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Sunday 5/6 What You Should Watch

6 May

First of all I saw The Avenger’s yesterday, and it kicked ass.  If you want a good old fashion action adventure popcorn movie, this is your ticket.  Congratulations to Joss Whedon, as a long time fan it is so great to see him get this richly deserved mainstream success.

Tonight, is a busy night we are getting closer to season finales for Once Upon A Time and Celebrity Apprentice.

Season 2 of BBC’s Sherlock re-boot begins airing tonight on Masterpiece. Check your local PBS station for channel and time.

The Mad Hatter returns to OUAT,

 The Amazing Race and GCB air their finales tonight.

Did anyone see last week’s episode of Mad Men, the last 10 minutes were so intense. We learned the name of Rosie’s father on The Killing, will we see him?

Once Upon a Time

As Henry begs Emma to stay in Storybrooke, Regina works on a plot that could rid her of Emma permanently; Snow White asks her cohorts to help save Prince Charming and defeat the evil queen.

The Killing

Episode: Keylela
The investogation goes back to the casino; tension erupts at the Larsen house; Stan meets Richmond face to face.

Mad Men

Episode: Lady Lazarus
Peggy is upset by a secret she is keeping; Pete helps a friend; Don receives unexpected news.

Masterpiece Mystery!

Sherlock and Watson become involved in a blackmail case involving a dominatrix.

Once Upon A Time – We’ve got Magic To Do

26 Mar

The Mad Hatter got the Once Upon A Time treatment in last night’s aptly titled “Hat Trick”.

The episode opens with Emma, Gold and Henry discovering Mary Margaret has escaped, Emma must find her before her arraignment at 8am the next morning, More importantly she must find her before Regina finds out she has escaped.

Emma sets off to look for MM, if she is the sheriff why doesn’t she have a cruiser? Why is she driving her VW Bug? She nearly runs down a man in the road,  Jefferson (Sebastian Stan), he twists his ankle and Emma drives him home. Once there he drugs her with a cup of tea, he needs her to make a hat, a magic hat, because she is or has magic.

In Fairy Tale world, Jefferson (he has the same name in both worlds) is playing hide and seek with this daughter Grace. He has retired from the magical millinery business, and he is not mad yet, quite sane actually. The Queen comes to visit, she asks him to pull the old Magic Hat of of storage, she needs to retrieve something from Wonderland and only he can help her. If he agrees she promises Grace will want for nothing. He agrees and makes a deal with the devil.  We all know that never ends well.

The Hat transports you to a room full of doors, Jefferson finds the right one, a looking glass if you will. He tells the Queen that the same number of people who go thru must come back, so only two. (a little foreshadowing). Once thru they head to the vault in the Queen of Hearts castle, there the Queen finds what she is looking for as they head back to the looking glass, the Queen breaks off a piece of magic mushroom and drops it on the floor. Her father Henry appears and they take off thru the looking glass, leaving Jefferson behind.

The Queen of Hearts, declares “off with his head” and he is decapitated. Eventually his head is re-attached and the Queen of Hearts commands him to make another magical hat, he makes thousands but none are magical. He goes mad, hence the name The Mad Hatter.  Roger Daltry is the voice of the hookah smoking caterpillar, I am not sure why this was such a big deal in the press releases, it was such a small part and a non-event.

Back to Storybrooke, Emma tries to escape and finds MM begin held captive as well. Here is where it gets interesting, Jefferson is a believer, he remembers both sides of this life. He has found his daughter in Stroybrooke, where she lives a normal life as Henry’s friend Paige.

Jefferson tells Emma she is magical, he saw things change the moment she arrived. If she will make him a magical hat that will allow him to return to his real world, he will free her and MM.  She makes him the hat, but there is no magic, Emma and MM go all bad ass on Jefferson, he goes flying thru a window and disappears.

Emma gives MM the choice to return to the jail or run, she goes back to jail. They make it just in time, Regina shows up and so does Gold. I am not quite sure who is double crossing who here, are Regina and Gold in league, is Gold crossing Emma, or is everyone just out for themselves. I am going with the later.

Emma borrow Henry’s book, is she starting to believe?

