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Sharing is Caring

28 Jun

Mad Men just wrapped it’s 6th season, halfway thru I found two re-cap sites that are unique and creative in Mad-men-title-cardtheir approach to re-capping.

Tom and Lorenzo – This site provides two recaps for each episode, the first focuses on the episode, discussing the themes and the character interactions etc. Their second recap, usually up by Wednesday focuses on the costumes and the style. These recaps add another layer of insight into the show, digging deep into the color palette and the deliberate costume choices Janie Bryant makes each week.

Tom and Lorenzo were the first site to notice Megan Draper was wearing the same T-shirt worn by Sharon Tate a year before she was brutally murdered by the Manson family. This lead to weeks of speculation on Megan’s fate this season.

Believe me after you read the Mad Style recaps you will never look at a TV show and the costumes the same way again.

Tom and Lorenzo also cover Fashion, I recommend checking out all the sections of their site.

The recaps on Happy Place are done as if the entire show happened on Facebook. No description I provide can possible do them justice, you will just have to click on their name to see what I mean.

Tuesday September 18th – What You Should Watch

18 Sep

ABC from 9 to 11 is airing “Best in TV: The Greatest TV Shows of Our Time” with Barbara Walters

The season finale of So You Think You Can Dance is on at 8pm on FOX

NBC has new episodes of, The Voice,  Go On, The New Normal and Parenthood

Go On

Recent widower Ryan King joins a grief counseling group at the behest of his employer.



Episode: Left Field
Jasmine and Crosby define the boundaries of their marriage; Sarah’s new boss (Ray Romano) helps her understand Drew’s feelings; Kristina receives potentially life-altering news.

So You Think You Can Dance

The top dancers are chosen.

Buffy’s Birthdays and Me

7 Jan

My birthday is coming up this week. It got me thinking about

Buffy the Vampire Slayer (TV series)

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how birthdays are depicted on TV.  Longtime readers of this blog know I am a die-hard Buffy The Vampire Slayer fan, and if anyone had crappy birthdays it was Buffy. 

Let’s review shall we

Season 2 – 2 part episode Surprise and Innocence, while the gang plans a surprise party for Buffy, Spike and Drusilla plan a surprise of their own. The are assembling a super powerful demon, called The Judge.  Buffy sleeps with Angel, this gives him a moment of pure happiness and causes him to lose his soul. He reverts back to being the soulless Angel, who murdered thousands and has no remorse. 

In the end Buffy deals with a common affliction for women, you sleep with a guy and he becomes a jerk. But at least she gets to kick his ass before the end of the episode and use a rocket launcher to kill the Judge. Great way to work out the anger.

Season 3 Helpless – As Buffy’s 18th birthday approaches, she is looking forward to going to the Ice Show with her dad. She is also going through new slayer training with Giles. What she doesn’t know is, he is hypnotizing her and drugging her to make her weak. The council wants to test her tactical abilities by locking her in a house with a super strengthen crazy demon.

Her dad cancels, and not only does she have to save herself from the psycho but her mom as well. She finds out that Giles betrayed her with the drugs. So not only does her biological dad let her down on her birthday but so does her father figure. 

Season 4 – A New Man – Ethan Ryane, turns Giles into a demon. The episode opens with the gang throwing Buffy a successful surprise party.  The party highlights how out of step Giles is with Buffy’s new life at college.  After Ethan turns Giles into a demon, he can’t speak English and must turn to Spike for help. Buffy and the gang think the demon(really Giles) did something to Giles. Buffy is about to kill him when she sees his eyes and realizes it is really Giles.  Killing your watcher would really kill future birthdays.

Season 5 – Blood Ties – As Buffy and the gang celebrate her 20th birthday, Dawn’s entire world crumbles around her after she learns that she is the Key. Confused and depressed, she runs away, and ends up running into Ben. However, when Dawn reveals that she is the Key, Ben freaks out and then morphs into Glory. Glory pumps Dawn for information, and Buffy and company arrive just in time, as Glory concludes that Dawn doesn’t know where the Key is. Willow and Tara teleport Glory elsewhere, and Buffy is able to convince Dawn that she is indeed a Summers. Another party ruined because she has to save the day.

