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Ringer – Twins with an Identity Crisis

20 Oct

Ringer UP 14% in the ratings!! Congrats Team Ringer.


I am not really sure what kind of show Ringer is trying to be, thriller, teen sex, romance drama, my neck hurts from the whiplash from trying to keep up.

No matter what type of show it wants to be, I want them to find Gemma (Tara Summers) just so I don’t have to hear her stupid voicemail message anymore, “you’ve reached, Gemma don’t be boring”. I hope somebody killed her, she is annoying. Although I doubt she is dead, I don’t care what the caller in the last scene said, until I see a body I am not buying it.

Lets say Shiv (Sarah Michelle Gellar) was behind Gemma’s disappearance. Does that mean she found out Gemma found out about Bridget. How did Shiv find out, who is Shiv’s mole in NY?

SMG is blonder, and looks a little tanner, reminds me of how her look changed between seasons 2 and 3 of Buffy.

What was good about last night, we learned how far Bridget will go to protect her new life. What I don’t get is why she implicated herself in the crime?  Agent Machado (Nestor Carbonell) will be on her doorstep every minute, is her strategy to hide in plain sight. No matter what the outcome it made for a nice twist.

There where a couple of times I thought Shiv might be pretending to be Bridget, like when they showed her at the dumpster and calling the police. But based on the last scene that doesn’t seem to be the case. Shiv pretending to be Bridget pretending to be Shiv would be a nice plot twist, it seems like something this show would do.

The rest of the episode was meh, I am over the Juliet (Zoey Deutch) new school thing, as much as I love Jason Dohring I don’t need a student teacher affair in the middle of this mess. The only thing that could redeem him, is if, his character turns out to be FBI, or working for Shiv. When are they going to introduce Juliet’s mother?

Somebody please buy Andrew a clue, they are wasting Ioan Gruffudd, I hope they are just saving him for the big drama scenes that will surely happen when he finds out about Bridget. Of course by that time he will be in love with her and it won’t matter. When the heck are they going to have sex, Bridget needs a bun in the oven, or a miscarriage stat.

Bottom line, Ringer is like watching a Laker game, it all happens in the fourth quarter.  Every week this show has a so-so 58 minutes only to be redeemed by the last two.  What can I say it’s those 2 minutes that keep me coming back.

Preview for November 1st

Ringer – What a hum-dinger

6 Oct

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Ringer (Tuesday at 9pm on the CW) definitely upped the ante last night.  FBI agent Machado,(Nestor Carbonell), told Gemma, (Tara Summers) about Bridget (Sarah Michelle Gellar), putting fauxShiv in an awkward position. This move set the stage for later when fauxShiv needed a get out of jail free card, her confession diffused Gemma’s anger.  Side note, the actress who plays Gemma was on season 3 for Damages she played Alex Benjamin. I love IMDB, don’t you.

Bridget telling Gemma she is not Shiv but really Bridget, will prevent Gemma from telling Andrew (Ioan Gruffudd) about the affair and confronting Henry (Kristoffer Polaha). How she will convince Gemma she is Bridget, since she just burned her id, she has quite a challenge on her hands. Only next week will tell, the previews make it look like it isn’t going to go so well. Any savvy TV watcher will tell you the previews are edited to mislead the viewer, dubbing in dialogue for a completely different scene into the action from another.

We all knew Bridget was going to need a confidant, Andrew was my first thought,  but Gemma makes more sense. This developement also makes Gemma more interesting and will give the actress more to do, besides whine about Henry.

I like the concept of the real Shiv being alive, I wonder who her partner is, who is on the other end of the phone.  I wonder if the show will hold back that piece and decide later based on how the action develops or if they have it planned out.

When does Bridge find out Shiv is still alive, until last night I was betting on a season one cliffhanger. But since the show exposed two big secrets in the fourth episode, it seems like they have fast tracked the action.

As to when Andrew finds out, I think when Bridget finally tells him, he is going to tell her he already knew, somehow he knew about the twin, plus  all the differences in her personality and behavior, no surprise he put two and two together.  He has been so happy with her and has fallen in love with her so he just let it go.  By that time, and the time Shiv shows back up Bridget will be pregnant with Andrew’s baby, yeah!

I am on team AnBridge.

Somebody has to die for sweeps, will it be November or February and will it be Gemma, Henry or Andrew’s Partner?

Shiv’s next move, frame Bridge for murder, it brings the FBI agent into the picture and nothing says drama like a murder trial, false accusations and a pregnant defendant.

I am begging you to watch this show, and tell your friends to watch.  If you need to catch up on episodes they are available at the http://www.cwtv.com/.

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