I rather enjoyed last night’s episode, Sebastian Stan gave a stand out performance, I hope we see more of him. As always Robert Carlyle delivered, there better be a supporting Emmy nom in his future.

Next Week: We finally learn why the Queen hates Snow so much, and Emma continues to search for evidence to prove Mary Margaret is innocent of murder.

Sunday 3/25 What You Should Watch

25 Mar

Mad Men is back tonight.  This is one of the hardest shows to get spoilers for, the critics got screeners and they kept a lot of the details to themselves. I think Matt Weiner welds serious power to keep the critics quite, he will shut down their access to the show.

The few details that have leaked out, there is a time jump, Don and Megan have married, Joan had her baby, the agency is still struggling and their will be another time jump mid season. The show starts in 1965 and the Civil Rights movement is in full force.

The Good Wife, Mathew Perry guests as Alicia’s new adversary, I know everyone loves Chandler Bing, but I like it when Matt goes dark.

Once Upon A Time, was great last week and this week’s kidnap with the Mad Hatter looks pretty awesome.

We also have, The Amazing Race, Celebrity Apprentice and GCB.

Enjoy your last night of freedom before you head back to work or school.

Mad Men

Episode: A Little Kiss
Pete and Roger butt heads, and Joan clashes with a houseguest.

Once Upon a Time

Episode: Hat Trick
During her search for Mary Margaret, Emma is kidnapped by a mad man with an affinity for hats; the evil queen hires a man of magic.

The Good Wife

While on a panel investigating a police shooting, Alicia starts to wonder about the chairman’s actions; the IRS starts looking at Kalinda.

The Celebrity Apprentice

When the teams are tasked with putting on a party to promote a drink mix, one group creates a beach experience, while the other goes with a Garden of Eden theme.

The Amazing Race

Two teams hit the hay to see how they stack up; the racers take an oily detour in Azerbaijan.


Gigi plans a party for Carlene’s uncle (Bruce Boxleitner) and asks guests to dress as their favorite Texan; Amanda works as a consultant for Cricket and Blake’s denim line; Zack and Sharon seek counseling.

Once Upon A Time “Heart of Darkness”

19 Mar

Last night on Intervention, the Dwarves confronted Snow about her behavior since taking Rumple’s potion, even Jiminy Cricket was there to mediate.  Snow refused to listen, in the end she stormed out pick axe in hand (hi-ho hi-ho) off to kill the queen.

Rumple gives her a special bow and arrow to get the job done, she takes aim and shoots. Charming jumps in the arrow’s path and prevents her from killing the queen knowing it would blacken her heart forever. He is trying to help her remember who she is and the love they have for each other. They kiss “true love’s kiss” and she remembers him, just as the Queen’s men show up and tear them apart.

In a Last of the Mohican’s reference, she calls after him, “I will find you” as the Queen’s men take him away.  The Dwarves’ agree to help her in her quest to get Charming back.

In Storybrooke, Mary Margaret has been arrested for killing Katherine, they found her heart on MM’s jewelry box, and the murder weapon hidden in her apartment.  She hires Mr. Gold as her attorney. 

August tells Henry the answer to helping MM is in The Book, the book says Regina’s keys will open any door. He steals her keys, brings them to Emma and they try them on MM’s apartment door, the keys work. This convinces Emma that Regina set MM up.

Emma goes to Mr. Gold, (he is studying the lamp of the Genie under a magnifying glass, nice touch) she asks for his help, she tells hom she will do whatever it takes to defeat Regina. He agrees to help and tells her to fear not because she is more powerful then she knows.

Back to Fairytale land, Rumple takes a strand of Charming’s hair and mixes it with a strand of Snow’s, it forms a magical bond in a bottle.  Rumple has created True Love.

In Storybrooke, MM uses the key someone left in her cell to break out of jail.

Sure the show has clever moments, and heavy handed moments but all in all it is stable in the ratings and its fan base is loyal It is sure to be renewed, now lets just hope the programming monkey’s don’t screw it up and move it to a new night.

Next week, Emma goes to a tea party, The Mad Hatter is in town.

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