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Ringer “You’re Way To Pretty To Go To Jail”

7 Mar

Overheard at the Ringer production offices, “it looks like we are getting cancelled, so lets just go all out crazy for the rest of the season, throw as much crap out there as possible”.

The sad fact is I am really enjoying this clichéd, over the top crap, the sloppy writing and the mustache twirling acting. Last night we got FBI Agent Machado’s (Nestor Carbonell) backstory, they have reduced him to a man seeking revenge for his dead pregnant stripper girlfriend.

They turned my Andrew into a supervillian, complete with glaring stares and ordering “Tyler to be taken care of”, my sweet romantic Andrew is a bad guy. This is where the mustache twirling comes in, all he needed was an evil laugh. Mwahhhhhh!!

Poor Tyler, so pretty, yet so dumb.  Talk about Bambi taking a drink at the stream, looking up and thinking. “wow those orange vests are pretty”.  Just like Bambi, Tyler is dead. I think Shiv is behind it because he took her flash drive and she wasn’t ready to make her move.  

Malcolm, it turns out may be the key to busting this crap wide open, more on that in a minute. Malcolm convinced Bridget that Andrew may not be the safest person to be around, so she moves out of Park Ave. Good Malcom. Then he goes to Henry for help, bad Malcom. Back to how Malcolm maybe the key, ( not in a Buffy sort of way), Shiv blocks her number pretends to be Bridget and calls Malcolm, she tells him to get out of her life. This phone call could be the clue that leads Malcolm to realize Shiv is still alive

Malcom calls FBI guy and agrees to testify about Macawi kidnapping him, I am not sure how much longer he will be alive. Perhaps as he lays dying he will utter the phrase, “she’s alive”.

Tyler and Olivia have a meeting in the backseat of her Towncar, she tells him she knows what he has been up to and he is going down. She tells him to turn the files over to her, he does, but not the flash drive.

Bridget goes to Tyler’s hotel, just in time to see Andrew leaving. She goes to Tyler’s room and bam! he’s dead. Guess he wasn’t bulletproof after-all. Ha! Of course Bridget thinks Andrew did it, but we know better.

Cut to Olivia in the backseat of the Towncar with the flashdrive, oh my.

Cut to Malcolm on the phone, there is a knock at the door, its Andrew looking very menacing.

Next Week:

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Tuesday 3/6 What You Should Watch

6 Mar

Ringer is new tonight, last week Bridget found out Andrew is not as perfect as she thought. He is behind the Ponzi scheme, I wonder if the wedding is off.  She pretty much has to forgive him, she would be a hypocrite if she didn’t. Siobhan is having twins, which can only mean we are going to have the one is Andrew and one is Henry’s storyline. Juliet’s mother double crossed Mr C and stole the money, I bet somebody ends up dead by the end of the season.

Fox is bringing back Breaking In tonight, did anyone watch this last season. I watched it for one reason, Michael Rosenbaum, I loved hm as Lex Luthor on Smallville. He was pretty much wasted on this show and I don’t think he is back this year. We also have new episodes of New Girl, Raising Hope and I Hate My Teenage Daughter.

Over on ABC, Cougar Town is running the last of its new episodes, it won’t be back next year. The River continues its journey, I have not watched this at all. Have you?


Agent Machado’s past is revealed; Siobhan deceives Malcolm; Tyler takes a key piece of evidence in Siobhan’s plan for revenge; Henry must stop Bridget from interfering with his plans.

Breaking In

When Oz sells the company to a corporate conglomerate, the brash head of the business and her bad-tempered assistant turn the office upside down

New Girl

Episode: Injured
When Jess learns that injured Nick doesn’t have insurance, she brings him to her friend — who is a gynecologist.

Raising Hope

When Sabrina is arrested after attending an Occupy Natesville protest, one of the jail attendants (Katy Perry) commits to making her imprisonment as awful as possible; Virginia helps the mayor avoid a scandal.

I Hate My Teenage Daughter

A night-school teacher (Mark Consuelos) takes an interest in Annie when she and Nikki attend his class; the dads work to get the girls to finish an important project.

Cougar Town

Bobby takes an interest in Travis’s photography professor, but Travis refuses to introduce them; Laurie develops feelings for a man she has only spoken to on twitter; Jules and Andy prepare to face off with a group of kids.

The River

The Magus crew finds Emmet’s camera bag containing tapes, leading it further into the Amazon; Lena reveals a secret.

