show whether they are good or bad, just to get the lay of the land.

From there you can go here

Season 1

Christopher Returns – we are introduced to Rory’s father

Emily in Wonderland

P.S. I Love You

Love, Daisies and Troubadours

Season 2

Red Light on the Wedding Night

The Road Trip To Harvard

Nick&Nora/Sid&Nancy – Jess, Luke’s nephew comes to Stars Hollow, he is a bad boy and Rory is immediately drawn to him. Start of Big trouble, and big love for Rory.

A-Tisket, A- Tasket – more of the Rory/Jess romance

It Should Have Been Lorelai

Lost and Found

Teach Me Tonight – Rory and Jess have a car accident

Help Wanted – Rory tries to convince Jess wasn’t at fault for the accident

I Can’t Get Started – Sookie’s wedding day, Jess and Rory share a pivotal moment and Christopher gets life changing news from his girlfriend.

Season 3

Pretty much every episode in this season is outstanding, this is a pivotal year for the characters and their relationships.

Two standouts , “They Shoot Gilmore’s Don’t They”, “That’ll Do Pig” and “Dear Emily and Richard”

Season 4

Rory heads off to Yale. The tone of the show changed a lot in this season, and it didn’t regain the magic of season three until Season 5. You could read the recaps and skip watching these episodes.

Season 5

Finally we get the Luke and Lorelai romance we have been waiting for, but brace your self for the heartbreak.  Episode 13 is when is all unravels, I would watch the second half of the season in its entirety.

Season 6

The beginning of the end, Rory and Lorelai have another fallout, Rory moves in with her grandparents and Luke finds out he has a 12 year old daughter he never knew about.  I know they went there, this of course breaks him and Loralia up and I break up with the show.

Season 7

I watched to see it through, but it was never the same again.

Stick with seasons 1 thru 5

Her are some fan made clip montages

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