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Rudolph, Ringer and Glee Tuesday 11 29 What You Should Watch

29 Nov

Ringer and Glee are new tonight. TNT is bringing back the movie of the week, with Tuesday Mystery Movie Night.

The really big news Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer is on tonight.  “She said I’m cuuuuuute” This is my favorite holiday special, the land of misfits toys, “nobody wants a Charlie in the box”, Hermey the dentist and Yukon Cornelius

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

 The reindeer with the incandescent nose guides Santa’s sleigh through a bad storm on Christmas Eve. Based on the song by Johnny Marks.
Ringer – Concludes the first half  of it’s impressive freshman season with tonight’s mid-season Finale


Henry realizes he must work with Bridget to find out more about Gemma’s disappearance; Malcolm shares his suspicions about Charlie with the police; Juliet becomes obsessed with Mr. Carpenter (Jason Dohring).
Glee – This is the first new episode since Santa’s secret was revealed, lets see how everyone is handling it.


Someone is caught trying to fix the results of the student council president election; Coach Beiste challenges Sue Sylvester; Quinn and Puck encounter complications.
Other New Stuff, Last Man Standing, Man Up, Body of Proof , New Girl and Raising Hope
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