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Revenge Quick Hits

20 Oct

Was i the only one screaming no Nolan don’t touch anything. How is he going to explain his fingerprints in Lydia’s apartment to the police. If Frank is such a professional then why wasn’t he wearing gloves?

Lydia’s death definitely takes the show in a new direction. All the voiceovers about guilt were pretty big anvils of things to come.

Is Charlotte really a Grayson, could she be Emandily’s half sister, we are assuming David was in prison the whole time after his arrest. Maybe he and Vicki had a chance to get together one more time.

Tyler is bad news, but his is motive to steal Daniel’s life, ala Single White Female, or is he in love with him. That would be very twisty indeed. I still think it’s Tyler who is dead on the beach, not Daniel. Although Daniel’s death would set up Victoria’s revenge storyline.

Nolan has all the evidence, let’s see where that takes us.

Bottom line great episode from a great show. Will post more later.

Bondage and Magic

25 Sep

The Secret Circle week two ratings down by 30.77%, which is a shame because the show advanced the plot quite a bit this week. They bound the circle, and we learned more about the adults back story.

I must say I find the adults more interesting to watch, Gale Harold and Natasha Henstridge are terrific villains. By episodes end we learned that Hemstridge’s Dawn is just as menacing as Harold’s Charles. I really hope they get into the details of the first circle and use flashbacks to flesh out the details.

So, they bound the circle, I guess we will see how that pans out next week.  Because you know with all the magical “foreplay” going on between Adam and Cassie that Diana is going to be upset (duh). Which is funny because Diana really pushed for this binding thing, be careful what you wish for little girl. It will always bite you in the ass.

I wonder who will die in season 1, I predict a death by February sweeps. If TVD taught us anything, no one is safe ( Aunt Jenna), at least Williamson and Co. know how to keep it interesting.

BTW, did we need teenage sex, and hot sexy shirtless neighbor in the first 5 mins. I guess we do if we want to keep the TVD lead-in.

It diminishes the show and puts in on par with Gossip Girl and 90210.  Even TVD doesn’t have this much sex among the younger set.  Damon shirtless is fine anytime, he could do the whole show without a shirt, I don’t think anyone would complain.  But his character is an adult and that matters to me.

Are you watching Secret Circle? Who is in your SC death pool?

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