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Blue Bloods “Thanksgiving”

19 Nov

Blue Bloods Thanksgiving episode last night on CBS at 10pm, demonstrated why I love this show so much. It showcased the closeness and love of the Reagan family.

We also had terror threats, cause nothing says Thanksgiving like blowing up the Lincoln Tunnel, art thieves, I knew Jacob wasn’t long for this world and gambling debts. 

I don’t know how Frank (Tom Selleck) does it, I get a little stress and need an Ativan, but somehow he manages a terror threat and his Dad’s heart attack and bypass surgery like any other day.  Tom Selleck has gone from sex symbol in the 80’s as Magnum P.I., to everyone’s favorite TV Dad, steady and solid as a rock.

When Frank gets to the hospital and sees Henry (Len Cariou) for the first time, Henry says. “what about Thanksgiving”. Now that is dedication to your turkey, and it made me laugh because my Grammy would have done the same thing. She made every holiday a feast, and cooked for days to get ready.

Erin finally meets a nice guy Jacob, played by an actor, Frederick Weller that I actually like, he is under investigation for being an art thief.   There is a twist, he is stealing back art that was stolen by the Nazi’s during WW2 and returning it to the rightful owners. Modern day Robin Hood, unfortunately that won’t stop the NYPD from arresting him.  Maybe he will get away, but not before he and Erin grow closer and a they have a romantic roll in the hay.

Other sub-plots, Danny and Jackie are investigating a murder and Renzulli’s got a gambling problem.  Jamie (Will Estes), told his dad, he didn’t name any names, but Frank figured it out anyway.  Frank meets with Renzulli and in a subtle way lets him know he knows, and he has a chance to clean up his mess, but let him know this was it, if he messed up again he was done.  Which pretty much means the end for Renzulli.

In the end Henry’s surgery is a success and the Reagan’s have Thanksgiving at the hospital. Even though I didn’t get my traditional Regan family scene in their dining room I will take that moment anywhere I can get it.

From the Reagan’s to you, Happy Thanksgiving.

Blue Bloods “Lonely Hearts Club”

12 Nov

Tonight on Blue Bloods, Frank (Tom Selleck) has union negotiation issues, Danny (Donnie Wahlberg) has a sting operation, Erin (Bridget Moynahan) has a date and Henry (Len Cariou) has a new job offer .

“Lonely Hearts Club” was a mediocre episode from an other wise strong show. With 22 episodes to produce every year you are going to get some that are less spectacular then others.

Jackie (Jennifer Esposito)  goes undercover as a prostitute to catch a serial killer. Really show, a prostitute, deduct points for lack of originality. Danny gets upset, he doesn’t want to lose another partner, and feared for her safety. I don’t remember them ever mentioning Danny losing other partners, I hope they go back to this, its an important piece to his back story.

Frank meets with the head of the UPA, they are negotiating a new contract, the head of the UPA tells him the only thing on the table is a wage freeze for one year. Frank dismisses him, basically saying are you high, and get of my office.  There is some discussion of outsourcing some of the units, one of the companies mentioned is Ajax.

Ajax is offering Henry a job, he turns them down, because he realizes they want him as leverage in their deal with the city. Henry sees the handwriting on the wall and his loyalty is clear.  In the end Frank one ups the guy from the UPA and wins.

Erin is dragging Nicky to the opera and art exhibits in an attempt to show her there is more to life then being a cop. While at a gallery, they meet Jacob, the awesome Frederick Wellar, who plays Marshal on In Plain Sight on USA. He takes a liking to Erin and they go out on a date. I hope this means he will be back.

Back to Jackie and the serial killer, an elaborate sting operation has been set up. Cameras, two way communication, all to protect Jackie and to catch a killer. What the heck was Danny worried about, and if Danny was so worried why did he leave Jackie alone to go to the car after they shut down the op when the last guy was over an hour late.  There is still a serial killer out there, how did they know he wouldn’t show up. Of course this slip gave the killer a chance to drug Jackie and shoot at her, he misses, thank God Danny can’t lose another partner. 

