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Blue Bloods “Thanksgiving”

19 Nov

Blue Bloods Thanksgiving episode last night on CBS at 10pm, demonstrated why I love this show so much. It showcased the closeness and love of the Reagan family.

We also had terror threats, cause nothing says Thanksgiving like blowing up the Lincoln Tunnel, art thieves, I knew Jacob wasn’t long for this world and gambling debts. 

I don’t know how Frank (Tom Selleck) does it, I get a little stress and need an Ativan, but somehow he manages a terror threat and his Dad’s heart attack and bypass surgery like any other day.  Tom Selleck has gone from sex symbol in the 80’s as Magnum P.I., to everyone’s favorite TV Dad, steady and solid as a rock.

When Frank gets to the hospital and sees Henry (Len Cariou) for the first time, Henry says. “what about Thanksgiving”. Now that is dedication to your turkey, and it made me laugh because my Grammy would have done the same thing. She made every holiday a feast, and cooked for days to get ready.

Erin finally meets a nice guy Jacob, played by an actor, Frederick Weller that I actually like, he is under investigation for being an art thief.   There is a twist, he is stealing back art that was stolen by the Nazi’s during WW2 and returning it to the rightful owners. Modern day Robin Hood, unfortunately that won’t stop the NYPD from arresting him.  Maybe he will get away, but not before he and Erin grow closer and a they have a romantic roll in the hay.

Other sub-plots, Danny and Jackie are investigating a murder and Renzulli’s got a gambling problem.  Jamie (Will Estes), told his dad, he didn’t name any names, but Frank figured it out anyway.  Frank meets with Renzulli and in a subtle way lets him know he knows, and he has a chance to clean up his mess, but let him know this was it, if he messed up again he was done.  Which pretty much means the end for Renzulli.

In the end Henry’s surgery is a success and the Reagan’s have Thanksgiving at the hospital. Even though I didn’t get my traditional Regan family scene in their dining room I will take that moment anywhere I can get it.

From the Reagan’s to you, Happy Thanksgiving.

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