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Friday 2/3 What You Should Watch

3 Feb

Sweeps Began yesterday, all new shows tonight.

Gifted Man, Blue Bloods, Grimm, Supernatural all new.

Top Spot goes to Fringe.


Episode: Making Angels
Astrid meets her alternate; Olivia and Peter search for a killer who is using a toxin that has yet to be invented.

A Gifted Man

Michael saves a drowning man and learns his identity is a mystery; Kate learns the girl she mentors has issues she didn’t previously notice.

Blue Bloods

Episode: The Job
Danny and his family have an encounter with a gunman; Frank prepares to say goodbye to a friend he worked with at ground zero.


Episode: Organ Grinder
When homeless people in Portland start to go missing, Nick discovers a black market supplying the “Grimm” world with human organs.


Dean and Sam investigate gruesome attacks in which victims are branded with a strange symbol; Dean meets a woman (Sara Canning) at the town bar.

Wednesday 1/25 What You Should Watch

25 Jan

Kiefer Sutherland‘s new show “Touch” is debuting the pilot tonight after American Idol. 

ABC is all repeats. Revenge doens’t come back until February 8th, just in time for sweeps.

Whitney and Are you there, Chelsea are new. Watch while you can these will be cancelled in 3….2….1


Episode: Pilot
After widower Martin Bohm discovers that his emotionally impaired 11-year-old son can predict the future, he meets with a social worker and a professor who may be able to unlock the boy’s mind.

One Tree Hill

Dan helps Haley, who is struggling at Karen’s Cafe; Quinn learns that Clay is keeping a secret; Chase tries to fix a broken heart; Julian makes a mistake.


Roxanne hires Whitney as her assistant and office spy; Alex reorganizes the apartment; Mark asks Neal and Lily for help with a woman.

Are You There, Chelsea?

Episode: Believe
Chelsea meets a guy (Austin Butler) at Sloane’s church group social and decides to set him up with Dee Dee; Rick is excited when his ex-girlfriend (Natasha Leggero) lands a job at the bar.

1/10 Tuesday What You Should Watch

10 Jan

CBS and NBC are new tonight. 

NCIS and NCIS LA will rule.

Which celebrities are swapping wives tonight? Flava Flav and Dee Snider. Really?


NCIS investigates the death of a Navy lieutenant whose body was found at a construction site; Ziva thinks about her future.

NCIS: Los Angeles

Episode: Exit Strategy
The team must find the person behind an ambush on a vehicle carrying Jada Khaled in order to save her and their case; Sam must face Jada for the first time since Sudan.
Celebrity Wife Swap

Hip-hop legend Flavor Flav’s longtime fiancee, Liz, trades places with Suzette, the wife of Twisted Sister front-man Dee Snider

Body of Proof

The team investigates the execution of an undercover cop at a truck stop.

The Good Wife “Alienation of Affection” Observations

9 Jan

We are back from Christmas break, the last new episode TGW aired was “What Went Wrong”, and quite frankly that is exactly what I was asking. TGW had gotten off track after a great start, and I wondered if it would get back to business.  That question was answered last night, with “Alienation of Affection”.

Who knew chasing down paper could make me as tense as watching Tom Cruise dangle from a building in MI4.  Did you know one of the greatest movies about the law is called “The Paper Chase”, you should check it out. Ok, back to the show, so Alicia almost sinks LG, but Cary saves the day.  I have been in love with Matt Czuchry since he played logan on Gilmore Girls, I am so glad to see this actor getting  a chance to really show his stuff.

The show continued it’s impressive run of recurring guests stars with return performances by Carrie Preston, F. Murray Abraham, Zach Grenier and Bryan Brown

What was really good about last night’s episode you ask? The amount of Alicia and Kalinda scenes, finally the girls are getting back together, they are peanut butter and jelly, sure you can eat on without the other, but they are oh so much more satisfying together.

How they served everyone with the lawsuit, an art gallery, a school, a wedding and David Lee in full Gilbert and Sullivan Pirates costume.

Carrie Preston representing Will in his grand jury trial.  I know there isn’t room, but it would be great if they could make her a regular. 

