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The Good Wife “Alienation of Affection” Observations

9 Jan

We are back from Christmas break, the last new episode TGW aired was “What Went Wrong”, and quite frankly that is exactly what I was asking. TGW had gotten off track after a great start, and I wondered if it would get back to business.  That question was answered last night, with “Alienation of Affection”.

Who knew chasing down paper could make me as tense as watching Tom Cruise dangle from a building in MI4.  Did you know one of the greatest movies about the law is called “The Paper Chase”, you should check it out. Ok, back to the show, so Alicia almost sinks LG, but Cary saves the day.  I have been in love with Matt Czuchry since he played logan on Gilmore Girls, I am so glad to see this actor getting  a chance to really show his stuff.

The show continued it’s impressive run of recurring guests stars with return performances by Carrie Preston, F. Murray Abraham, Zach Grenier and Bryan Brown

What was really good about last night’s episode you ask? The amount of Alicia and Kalinda scenes, finally the girls are getting back together, they are peanut butter and jelly, sure you can eat on without the other, but they are oh so much more satisfying together.

How they served everyone with the lawsuit, an art gallery, a school, a wedding and David Lee in full Gilbert and Sullivan Pirates costume.

Carrie Preston representing Will in his grand jury trial.  I know there isn’t room, but it would be great if they could make her a regular. 

The way Diane put Eli and David in their place when they go into it.  I hope Eli and David have more scenes together, these actors have tremendous energy.

OMG the equity partner meeting at the beginning, all you needed was a some pasta and red wine and it would be Sunday dinner at my Grandmother’s house.

Welcome back Good Wife, can’t wait for next week.

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