5/3 Thursday What You Should Watch

3 May

Thursday night is Vampire Diaries night, after last weeks big twist, I can’t wait to see what will happen with EvilAlaric

Scandal started off slow for me, the Amanda Tanner storyline kicked into high gear last week when she was kidnapped.  The promo shows a body being pulled from the water. I think the body is related to the COW involving a plane crash. Amanda is worth more alive than dead especially if she is pregnant.

Also new tonight, The Big Bang Theory, Person of Interest, Grey’s Anatomy, Awake and Touch.

The Vampire Diaries

Episode: Before Sunset
Klaus tries to leave town with Elena but encounters resistance from a surprising source; Bonnie asks Abby for help with a spell; Stefan and Damon have a candid conversation about the future.


Olivia and her team help defend the pilot of a commercial plane that crashed, killing all onboard; when Amanda Tanner goes missing, Huck must call upon his past to help find her; Fitz asks the vice president for help.

The Big Bang Theory

Wedding plans are jeopardized when NASA reschedules Howard’s mission; Leonard says something in the bedroom that surprises Penny.


Grey’s Anatomy

The residents agonize over their upcoming exam results; Arizona’s childhood friend needs medical help; the doctors try to help a patient who is missing one third of his skull; Julia wants to start a family with Mark.

Person of Interest

On Reese’s birthday, Finch gives him the day off in hope of keeping him away from the latest person of interest.


Episode: Slack Water
Bird and Britten investigate what appears to be gang violence; Hannah faces a tough situation with Rex and his girlfriend; Capt. Harper (Laura Innes) is forced to take back a promise

One Response to “5/3 Thursday What You Should Watch”

  1. Elizabeth at 4:21 pm #

    I liked the pilot of Scandal and then the next few episodes went slow enough that I almost stopped watching. Last week’s kicked into high gear and I’m looking forward to tonight’s!

    I’ll be watching Big Bang Theory and The Mentalist tonight. DVR is catching Scandal because my husband likes it too and he’s not home tonight. 🙂

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