Tuesday 2/28 What You Should Watch

28 Feb

Ringer is new tonight, based on the previews it looks like this week is improving on last week. ITs still pretty soapy cheesy, but in a good way. Siobhan is having twins, sounds like multiple baby daddy storyline is coming up here.  There is a clip of Juliet’s mother seducing the teacher and Andrew proposes to Bridget, he thinks they are just renewing their vows, but we know its more.

OMG it the season finale really going to be a Bridget/Andrew wedding with someone breaking in to stop it.  Oy vey.

Now that Henry knows the truth about Bridget he has become a more interesting character, he plays the villain well.  But wait until he finds out about Tyler.  I guess Mr. C will end up dead by the end of the season, but who will be killer?  My bet is Juliet is falsely accused, and goes on trial in season 2.

Of course we have the regular Tuesday night champs, NCIS and NCIS LA.

American Idol, keeps on rolling.

Body of Proof, Unforgettable, Cougar Town, Last Man Standing and The River are new tonight.

Parenthood airs the season finale, and possible series finale tonight. I don’t think it will be back next year.


Bridget realizes she is in over her head when Andrew proposes again; Olivia (Jaime Murray) becomes suspicious of Malcolm; Juliet makes a choice that forces Catherine (Andrea Roth) to take drastic measures.



Episode: Need to Know
Security at a Naval research laboratory is in jeopardy after a petty officer’s murder links to an arms dealer; probationer Ned Dorneget sucks up to Gibbs.

NCIS: Los Angeles

The team searches for evidence of Kensi’s innocence after a meeting involving her father’s sniper unit turns deadly.

Body of Proof

Episode: Home Invasion
The parents of a seemingly perfect family are murdered; Curtis grapples with his new position; Megan’s romantic life heats up.


As the family celebrates a momentous occasion, Joel and Julia try to recover from the emotional turmoil they experienced during the adoption process; Adam and Crosby decide the Luncheonette’s fate; Sarah faces a big decision.

The River

Episode: Peaches
nother vessel runs the Magus crew aground; a shocking discovery leads to tears.

Bubble Watch – Is Your Show on The Bubble

24 Feb

As always thanks to Tv By The Numbers for providing the stats and analysis.

Bubble Watch is a guess on a shows future based on its performance in the key 18-49 demo.

I check the ratings for my favorite shows every week, I know most of my favorites are on the chopping block.  (sniff)

Network By Network her is what is on the Bubble (likely to get cancelled) unless all of the pilots fail miserably, these shows are getting cancelled. (maybe, we are only guessing)

The CW

Getting Cancelled

Hart of Dixie and Ringer : I am not surprised HOD is done, it started out promising, but it has crumbled into the biggest pile of crap.  Ringer on the other hand,  has turned into a tightly written noir piece, too bad it can’t find an audience.  I am going to miss Ioan Gruffod, (purr).

On The Bubble

Supernatural: Its time, the show lost its center when Kripke left, it never regained its former rock anthem glory.

The Secret Circle: The only thing that could save this show is Kevin Williamson’s overall deal with the network, minimum seasons maybe part of his contract unless they pick up one of his new pilots.

Nikita, Gossip Girl and 92010.


Body of Proof and The River – DOA or up a river without a paddle, pick your cliché

Private Practive is on the Bubble, I guess we will see how Shonda’s new pilot does.

Pretty much everything else, Revenge, Castle, Suburgatory etc are coming back,








A Gifted Man and Unforgettable – weren’t gifted, and were pretty much forgettable, they are cancelled

The Good Wife, CSI: NY, Rob and Rules of Engagement are on the Bubble. I think Good Wife and CSI will be back.

Everything else is safe for now, depends on how strong the pilots are, they may need to make a little more room. Could the original CSI hang it up, maybe CSI Miami is done for, or what about The Mentalist.


Pretty much everything they have on is in trouble, but Community, Smash, Are you There?, Chelsea and Harry’s Law are in the most.

Other shows hanging by a thread, Parenthood, 30 Rock and Up All Night.

Looks like Grimm is getting renewed as is Law and Order SVU.


It would be easier to tell you what is coming back, Glee, New Girl and Bones.

Alcatraz, Terra Nova, Napoleon Dynamite, Fringe and The Finder are likely to get cancelled.

Tuesday 1/21 What You Should Watch

21 Feb

Ringer, Ringer is what you should watch, every week it kicks the drama up another level with new twists and characters.  I really hope CW brings this show back. Do we really need a “Beauty and The Beast” re-do or a show about The Green Arrow.

All the usual suspects are new tonight, Glee, NCIS, NCISLA, New Girl, Cougar Town and The River.