Season 6 – Older and Far Away – Dawn inadvertently traps the gang in the house during Buffy’s birthday party, with help from Halfrek the vengeance demon. Dawn no longer feels alone, but puts the gang in real danger because a disappearing demon is released from his sword. As anxious as everyone is to leave the house once the curse is finally broken, Buffy panders to Dawn once again and stays with her.  Poor Buffy the curse of the little sister, Dawn was a great plot device used to create havoc a lot.

Season 7 –
Sources speculate that there is no birthday episode in season seven because, at Buffy’s last party, Spike says, “You ever think about not celebrating your birthday?” Must have sounded like a good idea…. 

All things considered, if I don’t have to kill anyone and no one tries to kill me then my birthday is a success.

Don’t forget cake, ice cream and presents. 

What was your best/worst birthday? Head to the commenst

Renew or Cancel Where is your show on the list

30 Oct

We are almost two months into the new TV season, and beginning November sweeps, so lets discuss what shows are “on the bubble”

Fun fact, “on the bubble” is actually a carpenter’s term, it means it “could go either way”, cancel or renew. 

Tv By The Numbers has two columns they run all season, one is the Renew/Cancel Index the other is Bubble Watch. While they are similar, Renew/Cancel is what would happen to a show if the season ended now.  Buh-Bye.  The bubble takes a guess at what will happen in May.

To determine if a show is “on the bubble” Tv By the Numbers uses the following when evaluating a shows status

  • ratings, not overall viewers, but the share of adults 18-49 (the only demo advertisers care about)
  • syndication money, it used to be a show didn’t go into re-runs or syndication until it went off the air, then it changed to 100 episodes, now the number has dropped to 88
  • who owns the show, this gets back to syndication money, a network will care more about renewing a show they own than one it doesn’t

For example Harry’s Law vs. Community, Harry’s Law has more total viewers then Community,  but they aren’t in the coveted 18-49 demo, and after this season Community will have enough episodes for syndication. It is easier to syndicate a 30 minute comedy then a one hour drama. 

This year The Big Bang Theory set a syndication deal record earning Warner Bros. 2million an episode. 

Shows likely to be cancelled


Fringe (wahhhhhhh)

Body of Proof

On the Bubble

Once Upon A Time

Hart of Dixie


Likely Renewal


Happy Endings

The Good Wife

Certain Renewal


Mike and Molly

Vampire Diaries

To see where your favorite show is on the list click here.

Then come back to discuss in the comments.

Living in a TV World

9 Oct

If you could live in a TV show which one would it be?

My blog is named TV Happy Place, because TV is my happy place,  nothing is more relaxing or enjoyable then sitting in front of my TV and having a great episode of my favorite show or good movie wash over me.  Allowing me to tune out my day and focus on the made up world of other people.

Worlds where everyone has a beautifully furnished apartment, an awesome car, the perfect wardrobe, Apple computers, perfect hair and make-up and friends.  It doesn’t matter if their salary supports any of this, that is irrelevant in TV land. If you want reality watch the Discovery Channel and stop throwing logic at my fantasy world.

Back to my question, which TV show would you live in and would you want to take over as a main character, a supporting character or a background player?

Over the years there have been many shows I would have happily traded this life for, interestingly enough as much as I love it, Buffy The Vampire Slayer was never one of those shows. Not sure why, not that Sunnydale, the Scooby Gang, Buffy, Spike and Angel weren’t awesome it wasn’t dreamy enough. I was happy watching from afar, too much angst.

If I got the chance today, I would have to pick Revenge (ABC Wednesday at 10pm). First of all, The Hampton’s and you know what they say, location. location, location.  Second, everyone is rich , they live in fabulous homes on the beach, they wear beautiful clothes, throw incredible parties and everyone is kissing their asses.  Granted there is this pesky revenge plot thing, where people’s lives are being destroyed, that definitely dampens the mood.   To avoid being a target I would either choose to be Emily Thorne (Emily VanCamp) or Nolan Ross (Gabriel Mann).

Why these two characters, Emily is doing all the revenge, so basically she is having all the fun, Nolan is free from her sights and his helping her, not to mention he is a computer genius and filthy rich.

Next I would have to pick Glee (Fox Tuesdays at 8pm), I am a sucker for a spontaneous musical number, I wouldn’t to take over an existing characters life, I would like to be a new member of the Glee club, and Puck’s new GF.

Lets hear from you in the comments, what TV show past or present would you like to live in, and what character would you be.

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