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Monday 2/13 What You Should Watch

13 Feb

House gets the top spot tonight, it was announced last week that House will not be coming back next year. 

Smash debuted to solid ratings last week, will it hold on in week 2, tonight will tell the tale. I am not sure how long they can keep up the dueling diva storyline once they cast one of the girls, unless the other is the understudy.  Are you on team Karen or team Ivy Lynn, don’t get me wrong Katherine McPhee is really talented, but Megan Hilty is a force. If the show doesn’t work out I predict big things for this young lady. She has made her mark on Brodway, now she will hit it on TV and Film.

Hart of Dixie, last week Lemon’s secret about finding her mom came out. Tonight Zoe will find out about Lemon and Lavon’s affair, will she tell George? Of course not?  I predict the season finale or the second to last episode will be the wedding and the secret will come out. Season 2 will be about the aftermath.

Alcatraz, I am recording and watching a few days later. It is interesting but I don’t schedule my life around it like TVD, Revenge or Ringer.

This season of House has been one of it’s best, last weeks episode was fantastic, the previews for tonight’s show promise more of the same.


Episode: Chase
As Chase treats Moira (Julie Mond), a cloistered nun who is on the verge of making life-altering vows, they form a connection that causes Moira to question her faith; Taub and House take part in a series of pranks.

Hart of Dixie

Wade talks Lemon into participating in a scheme; Lavon asks Zoe for help determining why Didi has been avoiding him; George investigates a client’s unusual behavior.

2 Broke Girls

When Sophie’s (Jennifer Coolidge) beauty overwhelms Earl, Caroline and Max wind up spending Valentine’s Day at the hospital; Caroline tries to rekindle an old flame.


Episode: Pandora
Castle and Beckett discover that the killer they are pursuing is part of an international conspiracy, and they must work with a CIA agent with whom Castle has a history.


Episode: Callbacks
Ivy and Karen work to please the director as they pursue their dream role; Julia and Frank struggle with the adoption process; Eileen works to finance the musical.


Episode: Paxton Petty
The team uses methods of the past to track former inmate Paxton Petty, who has returned to plant bombs in populated areas of San Francisco.
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