Tonight’s episode of Glee is the last new episode for 7 weeks, it is the big regionals face off between New Direction and The Warblers. I wonder who will win, is it possible that Glee will have the kids lose regionals and the last episodes before Kurt, Rachel and Finn graduate will take on a much different tone. Or will they win regionals and finally win the national championship.  I guess the seven week hiatus will tell the tale. Apparently Ryan Murphy is stepping back from the show to focus on other projects. Remember how that turned out for Buffy and Supernatural when their masterminds stepped back.


Bridget runs into an important figure (Misha Collins) from her and Siobhan’s past; Malcolm tries to keep an eye on Henry after making a discovery; Catherine (Andrea Roth) asks Andrew to make a big decision.


Episode: On My Way
New Directions and the Warblers face off at regionals.


Episode: Psych Out
S09, E16

Gibbs clashes with Dr. Samantha Ryan (Jamie Lee Curtis) of the PsyOps Division when a Navy reservist is found dead from a suspected suicide; DiNozzo sees McGee’s paycheck

NCIS: Los Angeles

Episode: Blye, K.
S03, E16

The team tries to establish Kensi Blye’s innocence after she is accused of murdering one of the colleagues of her now-deceased father.

Cougar Town

To avoid hurting anyone’s feelings, Jules asks Laurie and Ellie to be her co-maids of honor; Chick (Ken Jenkins) decides to have a little fun when Grayson asks him for Jules’ hand in marriage.

The River

Episode: A Better Man
As the search for Emmet continues, the group finds one of his missing crew members exhibiting symptoms of a mystical curse; Lincoln tries to be the moral compass of the group.

Body of Proof

After a car accident reveals a dead body in the trunk, the team is led to another body, giving the team two cases to solve; Megan is reconnected with an old acquaintance; Kate’s job is threatened

New Girl

Episode: Bully
When Jess tries to stop a bully at school, she ends up as her new target; the woman Schmidt has been seeing wants to keep their relationship secret; a gift from Julia sends Nick off the edge.

Tuesday 2/14 What You Should You Watch

14 Feb

If you are like me and watching TV thru the bottom of a Vodka bottle this Valentine’s Day, then cheers!!

Ringer just keeps raising the bar, last week Henry learned the truth about Bridget, Siobhan and the baby.  Tessa came forward to say Mr. C raped her too, I think they are all in on it together. Remember the movie Wild Things, the rich girl, the poor girl and the boating teacher team up to get money from the rich girl’s mother.  Great movie with Kevin Dillon, Kevin Bacon, Neve Campbell and Denise Richards.

It’s Valentine’s Day and nothing says VD like sappy love songs, Glee is all new.

NCIS and NCIS LA is also new.

Cougar Town‘s season premiere is tonight at 8:30 on ABC

Top Spot


Bridget discovers that Siobhan had a secret office; Olivia blackmails her way into an introduction with Gemma’s wealthy father (Gregory Harrison); Tyler wrestles with a moral decision.


Episode: Heart
Will asks the glee club members to find and perform the world’s best love songs in honor of Valentine’s Day; Rachel’s fathers, Hiram (Jeff Goldblum) and LeRoy Berry (Brian Stokes Mitchell) visit McKinley High.

Cougar Town

Jules is upset that Grayson thinks she is predictable; Ellie worries about little Stan’s behavior; Travis likes his new digs until Bobby tries to get him to take the dog.


Episode: Secrets
A dead Navy captain dressed in an unusual costume underneath his uniform leads the team to discover a secret society; DiNozzo is forced to work with his ex-fiancee (Perrey Reeves).

NCIS: Los Angeles

Episode: Crimeleon
As the team tracks an elusive, chameleonlike killer, NCIS Assistant Director Granger (Miguel Ferrer) critiques every step of the investigation.

New Girl

Jess talks Schmidt into being her wingman as she tries to have a casual fling with a handsome stranger (Ryan Kwanten); Nick finds himself spending less time with Julia and more time with her assistant; Shelby invites Winston over.

Tuesday 2/7 What You Should Watch

7 Feb

The River premieres tonight on ABC. I am going to skip this one, but if you watch will you let me know what you thought. Thanks

Ringer is all new tonight, and after last weeks big reveal, I can’t wait to see what is in store for us tonight. I hope The CW realizes what a fantastic show this is and renews it for a second season. 

NCIS and NCIS LA all new

Glee and New Girl all new. So I heard Glee is going on a 7 week hiatus. I would have sworn it took a break last week when idol came back so I didn’t think it was a big deal. But the interwebs seem to think differently, people think its because FOX isn’t happy and they ate re-tooling the show for the end of the season.  I guess we will see when the show comes back if anything really big changes. Supposedly Kurt and Rachel will be back next year, so that means they are not going to NYADA. I wonder if Kurt’s dad will die and that will prompt him to stay in Lima. Maybe he will be show choir director and go up against New Directions.

