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Ratings Round Up

27 Nov


Overall Winner: With a 2.1 rating and a 6 share CBS’s heaping helping of leftovers won the night, led by The Big Bang Theory.

In a move that has restored my faith in humanity, A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving beat A Very GaGa Thanksgiving.  ABC programming couldn’t find a better entertainer to profile for Thanksgiving. Sorry monsters.

Full analysis here TV By The Numbers


In my Friday What You Should Watch post I asked if Hoops and YoYo would become the new Christmas special classics for this generation.  Based on the ratings 0.8 and a 3 share I would say Rudolph’s and Frosty’s places in history are safe.

The winner of the night

Univision, yes you read that right, the Spanish language channel beat out the English broadcast channels

To be fair to the networks were running repeats and crappy new Christmas Specials.  FOX was second with Iron Man

A pretty amusing analysis of the night can be found here TV By The Numbers


Preliminary numbers are in and ABC wins the night with the Standford Notre Dame game.

Analysis and numbers here TV By The Numbers

TV News for Friday 11 25 2011

25 Nov

TV Line has a great article about Once Upon A Time.

OUAT is back this Sunday at 8pm on ABC, this weeks installment “That Still Small Voice” covers Dr. Hooper’s (aka Jiminy Crickett) backstory.   The article covers this Sunday’s episode, more info on Ruby and some hints about the winter finale airing in 2 weeks.

“Storybrooke mourns the loss of one their own”

Justin Hartley has just booked a gig on Castle’s. Lets hope he is shirtless, because if you remember Justin from his days as Green Arrow on Smallville, no one does shirtless like him.

Boycott Kim Kardashian petition picks up steam AOLTV

There is a God Charlie Brown tops Lady Gaga in the ratings on Thanksgiving Entertainmnet Weekly OnLine

Another sign the end of the world will happen in 2012 American Idol is back on Janury 22 Preview Clip

Best Gifts for TV Fans 2011 Guide

And no Friday would be complete without one of Ted C’s Blind Items if you can follow him and solve this you must belong to Mensa EOnline

Wednesday 11/23 What You Should Watch

23 Nov

Wednesday Top Spot Revenge of course

It’s the day before Thanksgiving and nothing says family dinner like intrigue and double crosses, so pass the stuffing and dig into a helping of Revenge.

Modern Family, Suburgatory and American Horror Story all tie for second.

Real Emily is kicking it into high gear, the more I think about it, I think she is the shooter, since  Jack is the one who finds the body. He follows her out to the beach, sees her shoot Tyler and tries to cover it up. They are going to date and I bet Real Emily spills the beans about Emanda to Jack.

My only question, does she want to shoot Daniel or Tyler? I say she wants to shoot Tyler to protect Emanda, she has that weird loyalty thing going, it’s a little Single White Femalish if you ask me.  Creepy.


Episode: Suspicion
Realizing she has lost a valuable ally, Emily reaches out to her mentor; Victoria finds herself all alone; Tyler’s influence continues to be a threat.

Modern Family

A former neighborhood resident, now rich and successful, returns for a visit; Jay thinks Manny needs constructive criticism; Mitchell questions the authenticity of Cameron’s colorful childhood stories


Episode: Thanksgiving
While on a girls day out in the city, Tessa and Dallas run into George making out with a woman; Lisa refuses to wear the dress her mom picked out.

American Horror Story

Episode: Rubber Man
The man in the rubber suit is revealed.

Happy Endings

Alex offers to design Jane a dress for her charity event; Penny helps Max babysit; Dave and Brad realize their new friendship with the mailman isn’t all it was cracked up to be.

Blue Bloods “Thanksgiving”

19 Nov

Blue Bloods Thanksgiving episode last night on CBS at 10pm, demonstrated why I love this show so much. It showcased the closeness and love of the Reagan family.

We also had terror threats, cause nothing says Thanksgiving like blowing up the Lincoln Tunnel, art thieves, I knew Jacob wasn’t long for this world and gambling debts. 

I don’t know how Frank (Tom Selleck) does it, I get a little stress and need an Ativan, but somehow he manages a terror threat and his Dad’s heart attack and bypass surgery like any other day.  Tom Selleck has gone from sex symbol in the 80’s as Magnum P.I., to everyone’s favorite TV Dad, steady and solid as a rock.

When Frank gets to the hospital and sees Henry (Len Cariou) for the first time, Henry says. “what about Thanksgiving”. Now that is dedication to your turkey, and it made me laugh because my Grammy would have done the same thing. She made every holiday a feast, and cooked for days to get ready.

Erin finally meets a nice guy Jacob, played by an actor, Frederick Weller that I actually like, he is under investigation for being an art thief.   There is a twist, he is stealing back art that was stolen by the Nazi’s during WW2 and returning it to the rightful owners. Modern day Robin Hood, unfortunately that won’t stop the NYPD from arresting him.  Maybe he will get away, but not before he and Erin grow closer and a they have a romantic roll in the hay.

Other sub-plots, Danny and Jackie are investigating a murder and Renzulli’s got a gambling problem.  Jamie (Will Estes), told his dad, he didn’t name any names, but Frank figured it out anyway.  Frank meets with Renzulli and in a subtle way lets him know he knows, and he has a chance to clean up his mess, but let him know this was it, if he messed up again he was done.  Which pretty much means the end for Renzulli.

In the end Henry’s surgery is a success and the Reagan’s have Thanksgiving at the hospital. Even though I didn’t get my traditional Regan family scene in their dining room I will take that moment anywhere I can get it.

From the Reagan’s to you, Happy Thanksgiving.

Too Much TV

15 Nov

Thanksgiving is coming and I think most of us associate it with the feeling of fullness, so full in fact that you have to loosen your belt or trousers, if you weren’t smart enough to wear pants or a skirt with an elastic waist.  You feel full, stuffed in fact and so overstuffed that you can’t even enjoy the meal.

That is exactly how I feel about TV last night, I watched 5 shows and none of them inspired me to write a review. They were good episodes I enjoyed them, just nothing to write home about. So what did I watch?

2 Broke Girls

2 and Half Men

Mike and Molly


Hart of Dixie

Do you ever feel that way, you do your favorite thing but it doesn’t really do it for you.  Your just meh, about the experience.


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