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Tuesday 4/24 What You Should Watch

24 Apr

Ringer ended last week, so now Tuesday’s are just Glee for me, which is pretty sad because it has really gone down hill.

Glee has the Whitney tribute episode tonight, the MJ epi was pretty good let’s see how this goes.

The CW is premiering some new show tonight called The LA Complex, it’s looks like a Fame reboot.

New Girl and 90210 are new tonight, if that is your thing.


The club pays homage to Whitney Houston; Emma and Will move closer to their dream wedding.

The L.A. Complex

Episode: Down in L.A.
Abby, a broke aspiring actress, finds a place to crash in Los Angeles and meets a group of displaced dreamers.

New Girl

Episode: Tomatoes
 Jess worries that she and Russell don’t share the same passion as he did with his ex-wife; Cece, unwilling to admit her feelings, encourages Schmidt to go out with her roommate; Nick works on a vegetable garden.


Naomi plans a party so her friends can get to know P.J.; Austin returns and tries to help Adrianna with her music career; Annie confesses her feelings to Caleb.

Sunday Feb 12th What You Should Watch

12 Feb

The Grammy’s are on tonight, everyone is predicting a big night for Adele.  Of course the death of Whitney Houston yesterday makes it hard to celebrate. 

Sweeps continues, Once Upon A Time is all new.  This isn’t the must watch show it once was, I record and watch later, I hope it re-bounds before the end of the season.

Pan Am is new tonight, wasn’t this show cancelled? I am sure the studio wants to air the episodes it paid for but using coveted sweeps time, very puzzling.

 Downton Abbey is on, if you haven’t checked out the latest British import you should.  Its great fun, fantastic acting, strong story and solid acting.  PBS at 9pm.

The 54th Annual Grammy Awards

Festivities at Staples Center in Los Angeles honor excellence in the recording industry; LL Cool J hosts.

Masterpiece Classic

Episode: Downton Abbey
Spanish influenza strikes Downton Abbey; Mary, Sybil and Robert confront the truth; Anna and Bates find happiness

Once Upon a Time

Episode: Skin Deep
When Mr. Gold’s house is robbed, Emma suspects he is planning to seek vigilante justice; Ruby, Mary Margaret and Ashley (Jessy Schram) plan a night out on Valentine’s Day; Belle (Emilie de Ravin) makes a deal.

Whitney Houston the soundtrack of my life

12 Feb

The height of Whitney Houston’s fame came when I was in high schol and college, and funny enough most of her songs are linked to a

My Love Is Your Love

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memory of a guy that I dated during this time.  I couldn’t believe it, could it be true, that Whitney more than other singer had been linked to all my boyfriends even the ones that came after the 90’s and sure enough it was true.

The last 24 hours have been a trip down memory lane for me, my memories of the moments and boys I dated are so strong that I immediately flashback to those memories when I hear her songs.

In 1985 I was working in a mall, classic high school job, very Fast Times at Ridgemont High, he managed a record store, I worked at the The Lodge, a preppy clothing store. Pink Izods and plaid for all. We started dating a few months after Whitney’s debut album, Whitney was released, our songs, “How Will I know” and “Greatest Love of All“.  Off topic how many of your high school talent shows featured some girl singing “Greatest Love of All”

By the time we broke up Whitney’s follow up album Whitney Houston was out, and it seemed like every track was made for this mourning period.  “Where Do Broken Hearts Go“, “Didn’t we Almost Have It All“.

Then came The Bodyguard soundtrack, “I Will Always Love You” was timed perfectly for the end of my two year college relationship. I moved to Chicago to escape the heartbreak, I sat in my aprtment listening to this song and crying. Now I can’t even remember the guys name, thats not exactly true but I can’t believe how upset I was about that break up.

Next up also off The Bodyguard soundtrack was “Run To You” the guy I lived with in Chicago said he wanted me to run to him to depend on him.  We broke up a few months later, I kind of ran away from him.

I moved alot over the next few years so Whitney, became the dance soundtrack for the boys that didn’t seem to last. “I’m Your Baby Tonight” was very appropriate for this period.  During this period Whitney released, My Love is Your Love, I wasn’t dating a two timing slime, not that I cared if he was becasue I wasn’t looking for commitment, but if I was “It’s Not Right but It’s OK” would have been my anthem.

And now here I am with my current boyfriend, and “I Have Nothing” is our Whitney song.  Time will tell if I have nothing if we break up.

Do you have a memory tied to Whitney song that is so strong you instantly fahsback to it in your mind as soon as the song comes on the radio?

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