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Fringe Season Finale “Brave New World Part 2”

12 May

Now that is how you do a season finale, and if that had been the series finale it would have been equally satisfying.

I don’t even know where to start, I suppose a big thank you to everyone at Fringe who repaid fan loyalty with such a satisfying episode. It resolved many issues and gave everyone a lovely close out scene, Broyles gets all the funding he needs and a promotion, Nina is officially a part of the team, Walter and Astrid share red licorice and Peter and Olivia get the happiest of all endings, a baby.

I am quite sure the final scene between Walter and September was filmed after it was announced the show was picked up for a final 13 episode season. We have our set up for the end, the Observers are coming, we know from the time jump episode that in 2036 Etta was 3 when her parents (Olivia and Peter) went missing. Peter was encased in Amber and we all assumed from that episode Olivia was dead.  Tonight we learned that the bullet she was wearing around her neck didn’t kill Olivia, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t dead.

Will the show jump ahead to Etta’s third year, will we see the resistance, and the team being confined or will we jump to 2036?  So many possibilities, I can’t wait for the fall.

Was it me or did it seem like there were quite a few Star Trek, Wrath of Khan references in last  night’s episode. Bell creating the universe and the opening shot of the dinosaurs roaming reminded me of the Genesis project, shooting Olivia, reminiscent of Spock‘s line to Kirk, “the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few. or the one”, and Bells speech to Walter totally reminded me of Khan’s speech to Kirk. Khannnnnn!!!!!

Josh Jackson has done some of his best acting work during this season of Fringe and last night was no exception, his reactions to Olivia being shot and watching Walter save her were incredible.  There is a rule they teach you in acting class on day one, 98% of acting is re-acting, it is obvious Mr. Jackson learned that lesson very well.  Emoting is easy when you are talking, it is what you do when you aren’t delivering your lines that really matters.  Thats when you have to dig deep. I hope that Josh is submitted along with John Noble for Emmys this year and the academy finally takes note.

I really liked super hero Olivia, catching bullets was a neat trick, sorry she lost her powers. Was Jessica Nina’s daughter, or was that just a misdirect that could be explained away by her wonky brain when they were reviving her.  And of course the line of the night, goes to Walter, after he shot Olivia and told Peter they could save her Peter said “but she’s dead”, Walter responded, “when has that ever stopped me”.

I am not going to recap the episode, there are quite a few online just Google it, my favorite site for recaps and forum discussions is Television Without Pity, check it out. If you like your TV with a bit of snark, this is is the site for you.

Fringe “Brave New World” Part 1

5 May

Well, what a way to kick off the 2 part finale, Belly is back, Jones is dead (he was the Bishop) and they shot Astrid. I am going to assume she doesn’t die because she was in the 2036 flash forward episode.  I wasn’t surprised Bell was behind everything, I was surprised that they killed Jones off, it seemed pretty blah for a character that was built up as the big bad.  If this was supposed to serve as the series finale was this a rush job, kill off Jones and bring back Bell.

I have to hand it to Fringe they keep coming up with new and inventive ways to make me afraid of something I come in contact with  everyday. Last night escalators were the delivery system for Jones’ latest attack. He planted a device that emits nanites onto the handrails of an escalators at a busy mall. The nanites reproduce at a rapid rate based on the victim’s movement, eventually the victim spontaneously combusts, the people around them figure this out as they watch the others burn and die around them. They all freeze in place and stay frozen as the investigation goes on around them. Like a creepy game of Red Light, Green Light.

As Walter is examining the victims one of the survivors, Jessica (Rebecca Mader, Charlotte from Lost)  starts talking to him, eventually she becomes the test subject they use to create the anecdote. I am a little suspicious of this character and her willingness to participate, I think we will find out in part 2 that she is involved with Bell. As the story progresses we find out that Jones has been working with/for Bell all this time. Walter also figures this out when he studies the nanites, he realizes the tech is far too sophisticated for Jones, it is Belly’s work.

His suspicions are confirmed when in the very next scene we see Jones meeting with WIlliam Bell, and it is really Leonard Nimoy, not a cartoon, not a voiceover, not a stand in. Awesome!  They have an intriguing conversation about a chess game Bell has in his office (located on a boat BTW), the pieces are bell shaped, he tells Jones he hasn’t made a move on the board in 40 years. He explains to Jones that he shouldn’t confuse, “a winning move with a winning game”, and the art of chess is sacrificing the right piece at the right time.  In this particular game “the bishop” is the most important piece.  Jones immediately heads out to sacrifice a “Bishop”. Unfortunately for Jones, he is the bishop Bell is going to sacrifice and meets his fate after a rooftop fight with Peter.