The way Diane put Eli and David in their place when they go into it.  I hope Eli and David have more scenes together, these actors have tremendous energy.

OMG the equity partner meeting at the beginning, all you needed was a some pasta and red wine and it would be Sunday dinner at my Grandmother’s house.

Welcome back Good Wife, can’t wait for next week.

1/9 Monday What You Should Watch

9 Jan

Oh CBS how you tease me. Last week all new episodes, this week, NADA. Doesn’t matter they will still kill in the ratings.

Hart of Dixie and House are repeats.

So whats new –  Castle is!! 


When Castle and Beckett investigate the death of a ladies’ man, a twist in the case may disrupt Ryan’s wedding

 Caroline takes Max to a cake-decorating class to learn how to make more attractive cupcakes.

Blue Bloods – “Whistle Blower”

8 Jan

Blue Bloods was all new Friday January 6th, with Whistle Blower.  The main action center around the murder of Ray Milo, a man willing to protect construction workers rights, even if it means risking his life.  He was working for Erin as a confidential informant. She had promised to protect him if he helps her, of course he is murdered.  In a touch of irony Ray watches as giant rat is blown up before he shuts down a construction job and organize a strike.  

The Reagan family rallies around a guilt stricken Erin, Frank and Danny both lend support. Danny is the most help because he solves the murder and finds out that Erin isn’t too blame afterall.  It was the wife, she ratted him out, so the giant rat at the opening of the show didn’t represent him ratting out the unions, but his wife ratting him out and ultimately causing his death.

The B story, is the recording of an officer beating a man on the street, a PR nightmare for Frank.  The lesson I learned from this part of the episode, cameras are everywhere, you are always being recorded, privacy is a thing of the past.  My boss always says don’t out it in email unless you want the whole company to read it.

Which brings us to Sunday dinner (my favorite part of the show), Frank sets up Danny, there isn’t a cop who doesn’t have something in his history that he would prefer internal affairs not know about, let alone have caught on tape.

Blue Bloods delivers another solid episode, it doesn’t need flash or twists, just good solid story telling and acting.

The Vampire Diaries “The New Deal”

5 Jan

When we last left this generations Scooby Gang, they had tried but failed to kill Klaus. Stefan was on the run and took Klaus’ family (in coffins) with him.  Stefan did this to keep Klaus from killing anyone in Mystic Falls. And as we find out in tonight’s episode this was deeply flawed plan.

The episode opens with Bonnie dreaming about 4 coffins, Klaus is laying in one with the necklace that will not die drapped over his hands. Next we cut to Elena jogging, running hard and fast, working out her issues, she is being chased at first we think she is being paranoid, its just another jogger, but is it?

Based on the conversation between Elena and Bonnie at the Mystic Grill weeks have passed and she has not heard from Stefan. Bonnie has been having the same dream over and over and doesn’t know what it means. Cut to the bar where Damon is getting drunk and Alaric is barely tolerating him. We learn from the bartender that Jeremy was fired a week ago. Good job Alaric aren’t you supposed to be watching over this kid.

Jeremy and Tyler are best buds, getting drunk and shooting (using a crossbow) things in the woods, weren’t these guys at war just a season or two ago over Vicki. You know what they say bros before hos. Tyler thinks he is  Superman and dares Jeremy to shot him, so he does, he catches the arrow.

Elena is pissed at Jeremy, he has been spiraling out of control since Bonnie broke up with him. So he sort of cheated with the ghost of his dead girlfriend, what was the big deal. Klaus shows up with the jogger from the morning. Told ya he wasn’t just some random dude. Klaus is back for his sister, so he threatens everyone, he and Damon square off.  So far not impressed, we are off to a very slow start.  And no Caroline.

Bonnie goes to the house in her dreams, goes to the basement and runs into Stefan. He needs her to  create a spell to keep the family hidden.  Elena just gets more and more annoying every week, she is screechy.  Do you think it is a good idea for a show to turn its lead female character into such an annoying pain in the ass.

Klaus and Damon have a drink, have a chat. Klaus fills Damon in on Stefan’s recent activities. Klaus makes a call, he has compelled Jeremy to stand in the street and get hit by a car. Alaric pushes him out of the way and gets hit instead, he has one of those magical rings so we know he won’t die just get banged up a bit.

