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Glee Season 3 Episode 10 Swimming Photos

31 Dec

Glee started out really strong this year, and now this.  Synchronized swimming!! Really!!! Oh show!

Glee Season 3 Episode 10 Swimming Photos.

12/31 New Year’s Eve What you should watch.

31 Dec

I hate going out on New Year’s Eve. I usually watch movies, catch up on my DVR or watch a marathon of a favorite TV show on DVD, Netflix or Amazon.

TV has a lot to offer this weekend, here are a few highlights. Thanks to TVLine for the listings.

100 Most Shocking Music Moments (VH1, 3 – 9 am) | Got predictions? We’ve got our fingers crossed for Ashlee Simpson’s Milli Vanilli moment — complete with interpretive dance — on SNL.

The Walking Dead (AMC, 11 am – Sunday, 1 am) | For a sneak preview of what you’ll feel like the morning after, check out Seasons 1 and (the first half of) 2 of the zombie soap opera. (Check in on Get Glue for an exclusive sticker.)

Twilight Zone (Syfy, 2 pm – midnight) | Not just 40 episodes of the classic series, but 40 episodes of the classic series that were selected by viewers. The Top 20 air Sunday, 2 pm – midnight.

The Three Stooges (IFC, 6 pm – Sunday, 6 am) | Get smart about the originals before they’re reinvented by the upcoming movie.

The Big Bang Theory (TBS, 7 pm – midnight) | The geeks have inherited the Earth syndication!

New Year’s Rockin’ Eve: The 40th Anniversary Party (ABC, 8 – 10 pm) | Jenny McCarthy and Fergie host a special about the annual special, featuring a countdown of the top 40 performances ever.

Dick Clark’s Primetime New Year’s Rockin’ Eve with Ryan Seacrest 2012 (ABC, 10 – 11 pm, 11:30 pm – Sunday, 2:13 am) | Performances from New York include Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, Carlos Santana, Pitbull and Hot Chelle Rae. From Los Angeles, we’ll get Robin Thicke, The Band Perry, blink-182, Christina Perri, Florence + The Machine, Gym Class Heroes, LMFAO, OneRepublic, Nicki Minaj, Taio Cruz and (Check in on Get Glue for an exclusive sticker.)

New Year’s Eve With Carson Daly (NBC, 10 – 11 pm, 11:30 pm – Sunday, 12:30 am) | Drake, The Roots, Tony Bennett, Jessie J, The Voice‘s Blake Shelton and Cee Lo Green, Smash star Megan Hilty, Jimmy Fallon and Rick Gervais all help the former MTV VJ with his countdown. (Check in on Get Glue for an exclusive sticker.)

Stick Clark: Party Like It’s the 90s (TeenNick, 10 pm – Sunday, 6 am ) | It’s a child of the ’90s dream come true: a nice, long stretch of The Secret Life of Alex Mack, All That, Ren & Stimpy, Are You Afraid of the Dark, Kenan & Kel, Doug and Clarissa Explains It All. (Check in on Get Glue for an exclusive sticker.)

Batman (The Hub, 11 pm – Sunday, 6 am) | It’s the 40th anniversary of the live-action series, and there’s a new chapter coming out in theaters, too. So what better time to reintroduce ourselves to Adam West’s Caped Crusader? Synergy!

Law & Order (TNT, 4 am – 2 pm) | It may be a new year, but some things never change.

V.I.P. (Logo, 4 am – 10 pm) | The Pamela Anderson classic. Camp classic, that is.

Absolutely Fabulous Hangover Helper (BBC America, 7:20 am – Monday, 6 am) | Edina and Patsy are almost back with new episodes (Jan. 8!), but until then, let these oldies-but-goodies distract you from your aching head.

The Vampire Diaries Season 3 Episodes 10 and 11 Photos

31 Dec

The Vampire Diaries Season 3 Episodes 10 and 11 Photos.

2012 TV Birthday Wishes

30 Dec

It’s a new year, a birth of sorts, a birth-day if you will, so how about a few wishes for the new TV year.  I would love to hear your wishes/hopes/desires for TV 2012, please head to the comments.

My wishes

Fox doesn’t cancel Fringe

Fox does cancel American Idol ( I know never in a million years). I am hearing rumors that Ryan Seacrest is stepping down to take over for Matt Lauer when he leaves the Today show.  Let me tell you about Ryan, when I moved to L.A. in the 90’s Ryan was the afternoon drive Dj on Star 98.7, now he is a media mogul, his producing deal with E! Entertainment is worth millions, yes, we have him to thank for the Kardashian’s. Not to mention his radio hosting duties, he replaced Rick Dees on Kiss and Casey Kasem on the weekly Top 40. Ryan just jumps into any grave. The rumor around Hollywood is a certain male media mogul who had his heyday in the 50-70’s  had a lot to do with Ryan’s success, and the old casting couch was a big part of it.  They don’t call him GayCrest for nothing.

We find out who got shot in the Revenge pilot before the season finale, it would be great to wrap up that storyline before the end of the season.  My money is on Tyler for the victim and real Emily for the shooter.

House ends it run, the season has been fantastic they can go out on top.

The CW Renews Ringer and Hart of Dixie and cancels 90210 and Gossip Girl

Fox decides not greenlight the Glee spinoff, but figures out a way to keep Kurt. Lea and Corey can leave my TV now.

This isn’t so much a wish, but a fact, Med Men is back this spring. Don Draper how I have missed you.

The networks cut the number of competition/reality shows, and get back to scripted comedy and dramas with shorter seasons, so we get more choice and reduced production costs. Isn’t the 22 episode format a thing of the past.

