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Thursday September 13th – What’s On

13 Sep

The X Factor continues at 8 on FOX, followed at 9 by the season premiere of Glee.  The show is splitting it’s focus between the new kids in the New Directions, and graduates Rachel, Finn and Kurt. Tonight’s guest star, Kate Hudson as Rachel’s dance teacher at NYADA.  

America’s Got Talent season finale airs tonight.


New Directions holds open auditions; Rachel struggles to please her dance teacher at NYADA.

Spoilers – Revenge, Glee, Once Upon A Time and more….

14 Nov

Take all with a grain of salt sometimes Kristin at Eonline isn’t always that reliable.

Here are few highlights, a link to the chat is below

  • Glee episode 9 has someone jewelry shopping, a little bling or a little ring. Do you think they will go the Finn proposes to Rachel route?
  • OUAT,  a Rumpelstiltskin origin episode is coming, Yeah!! and in it Emma’s deal will get a little more complicated
  • More hints about Sheriff Graham’s Fairytale world identity, many have guessed he is the Huntsman
  • TVD, Rebekah will be back
  • Revenge – Scoop on the real Emily Thorne, Nolan and Tyler and Nolan and Emily
  • Grimm
  • Secret Circle

and more

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