Walter heads over to Massive Dynamic to confront Nina about the nanites, and he wants access to his research. Nina confesses that Bell’s car accident was really a suicide because he was dying of cancer.  She says he died on Christmas, but Walter says he came to see him at St. Claire’s on New Years Eve. Which makes everyone think, maybe Bell isn’t as dead as we thought. Walter and Peter head off to St. Claire’s to get the visitor logs, of course there is no record of the visit, Walter knows there has to be come evidence. As with all the visits to St Claire’s, Walter is so tormented, he is so afraid he will put back there, you see him doubt his own sanity.

To prove to himself and everyone else he is not crazy, he uses the page from the log book, an easy bake oven and pig brains to make Belly’s fingerprints appear on the log. He wraps the page from the log around the pig brains and bakes it in a lemon cake. The chemical reaction from the heat, the pig brains and the cortexiphan in Bell’s system make his finger prints appear.  The page also reveals a brown smudge that turns out to be oil from Chilean Almonds, an obseesion of Bell’s, Walter says Bell had an arrangement with the distributor to by direct.

Walter and Astrid head off to the warehouse where the Almond importer was located. The importer is no longer there, they are about to leave when Walter hears a noise. So by all means lets investigate, with no back up. They are confronted by bad guys with lots of guns, they are chased and Astrid is shot. Bell comes out of the shadows and says, “Hello old friend”.

Peter and Olivia have a lovely moment at the beginning of the episode, they are going over the real estate section looking for houses. Peter reads the details of one of the listings, he mentions 3 bed rooms, Olivia says nursery?  Awww, that can only mean she is going to die next week. The moment of bliss is interrupted by the call about the burning people at the mall. This episode is filled with several examples of Olivia’s special abilities, something that I am sure will play itself out into next week’s finale. She is able to stop the spread of nanites in the Jessica’s body while they are waiting for the anecdote. When Peter is fighting with Jones on the rooftop she is able to help Peter fight back, by controlling his body, thereby giving Peter the upper hand over Jones. 

How will it all end next week? Will Olivia, who the Observer said dies in every timeline, die next week? Well we know she can’t die until she gives birth to Etta.

Fringe “Letters of Transit”

21 Apr

Oh Fringe, how I love thee, let me count the ways

  • John Noble, proved again last night why his Emmy nomination and win is way past due, his two interpretations of Walter in last night’s episode were breathtaking
  • Licorice as a calling card
  • Belly encased in Amber
  • the hand
  • I think Josh Jackson has a secret bet with himself to see how many times he can make the audience cry this season, last night’s final scene on the train was so amazing

“Letter’s of Transit” takes place in the year 2036, the Observers have taken over our planet, humans fought back but lost. The Fringe division has been reduced to a babysitting organization, and our Fringe team was encased in amber to prevent them from over throwing the new regime.   Two new Fringe agents, Etta and Simon have made it their mission to find the original Fringe team, one of Etta’s sources has found them and brings her Walter, still entombed in amber.

She brings amberWalter to Simon, they break him out, but his brain has been compromised and he is childlike, he is amazed at the wonders of red licorice and confuses Simon with Peter. They find out that parts of his brain are stored at Massive Dynamic, they go see a silver haired wheelchair bound Nina Sharpe for help.  Walter fixes her robotic hand, they share a lovely moment, you can feel the depth of the friendship that these two characters have shared and how weary the battle has made them.

Simon and Etta restore Walter’s brain, he wakes up a completely different person, all take charge and kind of an asshole. But I like it, this Walter is going to save us. Walter has a flash of recognition when he looks at Etta, something familiar but he can’t put his finger on it. Well I did in the first five minutes of the episode, this is Peter and Olivia’s daughter, and a big reason she is looking for the rest of the Fringe team is she wants her family back.  We suspect Olivia is dead, but this is not confirmed until the final minutes of the episode.

