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1/5 Thursday What You Should Watch

5 Jan

And the joy continues

The Vampire Diaries is new and it’s back tonight.

Also new tonight, The Secret Circle, Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice

When last we left the gang in Mystic Falls, Stefan had taken Klaus’ family on a road trip and Damon and Elena were growing closer. Judging by the previews Klaus is pissed and things are going to get messy.

Grey’s Anatomy deals with the aftermath of the ambulance vs SUV accident.

The Vampire Diaries

Episode: The New Deal
Klaus uses violence to convey that no one will be safe until he gets his family back; Tyler tries to cope with recent changes; Alaric meets a beautiful doctor (Torrey DeVitto) who is intrigued by his ability to heal.

Grey’s Anatomy

Episode: Suddenly
 The eldest daughter of a family involved in a car crash must make a difficult decision; Teddy asks Cristina to help with an O.R. patient; Lexie works with Mark’s new girlfriend during a surgery.

Private Practice

Cooper must decide whether or not to punish Mason after he is caught stealing; Pete and Violet struggle to split time with Lucas; Addison prepares for a new baby; Violet and Jake work with polyamorists.

The Secret Circle

Episode: Darkness
Cassie shares a deep secret with Adam; Diana is ecstatic when her grandmother (Stepfanie Kramer) visits, but Charles becomes suspicious when his mother takes an interest in Cassie; Faye asks a mysterious stranger (Grey Damon) for help with a spell

Thursday What you should Watch – Seriously You Should Watch This

10 Nov

Its Thursday, so it must be The Vampire Diaries, Bones and The Big Bang Theory. 

Thanks to Zap2it for the listings

Top Spot – What promises to be mid-season Finale for the ages it’s Vampire Diaries

The Vampire Diaries

Episode: Homecoming
Elena is left feeling conflicted after Rebekah opens up to her; Tyler’s behavior shocks Matt and Caroline; in hope of outsmarting Klaus, Damon becomes a part of a dangerous partnership.


The team identifies the remains of a competitive-eating champion just days before a contest; a brilliant new squint has trouble fitting in; Booth and Brennan try to put themselves in each other’s places after a disagreement about the baby.

The Big Bang Theory

Leonard and Penny spend time alone; Sheldon tries to face his fear of birds

The Secret Circle

Episode: Balcoin
Cassie tries to discover more about her lineage; Faye reveals that Jake may be hiding something dangerous; Adam is concerned when Melissa’s cousin catches Diana’s eye

Thursday What to Watch

3 Nov

Top Spot:  Bones is back, did I stutter, Bones is BACK!!!!!!!

Runner Up: The Vampire Diaries, let’s hope this week is better than the Sixth Sense episode from last week.  And can we please find out what the heck happened to Katherine.


A woman’s remains are found in a paintball field; Booth and Brennan adjust to life as an expectant couple.

The Vampire Diaries

Alaric struggles to fully understand his recent discovery; Rebekah reveals secrets and details about her past; an unlikely ally surprises Damon and Stefan.

The Secret Circle

Episode: Beneath
Worried that Jane is in trouble, Cassie and the gang go on a road trip to check in on her; Faye is forced into a confrontation with someone from her past.

The Big Bang Theory

Amy is devastated when Penny and Bernadette shop for wedding dresses without her.

Person of Interest

Episode: Witness
Reese and Finch rush to save a school teacher who witnessed a mob hit.

Grey’s Anatomy

George O’Malley’s mother comes to Seattle Grace for help after another hospital botches her surgery; a medical miracle inspires the residents; Jackson’s suspicions about Mark and Lexie interfere with work

Private Practice

Charlotte faces painful memories of a horrible tragedy; Amelia continues to spin out of control; Addison takes a step closer to motherhood.

Thursday 10/27 – Charlie Brown and Vampires

27 Oct

Thursday is my favorite night for television, because, it is Vampire Diaries night, don’t get me wrong I love Revenge, Ringer and Fringe but Vampire Diaries consistently delivers.  Revenge is gaining, but TVD has two seasons on the newcomer. You never know what could happen in the next few months, TVD could stumble.

Usually the Thursday night top spot goes to TVD, but this week it goes to the best Halloween special ever made. I great life lesson if there ever was one.

It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown – 8pm on ABC

The Vampire Diaries – Ghost World Sneak Peak and a Promo

The Rest

The Big Bang Theory

An attractive comic book artist tests Leonard and Priya’s relationship; Sheldon tries to scare his friends.

Person of Interest

Episode: The Fix
A new person of interest, a beautiful and resourceful woman, leaves Reese captivated

The Secret Circle

Episode: Masked
Hoping to have some fun, Faye talks Cassie into throwing a big Halloween party; Adam and Diana get into an argument; dangerous, uninvited guests target the members of the circle.
Honorable Mention
Grey’s Anatomy
Private Practice
The Mentalist

Thursday – What to Watch

20 Oct

Listings courtesy of Zap2it

Top Spot – As Always The Vampire Diaries

Smells Like Teen Spirit

Elena and her friends start their senior year with their heads still spinning
from recent events; Damon is unhappy with his new houseguest; Matt goes to
Bonnie for help; Stefan works on his most-recent task.

The rest

The Big Bang Theory

Sheldon finds himself competing with the gang for his mother’s
(Laurie Metcalf) attention when she visits

Grey’s Anatomy

Episode: Poker Face
Through Lexie, Meredith tries to get Derek interested in a
patient’s rare brain tumor; Callie ends up being annoyed when Mark and Arizona
finally form a friendship; Teddy and Alex look into alternative surgeries for a
superficial patient.

Person of Interest

Episode: Judgment
Reese and Finch must investigate a judge known for his tough
sentences, who wants nothing to do with their vigilante justice.

The Secret Circle

Episode: Wake
Faye’s ex-boyfriend shows up in town and sets his sights on
Cassie; Faye plots against the guy who broke her heart

Private Practice

Episode: Remember Me
 woman from Cooper’s past visits the practice; a pregnant woman
experiences severe memory loss after a car accident; Violet and Sheldon argue.

The Mentalist

The body of a murdered woman washes up on an island; Rigsby fears
his relationship with a public defender will create awkwardness with Van Pelt
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