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Smash “BOMB shell”

15 May

The aptly titled “Bombshell” was Smash‘s season finale.  My big question last night, as it has been all season is, why does everyone think Karen (Katherine McPhee) is soooo talented, when they clearly have a talented Broadway vet waiting right there to take over the role she was born to play. I didn’t think it was possible for a show to jump the shark in 15 episodes or less, but Smash has done it. Kudos it will be your greatest achievement.

Broadway is a business like any other business with millions of dollars at stake, as Eileen reminded us every week this season. There is no way a real producer would risk their money on a hack.  I do not understand why the creators/writers think there is drama in the whole “cinderella story”, there isn’t, its boring and watching Derek be led around my his little director is a clche.  Although I have seen many an actor or actress get and keep roles because the director wanted to bed them, it would have been nice if the show rose above the fray, Jack Davenport is another actor I hope gets a better gig, he is wasted here.

As the episode opens Derek decides Karen will take over the role of Marilyn for Rebecca Duval, basically they have a day to teach her all the blocking, shorten the costumes etc etc. Ok, wasn’t Karen Rebecca’s understudy, shouldn’t she know all this stuff already and shouldn’t wardrobe have her costumes ready to go for exactly this type of scenario.  Really Show, Really?

Anyhow, in one of the rare moments I actually liked Ellis this season, he tells Eileen that Karen sucks and what a bad idea this is, he also lets her know he slipped Becky the nuts. Eileen fires him. I was routing for this all season, and now that he is fired I am not sure I want him gone. But I guess this sets us up for the lawsuit storyline for next season, remember Marilyn was his idea.

Tom and Julia are frantically working on the new closing number, because the original ending, Marilyn’s suicide was such a crowd pleaser. Halfway thru rehearsal Karen loses it and runs off stage, Derek follows her and gives her a pep talk and offers his magic penis to help make her feel better.   Let’s see, after he slept with Ivy she crashed and burned on pills and Becky nearly died from peanuts, stay away Karen that penis is cursed.

Michael Swift hits on Julia, his wife has left him and moved to Seattle, she rebuffs and then goes to throw up. Literally she throws up which means she is preggers. Smash has now officially become a soap opera, the whole whose the daddy storyline is so played out and will be again next season.

The show continues destroying the Ivy character, god I hope Megan Hilty gets off this show she is too good for this crapfest. In retaliation for Karen getting Marilyn, she tells Karen she slept with Dev. 

finally the show goes on, Karen is awesome ( shows perspective not mine) earning applause mid-song during the new closing number.  Meanwhile Ivy is about to swallow a handful of pills.

Pathetic finale. I will tune in next year, I want to see if they have learned their lessons and if a new show runner EP will make that big of difference. But we will have to wait, Smash isn’t back until winter 2013.

What about you, are you coming back? What did you think of the finale? Are you done having the show tell you how awesome Karen is and crapping all over Ivy?

Smash “Publicity”

24 Apr

Wow, Karen has enemies everywhere, Ivy, Rebecca and Ellis.  Normally I would feel bad, for the underdog, but not this time. the sooner Kat McPhee is off this show the happier I will be.

What’s that old saying keep your fiends close, keep your understudy closer. Faster than you can say Eve Harrington, as soon as Rebecca finds out that Karen is singing one of her shadow songs, and Derek thinks she is “brilliant” complements of Ellis eavesdropping.  Rebecca makes Karen her new BFF. Taking her out to the hottest spot, giving her the opportunity to sing with one of the hottest bands, giving her fabulous designer duds and causing problems between her and Dev.

Unbeknownst to Rebecca Ivy is playing a little prank on Karen. Do you think those two will team up, not likely since Rebecca now sees Ivy is not only more talented than Karen but is also sleeping with Derek.  In the previews it looks like Rebecca is making moves on Derek, she is going to stop at nothing to crush her competition.  I wasn’t sure about this whole movie star plot, but now that I see how nasty she is I am really liking it.

What else happened last night, oh yes, Leo went missing, he was just hiding out at his friend’s house to get away from this parents and this lame storyline. I really hope they are going to overall Julia’s storyline and character in season 2. I feel so bad for Debra Messing, she so better than this crap.  Eileen and Nick go to fancy thing at BAM where they run into Jerry and his arm candy. Eileen and Nick do it.  Karen hallucinate some Bollywood musical number crap, if you missed it it’s on YouTube, but remember it’s 5 minutes of your life that you will never get back.

Aside from Rebecca’s scheming, the other highlight of the show was Megan Hilty singing a beautiful ballad called “Secondhand White Baby Grand”, if you can find it on the net watch it. Trust me those are 5 minutes you will not mind giving up.

Three episodes left, and it looks like we will be left with quite a cliffhanger


4/16 Monday What You Should Watch

16 Apr

I seriously think my DVR is going to explode tonight.

New episodes of Smash, Castle, House, 2 Broke Girls, Bones, Hart of Dixie and the rest of the CBS Monday line up (except Hawaii 5-0)

Smash gives us the first full episode with Uma Thurman and judging by the previews she is a nightmare.  NBC has some sneak peak clips up on their site .  Derek makes a play to get Ivy’s job back. BTW there is a big old rumor floating around the net that Jack Davenport (Derek) and Megan Hilty (Ivy) are having an affair. He is married so its quite the scandal.

Castle has a mini Firefly reunion tonight, Adam Baldwin is guest starring.


The arrival of a movie star (Uma Thurman) turns “Bombshell” upside-down; Ivy and Karen try to overcome their history and unite against their new rival; Tom and Sam’s romance heats up

Hart of Dixie

Zoe makes a romantic connection with a patient (Justin Hartley); Magnolia plans Lemon’s bachelorette party; Wade plans a hunting trip for George.


