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Fringe – “And Those We Left Behind”

12 Nov

“And Those We Left Behind”, was at times cool science (plausible or not)  and heartbreaking, but overall another solid episode in a stellar season 4. This is the best show on TV and deserves more attention and a bigger audience. 

Both Peter (Joshua Jackson)  and Raymond one of tonight’s guest stars, played by the immensely talented Stephen Root, are dealing with the feelings of loss and loneliness associated with not being remembered by those you love.

For Peter it is Olivia (Anna Torv)  and Walter, (John Noble) at least Olivia is willing to interact with Peter, but Walter has shut him out and when forced to interact, calls him “the subject” . It is hard to watch Peter go thru this, to see the hurt on his face when Walter rejects him. Without the Walter/Peter dynamic of seasons past the show is missing its heart.

Raymond has lost his wife Kate to Alzheimer’s. Before she became ill she was a physicist working on time chambers. Romy Rosemont’s performance is beautiful, it was a pleasure to see her demonstrate her craft as she shifts from healthy scientist to a shell of her former self, through to her final act of sacrifice. Fun fact, these actors are married in real life.

Raymond has taken her work and built a machine that slips time to the day four years ago when she was working on her theory. He needs her to finish it, so he can create a permanent chamber, or bubble if you will, where she is free of the disease.

Unfortunately, what he doesn’t know is every time he does this, it creates a time slip some place else.  A train appears out of thin air almost killing a car load of teenagers, a tunnel that didn’t exist four years ago disappears threatening to take innocent drivers trapped in their cars with it.

At first everyone thinks Peter is the cause, so they bring him into the investigation. He proves his worth not only by solving the problem, but also his willingness to take on the dangerous mission of entering  Raymond’s house at the end to disable the machine. He could blow up, if the Faraday cage Walter built doesn’t work.

Peter and Broyles have an interesting conversation about needing to send Peter back to his reality. It struck me as very Wizard of Oz, and if next weeks preview is any indication, it looks like the gang is going to try to send Peter back by building the machine.

Are we going to come full circle by season’s end, will the second half of the season be devoted to sending Peter back?  The longer he stays the closer everyone will grow and his departure will be bittersweet.  It seems to obvious for the show to go this route, I am sure they will send Peter back but there will be a twist. Nothing is ever easy with this show.

Preview for next week’s mid-season finale is below. The show just came back, how long will it be gone for?

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