Simon, Etta and Walter get to the rest of the team encased in amber, it’s very cloudy so you can’t tell how many people are in there, I saw at least two. This is a nice piece of misdirection by the show, you expect to only see two, Astrid and Peter, since we can assume Olivia is dead.  They extract Astrid, who upon seeing her Walter calls Astro, perfect Fringe moment.  Next we see William Bell encased in the amber, which brings up a whole bunch of questions, is this the reality where Bell never died, was he resurrected somehow. Since we only saw, two and they show us Belly where is Peter? Then we hit a couple of snags, the extraction machine breaks and the new Fringe division is onto them, they are tracking them thru Simon’s locator chip. We are now in a race against time.

With minutes to spare Simon fixes the machine, but it will only work if someone pushes the person out of the amber, risking being entombed themselves. Simon sacrifices himself to get one last person out of the amber, then Broyles and the new Fringers break down the door, revealing everyone is gone and Simon amberfied.

We assume Simon has sacrificed himself for Belly. We cut to Walter and Astrid talking on a train, she asks how could you just leave him there, we need him. Walter says don’t worry we have what we need, and opens Simon’s backpack to show Belly’s hand still encased in amber. They cut if off.  Oh show, how I love you.

Final scene, Etta looking out of the rear window of  the train, playing with a bullet she is wearing in a chain around her neck. Presumably the bullet that killed her mother, Olivia. Peter comes up behind her. Simon sacrificed himself for Peter, wahhhh. They start talking and slowly Peter realizes Etta is his and Olivia’s daughter.  Again Josh Jackson, stop making me cry.

I loved this episode so much, I hope the show is renewed and we get to return to 2036. I would love to see the continuation of this storyline, the evolution of these characters.  Of course they would have to rescue Simon, he and Etta definitely have chemistry.

Next week:

Fringe “The Consultant”

14 Apr

FauxLivia is still reeling from the death of AltLincoln, she has vowed to uncover the mole.  Be careful, uncovering the mole may be more than you bargained for. The COW, Robert Jones has created a device that makes planes and cars crash, the twist is, the victims counter dies from the same injuries in the Amberverse even though they are not in a plane or a car.

Walter is sent “over there” to consult, while there he bonds with Faux and makes her scrambled eggs after she drinks too much out of her grief for Lincoln. The scene is classic Fringe, right down to Walter in Faux’s bathrobe. He helps her put the pieces together that leads her to arrest AltBroyles for being the mole.  Loved Walter tuning the bodies to find out what frequency they vibrate to, it is a scientific fact that their are vibrations all around us and rhythms we arent even aware of that drive the motion of the planet.

We find out that he was doing RDJ’s bidding because RDJ was providing him with medicine that was saving his son’s life.  Father’s going to great lengths to save their sons is a recurring theme on this show. I wonder who on the writing staff has daddy issues.

RDJ gives Broyle’s a device, he tells him to plug it into the Machine, when he does it will merge the two universes.  If that happens does one universe cancel out the other in parts or whole, or do they co-exist. Imagine seeing your double everyday. Freaky!!! Broyles doesn’t go thru with it, he calls the other Broyles and confesses everything, he is arrested and in ends up in a cell next to Mena, I mean Nena, wonder which one of them RDJ kills first.   Broyles does what is right, even though it will kill his son. 

All in all it was an ok episode, too little Peter for my taste, but I am sure with the end of the season on the horizon that will change very soon.  Next week’s trip to the year  2036 looks promising, is that Peter hugging his daughter in the promos? Is that Walter encased in Amber?

Odds are Fringe will be renewed for a fifth and final season of 13 episodes. It doesn’t matter when it goes off the air, this show will be missed.

Next Week: The Observers are bad guys?

Fringe “The End Of All Things”

25 Feb

Last night’s episode of Fringe, “The End of All Things” is about as good as it gets for winter finales. It should be shown to all those who study the craft of making TV as an example of how it should be done.  The episode answered questions spanning multiple seasons, it left a few un-answered, like who shot September and opened up enough new ones to see us thru the final eight episodes of the season and possibly series finale.

The episode was written by David Fury, the man responsible for writing some of the best episodes of  Angel, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, 24 and Lost, it is no wonder this a stand out.

Lets re-cap shall we.

Dr. Jones,perhaps Fringe’s best villain to date is holding Olivia and Nina captive, he is trying to “activate” Olivia’s powers. He is torturing Nina, hoping that Olivia’s love for her as her adoptive mother will kick start her abilities. Apparently that only happens when someone she loves is in danger.