Danny gets back to the room in the nick of time and saves Jackie.  It turns out the killer is actually the mother and brother of the prostitute killed in the opening of the episode, creepy.

That’s what happened last night on Blue Bloods.

Next week, they are going to rip your heart out, Henry has a heart attack on Thanksgiving. I teared up watching the preview, check it out below, see if it doesn’t make you a little misty.

Friday Ratings

5 Nov

Numbers provided by TV By The Numbers.

CBS won the night both for ratings and total viewers, thanks in large part to Blue Bloods. The Tom Selleck family cop drama that delivers a consistent diet of solid performances and good story telling. Blue Bloods was the highest rated show of the night across all networks and times.

Blue Bloods total overall viewers 12.5 million, with a  rating/share of 2.1/6.

In the 9 o’clock timeslot, Grimm had a higher rating/share, 1.8/5  then CSI: NY 1.6/5 but had less overall viewers 5.92 vs. 9.65. This was Grimm’s second week so the big question, did it hold, build or drop, well it dropped 14%, which sounds like a lot until you look at the ratings for the night. Grimm was still first place for the 18-49 demo which is very important. That will keep it on the air for a few more weeks, I expecte a full season pick up will be announced in December.

And now for my baby Fringe, rating/share 1.3/4 and 3.28 million viewers, it was up a tenth with viewers. 

For a complete breakdown and to see where your favorite show ranked click here.

Blue Bloods – A Night on The Town

21 Oct

What Blue Bloodsdoes best is family. The cop part, the cases etc are secondary to the family scenes. That is what I like most about this

courtesy of CBS

show, it gives you a warm fuzzy feeling. Maybe the mob guy getting  revenge on the dealer who gave him the bad drugs wasn’t so warm and fuzzy but the rest of the show made up for it. 

The scene with Frank ( Tom Selleck) and Henry (Len Cariou) and the boys at lunch was priceless, the older generation imparting wisdom on the younger generation.

Danny (Donnie Wahlberg) and Linda (Amy Carlson) working on their marriage. 

Jamie (Will Estes) seeking counsel from his dad about his undercover assignment.

The show builds a genuine bond between the characters and the audience, you instantly care about the lives of these people. I look forward to the family scenes most when I watch this show.

Jamie’s undercover storyline is looking pretty good, of course he and Bianca are going to fall for each other.

I do love how Danny was able to take care of the wife and still get his criminal. Too funny.

No family dinner this week, booo!!.

Blue Bloods for Mom and Dad

15 Oct

NYPD patch, first introduced in 1971

Image via Wikipedia

Most women my age have to face the inevitable “when are you going to get married and give me grandchildren” questions from their mother. Well not my mother, she keeps asking me” when are you going to talk about Blue Bloods on your blog”.  Well mom, this post is for you.

Blue Bloods on CBS Friday’s at 10, is it in its second season, it is a solid police drama centered on the lives of the multi-generational Reagan family  (Tom Selleck as Frank Reagan, Bridget Moynahan as Erin Reagan, Donnie Wahlberg as Danny Reagan Len Cariou as Henry Reagan) and their dedication to the New York City Police Department.

Blue Bloods has pedigree, it was created by Robin Green and Mitchell Burgess, best known for their work on The Sopranos. Like the Sopranos, the heart of Blue Bloods is family.  Whatever cases may play out weekly, it is the interactions between the Reagan’s that make this show compelling. The bond between father and child, brother and sister are refreshing and lend balance to what could otherwise be written off as another cop show.

Last night’s episode was no different, Erin and her brother Danny staking out Erin’s daughter, Nicky’s group outing, was a sweet moment between brother and sister. Something not seen as much as I would like on Tv today.

I have only watched 5 episodes, and in those Tom Selleck’s character consistently demonstrates a high level of integrity and ethics, also not seen that much on Tv today. Hats off to Donnie Wahlberg, he has come a long way from New Kids on The Block, I would even dare to say that his acting surpasses that of his brother Mark.

If you are looking for a solid drama, that is just the right amount of cop show and family drama then Blue Bloods is for you. Based on its solid performance in the ratings, it averages 9-10 million viewers a week my guess is you are already watching.

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