Tyler visits Klaus, we find out they are in cahoots, of course Tyler has no choice because Klaus sired him, Tyler is a dead man by the end of the season.  Damon shows up tells up everyone that Klaus wants his coffins back, all they need to do is find them and give them back to Klaus. And since everything always works for this bunch, that should be no problem. 

Tyler pitches a fit, he wants to hit the road, leave town. Becareful what you wish for, by episodes end you are leaving town.  He predicts no one will make it out of this town alive. Really? After three seasons that’s the best we got. Elena confronts Stefan, she tells him he needs to give Klaus his family back. Stefan doesn’t care if Klaus is going to kill Jeremy he isn’t giving them back. Elena slaps him, tells him to go to hell, he’s dead, he’s a vampire, go to hell Really?

This is the point in the episode when I say, there has to be a twist, some payoff because if there isn’t this is one lame filler and bad way to kick off the second half of the season.

Stefan and Damon fight, big deal. Damon finds out Stefan killed Mikal at the homecoming dance to save his life. Again.

Jeremy confronts Tyler, Tyler tells him Klaus isn’t done with him. Does that finally mean Jeremy will get killed off.

Alaric is not recovering, he wakes up but is still in bad shape. Klaus’ henchman shows up, says he can save Alaric but Elena has help get the family back.  Jeremy shots him with a crossbow, grabs a cleaver and chops off the henchman’s head.  Tyler is a badass.

So how does it end…

Alaric goes to the hospital, we meet his new love interest,  we know that won’t end well.

Elena has Damon compel Jeremy again, removing his memories.  Damn she is too much, she hates it when people take her choices away but she does it all the time to Jeremy.  They send him off to Denver and to forget about Mystic Falls.  I predict, Klaus will track him down and bring him back. 

Stefan lets Damon in on his plan, he has hidden the coffins in the house with a cloaking spell. Hide in plain sight, that’s what I always say.

Elena gives Rebekah back to Klaus. In exchange for Jeremy’s life. Klaus says he will control Rebekah and keep her from killing Elena.  They have a face off about Stefan, more threats etc. After all that Klaus sticks the dagger back in her, so no Rebekah for us.

I hope they wrap this up during February sweeps, I really don’t want to deal with this storyline until May.

Damon and Elena kiss.  Let Delena begin.

OT and totally shallow, Nina looked really puffy, her face her tummy was all poochy.  Maybe too much food over the holiday break.

Next Week

more of the same, Stefan threatening Klaus, Damon and Stefan fiighting, Elena whining about not losing anyone else.

God where is Caroline when we need her.

1/2 Monday What You Should Watch

2 Jan

Be careful what you wish for, for weeks I have wished for the repeats to end and new shows to start.

Little did I know that my wish would come true with great news all new episodes of the CBS comedy block.

The really bad news, The Bachelor is back, Celebrity Wife Swap premieres tonight and Fear Factor is back. 

It really is the end of the world.

2 Broke Girls

While immersed in her couponing obsession, Caroline learns the secret ingredient in Max’s cupcakes.

Two and a Half Men

When Walden’s mother (Mimi Rogers) and ex-wife (Judy Greer) try to take over his company, he turns to Alan for help

Fear Factor

Episode: Snake Bite
The teams face stunts that include retrieving flags in a car suspended in the air by helicopters and drinking an insect concoction.

The Bachelor

Bachelor Ben returns to the mansion for the season’s first cocktail party; a septuagenarian confesses her love for Ben; a bachelorette shows up at the mansion on a horse; one contestant is left in tears; seven of the 25 women are sent home.
Celebrity Wife Swap

Two actresses, self-described control freak Tracey Gold and free spirit Carnie Wilson, trade lives for a week, ending with a frank assessment of each other and what they learned from the experience.

12/31 New Year’s Eve What you should watch.

31 Dec

I hate going out on New Year’s Eve. I usually watch movies, catch up on my DVR or watch a marathon of a favorite TV show on DVD, Netflix or Amazon.

TV has a lot to offer this weekend, here are a few highlights. Thanks to TVLine for the listings.

