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February Sweeps Highs and Lows

23 Feb

As February 2012 sweeps draws to a close, lets take a moment to reflect on the highs and lows.

Strictly by the numbers, the Super Bowl with 113 million viewers was the big winner.  It was a pretty great game, the halftime show was ok and the commercials didn’t live up to the hype.  But the game was great.


Revenge: Who got shot? The big reveal was good, the build up was really good. The episode answered one question  and set up a whole host of others. I am really looking forward to the rest of this season.



Fringe:  Olivia remembers everything, and so is everyone else!!  Maybe Peter doesn’t have to go home, maybe they are all coming to him.

NCIS: Hello Jamie Lee Curtis.  

The Good Wife: Will’s grand jury trial and suspension, Alicia and Klinda reunited and it feels so good.



House: Chases arc, House under review, now that is how you do a final season. Well done.

Downton Abbey: Grand drama as only the Brits can do it. If you missed it check it on iTunes or Netflix.


Smash: I had high hopes the pilot was strong, but the follow up episodes are tedious and Katherine McPhee can’t act. 

Glee: What have they done to this show, it used to be fun, with the singing and the dancing. Not its teen marriage, suicides and car accidents. Really Quinn gets back on the cherios only to become paralyzed in a car accident. Is Ryan Murphy, the genius who brough us Nip/Tick and American Horror story even checking in on this mess anymore. The creativity is gone, the show is done.

Hart of Dixie: Big deal everyone found out Lemon found her mother, Zoe found out about Lemon and Lavon. Big Yawn Fest. Stick a fork in this on its not getting renewed.




Castle: This show has definitely lost its way. The season started strong with Beckett’s shooting and recovery, but its lost its way. The Noir episode was dull and the big two part Castle event with Jennifer Beals felt like it was missing something.

What did you think of sweeps what were your highs and lows.

Sunday 2/5 What You Should Watch

5 Feb

The Superbowl is on tonight. Are you ready for the commercials, Madonna’s halftime show and modern-day gladiators on the gridiron?

BTW, I heard Madonna’s new song and man does it suck. 

The Voice’s season première is on right after the big game on NBC. Downton Abbey is also new tonight on PBS.

If you haven’t jumped on the Downton bandwagon I suggest you check it out. Season 1 is available on Netflix and PBS runs repeats of season 2 episodes on their site and during the week. The show has already aired the complete season on the BBC so you can read episode summaries on IMDB if you need to get caught up.

Super Bowl XLVI

Tom Brady will try to win his fourth Super Bowl ring as he leads the Patriots against Eli Manning and the NFC Champion Giants in a rematch of Super Bowl XLII. From Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis.

The Voice

S02, E01

Hopeful vocalists audition for the judges.

Masterpiece Classic

Episode: Downton Abbey
As the war comes to an end, Mary and Sir Richard go looking for an estate; a wounded officer makes a shocking revelation

Wednesday 2/1 What You Should Watch

1 Feb

February Sweeps are scheduled from the 2nd to the 29th.

Therefore ABC is all repeats tonight.

So what’s new you ask?

Super Bowl’s Greatest Commercials

Viewers votes determine the greatest advertisements that have aired during the Super Bowls; Boomer Esiason and Jillian Michaels host.

American Idol

Hopefuls audition for the judges.

One Tree Hill

Julian struggles with guilt; Brooke and Haley confront the difficult owner of a new, rival cafe; Quinn goes to the extreme in her efforts to help Clay.
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