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Who ever had 72 days in the Kardashian wedding pool Just Won!

31 Oct

From the moment Kim Kardashian announced her engagement to Kris Humphries, I knew that this was nothing more then another stunt from Kris Jenner‘s publicity machine. I just thought it would last longer then 72 days.  I actually gave it a least a year, they could milk the break up, make up, pregnant, not pregnant but trying, tabloid covers for at least that long.

Since the NBA is on lock out, Kim must have gotten tired of Kris’ ass sitting around the house not working, and kicked him to the curb. What good is it being married to an NBA star, if he isn’t on the road, creating tabloid headlines like, “Kris Caught Cheating, NBA groupie tells all”.  No headlines, no money, and since that is the only way Kim knows how to make a living she needed a payday.

Remember this is the girl that became famous because of a sex tape.

Now, for anyone who believed they were really in love and not marrying for the ETelevision money, I feel sorry for you, you were duped into believing this crap.  But I hope you have finally learned a valuable lesson about Hollywood, fame and money.

Rumor is Miss Kim has a few goals, 1. have a few kids by different famous rich baby daddies, and 2. more marriages then Liz Taylor. Oy Vey.

Marriage equality doesn’t ruin the sanctity of marriage, this kind of crap does.  There are actually girls out there who look up to Kim and actually think her life is something to emulate.  Kim makes a mockery of marriage.

I don’t think Kim should be allowed to get married again for at least 5 years, and when she does she can’t broadcast it on TV or make any money from it.  Then we’ll see how quick she is to walk down the aisle.

What do you think?

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