100 Most Shocking Music Moments (VH1, 3 – 9 am) | Got predictions? We’ve got our fingers crossed for Ashlee Simpson’s Milli Vanilli moment — complete with interpretive dance — on SNL.

The Walking Dead (AMC, 11 am – Sunday, 1 am) | For a sneak preview of what you’ll feel like the morning after, check out Seasons 1 and (the first half of) 2 of the zombie soap opera. (Check in on Get Glue for an exclusive sticker.)

Twilight Zone (Syfy, 2 pm – midnight) | Not just 40 episodes of the classic series, but 40 episodes of the classic series that were selected by viewers. The Top 20 air Sunday, 2 pm – midnight.

The Three Stooges (IFC, 6 pm – Sunday, 6 am) | Get smart about the originals before they’re reinvented by the upcoming movie.

The Big Bang Theory (TBS, 7 pm – midnight) | The geeks have inherited the Earth syndication!

New Year’s Rockin’ Eve: The 40th Anniversary Party (ABC, 8 – 10 pm) | Jenny McCarthy and Fergie host a special about the annual special, featuring a countdown of the top 40 performances ever.

Dick Clark’s Primetime New Year’s Rockin’ Eve with Ryan Seacrest 2012 (ABC, 10 – 11 pm, 11:30 pm – Sunday, 2:13 am) | Performances from New York include Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, Carlos Santana, Pitbull and Hot Chelle Rae. From Los Angeles, we’ll get Robin Thicke, The Band Perry, blink-182, Christina Perri, Florence + The Machine, Gym Class Heroes, LMFAO, OneRepublic, Nicki Minaj, Taio Cruz and will.i.am. (Check in on Get Glue for an exclusive sticker.)

New Year’s Eve With Carson Daly (NBC, 10 – 11 pm, 11:30 pm – Sunday, 12:30 am) | Drake, The Roots, Tony Bennett, Jessie J, The Voice‘s Blake Shelton and Cee Lo Green, Smash star Megan Hilty, Jimmy Fallon and Rick Gervais all help the former MTV VJ with his countdown. (Check in on Get Glue for an exclusive sticker.)

Stick Clark: Party Like It’s the 90s (TeenNick, 10 pm – Sunday, 6 am ) | It’s a child of the ’90s dream come true: a nice, long stretch of The Secret Life of Alex Mack, All That, Ren & Stimpy, Are You Afraid of the Dark, Kenan & Kel, Doug and Clarissa Explains It All. (Check in on Get Glue for an exclusive sticker.)

Batman (The Hub, 11 pm – Sunday, 6 am) | It’s the 40th anniversary of the live-action series, and there’s a new chapter coming out in theaters, too. So what better time to reintroduce ourselves to Adam West’s Caped Crusader? Synergy!

Law & Order (TNT, 4 am – 2 pm) | It may be a new year, but some things never change.

V.I.P. (Logo, 4 am – 10 pm) | The Pamela Anderson classic. Camp classic, that is.

Absolutely Fabulous Hangover Helper (BBC America, 7:20 am – Monday, 6 am) | Edina and Patsy are almost back with new episodes (Jan. 8!), but until then, let these oldies-but-goodies distract you from your aching head.

12/30 Friday What You Should Watch

30 Dec

Chuck is new tonight, I watched the first season, but couldn’t hang in there, I know it has a loyal following. Just like the folks that don’t get my rabid devotion to Fringe, I don’t get the Chuck-sters.


When Sarah’s original handler (Tim DeKay) shows up, she worries he will hurt those closest to her, including her mother

A Gifted Man

 Michael turns to Anton for help with a patient who hears voices; Kate has her first day at the clinic

Blue Bloods

Episode: Family Ties
 Danny must delve into the family politics of the Russian mob while investigating the death of a gangster’s son; Erin becomes involved in a high-profile corruption case.


 Nick and Hank’s investigation into a home invasion introduces them to a family with a barbaric background; Nick asks Monroe to protect Aunt Marie


Episode: Subject 9
 Walter’s experiments with a new drug result in a dangerous force; Olivia and Walter examine old case files in New York; Walter struggles with life outside the lab.
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