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1/12 Thursday What You Should Watch

12 Jan

WOW its a big night tonight.  30 Rock is back, Rob Schneider‘s new sit-com premieres on CBS ( and is quickly cancelled, sorry Rob), The Finder premieres on FOX.  The Finder is the Bones spin-off, it is keeping Bones’ slot warm while Emily is on baby leave.  The Big Bang Theory is new tonight. 

A prayer to the TV gods, please let this weeks new episode of The Vampire Diaries be better than last week’s snooze fest.

The Vampire Diaries

Episode: Our Town
Elena, Bonnie and Matt throw Caroline a party; Damon and Stefan butt heads over how to deal with Klaus; Bonnie learns of Jeremy’s plans; Tyler refuses Klaus’ latest demand.

The Finder

Iraq veteran Walter Sherman helps a teenage boy locate his missing father, a military pilot who vanished while on a mission; Leo and Walter keep a watchful eye on a teen parolee.


Episode: Pilot
Rob meets his new wife’s large Mexican-American family for the first time and notices he doesn’t quite fit in.

The Big Bang Theory

Amy is upset with Sheldon when he isn’t impressed with her recent accomplishment; Howard struggles with Bernadette’s aversion to children.

Person of Interest

Episode: Super
Finch investigates a building super who is overly involved with his tenants; Detective Carter’s pursuit of Reese and Finch may finally pay off.

CBS and NBC Announce Mid-Season Schedules

14 Nov

CBS and NBC announced their mid-season schedules today.  I can only assume we will hear from the other networks soon, this is the time of year that series are either cancelled or put on hiatus and other shows are given a try out.

Big surprises, NBC has yanked Community and Prime Suspect.

Other changes, Whitney moves to Wednesday, Up All Night moves to Thursday and Harry’s Law moves to Sundays.

New Shows

Smash – Behind the scenes look at the people launching a Broadway musical about Marilyn Monroe, starring Debra Messing and Katherine McPhee.

The Firm – based on the movie of the same name

The new Chelsea Handler comedy.  Are you there, Chelsea?

Grimm stays put for now.

All the details click here

Over on CBS

Only 2 changes a new sitcom called Rob starring Rob Schneider takes Rules of Engagement’s old slot after Big Bang Theory, and Undercover Boss takes over The Amazing Race‘s Sunday 8pm slot (temporarily)

All the details click here

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