The other Nina Sharpe, who at this point, we believe is evil and has been injecting Olivia with cortexiphan is being interrogated by Broyles.  She insists she is innocent.

In the lab, Peter is trying to get information from a memory card he found in a hidden camera in Olivia’s apartment. Walter is having a snack, he is eating toast with candy colored sprinkles, I love Walter’s snacks and his love of sugar. It makes this former sugar junkie giddy from the thought of a contact high.

The moment we have all been waiting for happens, the Observer, September pops into the lab, literally. unfortunately hs is shot and dying. The team, Peter, Walter, Astrid, Broyles and Lincoln get him on the table but he seizes before he can tell them anything that will help them find Olivia.  The only choice is to have Peter enter his mind, a mind meld if you will. Walter warns if the Observer dies while Peter is in there he could die too. Peter doesn’t care he must rescue Olivia.

Ok, so here comes the meat of the episode and a few answers. Basically September screwed up many years ago and he has been trying to fix things ever since.  When BlueWalter was working on a cure for BluePeter, September showed up in the lab and distracted him, as a result he missed the cure and BluePeter died. September then went to RedWalter and got him to cure RedPeter, BlueWalter brought RedPeter to his time were eventually RedPeter would meet and fall in love with BlueOlivia. Apparently their babies are the key to everyone’s survival. Problem is BluePeter mated with RedOlivia and they had a baby instead, little Henry. Who we found out last night ceased to exist when Peter was erased at the end of last season.

In one of Josh Jackson‘s great moments, the look on his face when he found out in a 10 second span, that he had a son and then didn’t, was a great acting moment.  The look in his eyes, it said it all. So sad for Peter.

Peter has to get back to his time and BlueOlivia, they have to have babies and the world will be right again. Unfortunately September gets pulled away before he could tell us more.  September’s last words to Peter are “go home”.  When Peter reappears in the lab, September has vanished and he tells the gang he is going to his house. Maybe September meant he should literally go home, so he does.

While all this was happening, we found out that the Nina being held with Olivia is really evil and in league with Dr. Jones. She must be RedNina.  The only way to activate Olivia is to kidnap Peter, since the only time she has used her powers was to protect him. So they do, they hold a knife to his throat and she activates, electrocuting the bad guys and saving Peter. 

Jones and Nina get away of course, because we still have to find out who or what is pulling Jones’ strings. You know things on Fringe are never as they appear.

In the end Peter tells Olivia he has been projecting BlueOlivia onto her and it wasn’t right and he must get back to his quest. He must go home.  She has feelings for him and isn’t too happy about being dumped.

The show is off for four weeks, then returns for 8 straight episodes. I suspect we will hear in the next four weeks if it will be renewed or not, it doesn’t really matter the creative team behind Fringe always treats their season finales as series finales. I suspect this year will not be any different and the final 8 will be a truly satisfying ride.

Did you watch? What are your thoughts?

Friday Night Round Up – Blue Bloods, Grimm and Fringe

5 Nov

I watched Grimm, Fringe and Blue Bloodson Friday night.

courtesy CBS

First up Fringe, the heart of the show is back, Walter and Peter are back together. But the reunion is bittersweet, Walter doesn’t remember who Peter is, my heartbreak for both of these characters. Walter and Peter is perhaps the best father son relationship on TV.

The last scene between Walter and Peter brought it all home, Peter encouraging Walter, telling him he knows what he is capable of, that support and love that we saw in seasons 1-3.  Walter taking Pater’s face in his hands, still racked with guilt over the boy who died 25 years ago, believing he doesn’t deserve this second chance.  The last shot of Peter alone and abandoned.

Wins, Lincoln, the typewriter and the introduction of time slips. 

Grimm, this week is a variation on Goldilocks. I like this show, but I am hesitant to get to attached.  The ratings were solid and if it holds NBC could pick it up. But I wouldn’t be surprised it it made its way to the Syfy channel for season 2. 

Blue Bloods, so glad my BF and parents go me hooked on this show. This is a text book example of how to execute a TV show.

  • strong story telling – check
  • liakble characters that you care about -check
  • no gimmicks – check
  • sold family values – check

Consistency in the action and progression of story from week to week.  My favorite part of every episode is the Reagan family dinner, I feel cheated if their isn’t one.  

Just a few random thoughts on what I watched last night.

Did you watch any of these shows, what did you think?

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