Tonight’s episode features guest star Ricky Martin. Did you know Ricky is heading to Broadway, he is playing Che in the Evita revival. This is the role made famous by Mandy Patinkin, he has some very big shows to fill. Mandy is the greatest Che, ever, period!!

Top Spot



When Juliet’s mother, Catherine (Andrea Roth), visits, she wreaks havoc on Bridget and Andrew’s relationship; Bridget thinks she’s discovered the key to learning more about her sister.


Will asks a musically inclined night school teacher (Ricky Martin) to help the glee club with a Spanish singing assignment; Rachel tells Kurt and Mercedes about Finn’s proposal.

The River

Six months after adventurer Dr. Emmet Cole goes missing in the Amazon, his location beacon sends out a signal; Emmet’s wife, Tess, along with her son and Emmet’s film crew, embark on a journey to find him; a crew member goes missing.


Gibbs questions the choices he has made during the course of his life when a man pulls a gun on him at a diner.

NCIS: Los Angeles

Episode: Partners
When a diplomatic service van transporting an unidentified package is hijacked, the team must determine what was stolen and by whom; as Sam and Callen celebrate five years as partners, they face a challenging assignment.

Listings courtesy of Zap2it.com


Tuesday 1/31 What You Should Watch

31 Jan

Ringer is finally back, and Siobhan is back in NYC.

Also new tonight, Glee it’s the big Michael Jackson episode and I am so psyched!! Everyone’s favorite sweetheart, New Girl is new tonight.

CBS is repeats


Bridget hosts a fundraiser that her friend (Mädchen Amick) is holding for Juliet’s school; Siobhan is surprised to learn how easily Bridget has settled into her former life; Malcolm begins working for Andrew; Henry mourns his wife’s death.


Episode: Michael
The rivalry intensifies between the Warblers and New Directions on the way to Regionals; Rachel and Kurt receive news about their admission to NYADA; things keep heating up between Mercedes and Sam.

New Girl

Nick becomes anxious when Julia (Lizzy Caplan) doesn’t want to label their relationship; Jess asks Julia for help getting out of a traffic ticket; Schmidt wants to know why his shower towel is always damp.

Rudolph, Ringer and Glee Tuesday 11 29 What You Should Watch

29 Nov

Ringer and Glee are new tonight. TNT is bringing back the movie of the week, with Tuesday Mystery Movie Night.

The really big news Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer is on tonight.  “She said I’m cuuuuuute” This is my favorite holiday special, the land of misfits toys, “nobody wants a Charlie in the box”, Hermey the dentist and Yukon Cornelius

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

 The reindeer with the incandescent nose guides Santa’s sleigh through a bad storm on Christmas Eve. Based on the song by Johnny Marks.
Ringer – Concludes the first half  of it’s impressive freshman season with tonight’s mid-season Finale


Henry realizes he must work with Bridget to find out more about Gemma’s disappearance; Malcolm shares his suspicions about Charlie with the police; Juliet becomes obsessed with Mr. Carpenter (Jason Dohring).
Glee – This is the first new episode since Santa’s secret was revealed, lets see how everyone is handling it.


Someone is caught trying to fix the results of the student council president election; Coach Beiste challenges Sue Sylvester; Quinn and Puck encounter complications.
Other New Stuff, Last Man Standing, Man Up, Body of Proof , New Girl and Raising Hope

Tuesday 11/22 – What You Should Watch

22 Nov

Tuesday 11/22, we are two days away from Thanksgiving. 

If you follow this blog, then you know if it’s Tuesday the Top Spot must belong to Ringer.  If it was on, but Ringer isn’t on this week, so in its place.

NCIS, I am not a fan of this show, but it kills in the ratings, both in the 18-49 demo and total overall viewers every week.  I have watched it a few times, but it never hooked me in. That doesn’t mean I don’t respect its success and dedicated fans.

Maybe some of that TV Karma will rub off on my Fringe and Ringer.

Also on tonight, The Dancing with Stars Finale and the Top 9 perform on The X-Factor.

As always listings courtesy of Zap2It.

Top Spot 


Anthony DiNozzo Sr. (Robert Wagner) is found in a car with no memory of the previous night and a dead body in the trunk; Tony goes against orders as he tries to establish his father’s innocence.

NCIS: Los Angeles

Episode: The Debt
After a botched assignment, Hetty is forced to fire Deeks; Kensi struggles with unexpected emotions for her former partner.

Dancing With the Stars

The winner is chosen; Lady Antebellum performs.
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