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Oscars 2012 The Red Carpet

26 Feb

I am watching the Red Carpet arrivals on E! Entertainment Television.

2 questions, 1. Who died and made Kelly Osbourne a fashion expert? She is talking about what makes a dress timeless, etc, where is her fashion degree, she sat first row at fashion week, she threw up on Anna Wintour, what are her credentials. She has skull and cross-bones tattoos on her feet for crying out loud. 2. Who picked out Guliana Rancic’s dress, it is horrible. 

Love watching Ryan Seacrest schmooze with everyone, when Ryan started doing this years ago he was just a guy doing the red-carpet just getting his deals with AI and E!, now he is a major player. He has multimillion dollar deals with E!, he is worth a ton of money and is rumored to take over for Matt Lauer.  “As one power player to another, what are you wearing?”. 

Anywho.. on to the fashion.


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