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Blue Bloods “Reagan v. Reagan”

10 Mar

Last night’s episode of Blue Bloods, “Reagan v. Reagan”, did what Blue Bloods does best, family dinner.

In a nutshell, story A. Erin Reagan is prosecuting a woman for killing her husband, the woman’s attorney is killed shortly after court lets out. Danny is in charge of the investigation,  this leads to a showdown in the courtroom and at family dinner. Sibling rivalry done right. Story B, someone has been scamming the commissioners credit card, they think it could be Frank’s good friend and restaurant owner, in the end it turns out it isn’t.   

At the center of the Erin vs Danny dispute is a mysterious person named M or Monroe, the wife says this is the person that killed her husband. When Danny starts to follow that lead, as the attorney was doing Erin gets mad, she says the police already investigated but no such person existed. Danny goes ahead with his investigation, knowing it could bring down his sister’s case. Erin tells him he is being used, they argue as only a sister and brother could.

We cut between, Erin’s trial and Danny’s investigation. Danny’s investigation takes him to a meeting with a man that can introduce him to the mysterious Monroe. Of course he has to get in a car with the person, but instead of a ride the person tries to run him down. Neither him or Jackie get a plate number.

The defense attorney gets wind of this and calls him to the stand as a witness for the defense. 

Danny hits the stand, and he and Erin go at each other, it’s a great scene, Donnie Wahlberg has become a pretty good actor, much better then his brother. I still can’t believe he was a member of New Kids on The Block, it cracks up me every time I watch their videos on-line. Erin does a really good job of discrediting Danny and his investigation.

Finally the family dinner scene.  Lots of tension as Danny calls Erin out for making him and the work of the police look like clowns, questioning his skills as a detective. Jamie tries to be the peace maker saying she was only doing her job. But they keep at it, Frank says it just like when they were 8 and 10.  So he sends them off to do the dishes together as punishment, he tells them to work it out. 

In the end Danny finds Monroe, he tells him Delmar was having an affair with his friend of 35 years. The husband found out and killed Delmar. In the end Danny and Erin make up, and the Reagan family stays as tight knit as ever.

Next Week, March Madness is taking over the TV, so Blue Bloods won’t be back for few.

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