 Vampire Diaries continues to keep Elena and Stefan apart and keeps Stefan bad. 

CBS renews A Gifted Man or gives Patrick Wilson a new show, please keep him on my screen

When The Closer ends next summer, they kill off someone other than Brenda’s father, like Fritz. That show can take the high drama and Kyra would turn in one hell of a performance.

12/30 Friday What You Should Watch

30 Dec

Chuck is new tonight, I watched the first season, but couldn’t hang in there, I know it has a loyal following. Just like the folks that don’t get my rabid devotion to Fringe, I don’t get the Chuck-sters.


When Sarah’s original handler (Tim DeKay) shows up, she worries he will hurt those closest to her, including her mother

A Gifted Man

 Michael turns to Anton for help with a patient who hears voices; Kate has her first day at the clinic

Blue Bloods

Episode: Family Ties
 Danny must delve into the family politics of the Russian mob while investigating the death of a gangster’s son; Erin becomes involved in a high-profile corruption case.


 Nick and Hank’s investigation into a home invasion introduces them to a family with a barbaric background; Nick asks Monroe to protect Aunt Marie


Episode: Subject 9
 Walter’s experiments with a new drug result in a dangerous force; Olivia and Walter examine old case files in New York; Walter struggles with life outside the lab.

Smash NBC is Broadway Bound

29 Dec

First of all I am sure there will be people who will compare Smash premiering Monday February 6th at 10pm on NBC to Glee, as far as I can tell they are both on TV and both have musical numbers and that is where the similarities end.

Smash follows the drama that goes into launching a Broadway musical. It stars Debra Messing and Christian Borle as songwriting partners who are developing a musical based on Marilyn MonroeAnjelica Houston is the veteran broadway producer, Jack Davenport is the director and no story about the making of a broadway musical would be complete without dueling actresses vying for the lead. Katherine McPhee and Megan Hilty will be duking it out, one is a seasoned professional the other is still trying to get her big break.

The advanced word from those who have seen the screeners say the pilot is tight. It quickly sets up the premise and delivers some outstanding musical numbers along with a big cliffhanger. There is also a sub plot involving Messing and her husband played by Brian D’Arcy James trying to adopt a baby, which plays out with a twist by the second episode.

Did I mention Stephen Spielberg is the executive producer.  I am not really sure how you can get more than one season out of the premise. Maybe a new musical with a new cast every year.

Smash has stiff competition on Monday’s at 10, it’s up against Castle and Hawaii 5-0, both ratings champs.  I predict Smash will do well in the ratings, but it won’t stay on Monday’s at 10 for its entire run. NBC will realize the demo they want watches from 8-9 or 9 to 10.

Here is the trailer – Watch it – Then head to the comments, are you in or out?

12/29 Thursday What You Should Watch

29 Dec

Repeats – Big Surprise

Just a couple more weeks and Vampire Diaries will be back. To tide us over we have the exquisite Homecoming, twists and surprise murders abound.

These repeats are just as good the second time around

The Vampire Diaries

Elena is left feeling conflicted after Rebekah opens up to her; Tyler’s behavior shocks Matt and Caroline; in hope of outsmarting Klaus, Damon becomes a part of a dangerous partnership

The Big Bang Theory

Realizing he will not live long enough to download his consciousness into a robot body, Sheldon tries to extend his life span.

Person of Interest

Episode: Ghosts
 Reese and Finch question the machine’s reliability when it prompts the investigation of a teenager who was killed years earlier; Finch recalls the origin of the machine.

The Secret Circle

Episode: Pilot
 After her mother dies in a mysterious accident, Cassie Blake moves to a small town to live with her grandmother; after a series of strange and dangerous events, Cassie’s new friends reveal a secret

OMG!!! Revenge Season 1 Episode 11 Video Preview

28 Dec

Revenge Season 1 Episode 11 Video Preview.

12/28 Wedneasday What You Should Watch

28 Dec

Everything is a repeat tonight, so head on over to BBC America and check out State of Play, a few years ago there was an American made movie with Ben Afleck and Russell Crowe. The BBC show is far superior and worth your time.

As far as repeats go you can’t go wrong with ABC from 8 to 11, comedy from 8 to 10 and Revenge from 10-11.



Tessa tries to reunite George with his ex, but he has eyes on another woman; George tries to enjoy an awkward holiday party.

Modern Family

Episode: Phil on Wire
 Jay’s relationship with the dog irritates Gloria; Phil and Luke try to master the tightrope; Cameron starts a juice fast.


Episode: Intrigue
When incriminating surveillance video surfaces, the Graysons begin to distrust their head of security; the tension between Emily and Tyler comes to a head; the Porter boys make their moves.

12/27 Tuesday What You Should Watch

27 Dec

Top Spot

The Kennedy Center‘s Honor, tonight’s honoree’s include: Broadway legend/singer Barbara Cook, singer/songwriter Neil Diamond, (Love At The Greek anyone?), cellist Yo-Yo Ma, saxophonist Sonny Rollins and the greatest actress of our time Meryl Streep.  

Also on tap tonight, Glee repeats the infamous Gilled Cheesus episode. You either loved it or hated it.  

The 34th Annual Kennedy Center Honors

Entertainers receive recognition in the annual ceremony; this year’s honorees include singer Barbara Cook, singer Neil Diamond, cellist Yo-Yo Ma, saxophonist Sonny Rollins and actress Meryl Streep; Caroline Kennedy hosts


 Finn thinks he sees Jesus’ face in his grilled cheese; Kurt has a crisis that leads to a discussion about theology.
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