A corpse that has been dyed blue is found in a landfill; when Bones feels uncomfortable in her post-baby body, Booth tries to boost her self-confidence.


House and the team treat a man who sheds tears of blood; when House acts out when his favorite prostitute decides to leave the business.

2 Broke Girls

Caroline promises to put Earl’s tax return in the mail but gets sidetracked when she learns Max has never filed.


Episode: Headhunters
Castle takes on Detective Ethan Slaughter (Adam Baldwin) as his partner when tension between himself and Beckett rises, and he sees a new side to police work that puts him in danger.

Smash “Chemistry”

13 Mar

The question on everyone’s mind, could Derek sink any lower? And the answer is yes, on last night’s episode of Smash, he convinces Ivy to take medication when her throat becomes strained and she can’t sing. Tom had warned him that she is hyper sensitive to medicine.  This has dire consequences, especially for Derek.  Derek is the new love to hate character on TV.

Ivy’s throat problem couldn’t come at a worse time, the workshop is in a week, will Karen have to take over for her?

Poor Debra Messing the show basically ruined her character last night, she and Michael picked up their affair and in an insult to all working woman she whined that her home life was stressing her out and that is why she can’t meet her deadline. If I ever said that to my boss, I would be laughed out of his office and never ever be allowed to sit at the boys table again, forget any career advancement.  Most of the forums I read on last night’s episode had audience support at all time low for Julia. Way to go show, perform a character assassantion half way thru the first season on one of your leads.

Ellis somehow became Eileen’s BFF, snitching to her, drinking with her and going to see apartments with her. I hope her gets his, and I hope Tom and Eileen are the ones to do it and soon. His character can go away, and the actor is not much to speak of, neither would be missed. All of a sudden Eileen is hanging out in dive bars, and buying bartenders drinks. WTH!

Karen, Katherine McPhee is as exciting to watch as paint drying, I hope they figure out a way to get rid of her before the second season. Beautiful voice, yes, everything else no. Anyway, she overhears Derek and team talking about maybe having to use her if Ivy doesn’t get better, and gets her hopes up. She needs to make some extra cash so works a Bar Mitzvah, she sings, whatever, Tom texts her and tells her to get ready to step in for Ivy.  But the big news, Karen is spotted by a big music producer, which means we may get rif of her after all, but it pisses of Ivy, who was originally supposed to sing at the Bar Mitzvah. 

If I was involved with this show, I would get rid of everyone except Tom, Ivy, Derek and Dev and start over. But I am not so I have to make do with what I have.

Ivy freaks because of the meds, she sees visions of Karen in costume as Marilyn in her bedroom mirror ( oh brother). She has more hallucinations, and Tom is called to rescue her.  Next day ay rehearsal, Ivy’s voice is back, she and Michael do a number called “History is Made At Night”, they do great until the end when they stumble a little. (BTW, they are using the same couch he and Julia had sex on, ewwww) They laugh it off, but, Derek is as usual a jerk, he berates them both for being unprofessional and Ivy goes off. 

She calls him a narcissistic prick, insults his looks and calls him a bad lay. Great moment, so I sat thru 55 minutes of crap for 2 minutes of glory.

Next week: Bernadette Peters shows up as Ivy’s mother, who happens to be a Broadway legend. So Ivy is a legacy.

Is Smash smushed

1 Mar

I know the title is cheesy, but I can’t get seem to get a handle on this show. I don’t know if it wants to be a show about the making of a broadway musical with song and dance numbers or a show about the personal lives of the people who are making a broadway musical with song and dance numbers.

The characters are stock, not an original in the bunch. The wide eyed (sort of) fresh off the bus girl from Iowa who is learning just how tough it can be to make it in show business. The seasoned vet, who isn’t going to let anyone stand in the way of her big moment. But not so seasoned, that she doesn’t realize the director is just using her. Speaking of , the swarmy director, complete with his casting couch. I could go on, but I think you get the point.

I will say this Megan Hilty, who plays Ivy Lynn is extremely talented, more so than Katherine McPhee, but the original songs are just horrible.  When writing a musical you want to give the audience a melody that sticks in their head, a melodic thru line that they hum or whistle. It gets them to download the soundtrack, to recommend the show to their friends.  So far I couldn’t hum, whistle or even name one of the songs we have heard for “Marilyn”.  I am really surprised that the score sucks, they have some heavy hitters working on this stuff. But I guess not everyone is a Sondheim, there’s an idea, get Sondheim or another great B’way composer to work on  the music.

Smash like Glee has covered some popular songs, this past Monday Katherine McPhee covered Adele’s “Rumor Has It”, that was unfortunate. Because Miss McPhee is no Adele.

 I think Smash would work better if it focused more on the creative process that goes into making a broadway show, and less on the personal drama.  There are plenty of shows about relationships, and getting set up on dates and having to work with the guy you had an affair with.  Show me the personal drama of not getting the staging right, of arguing over a line of dialogue or the right note of music.

And Smash what is up with changing the sexuality of one of your characters after three episodes, Ellis was so gay in the first two episodes and now all of a sudden he has a girlfriend?!

I worked in theatre for years and let me tell you that the drama of rehearsal and production meetings was always way more interesting than our personal lives.  I worked on a show where the director was fired during dress rehearsal and the lead actress quit in protest. She didn’t have an understudy, so the assistant stage manager had to learn all her lines and do the show with only three days to prepare.  Talk about drama.

Or how about the show I did where the director made the lighting designer so mad he refocused all the lights so everyone was in shadow for an entire performance. The crew had to refocus as many lights as possible during the intermission. Did I mention the director and the designer were brother in-laws.

 I will watch the rest of the season, and yes it will be back next year but not for a full season. I think NBC will give it 15 more episodes and a major overhaul.

Smash “The Callback”

14 Feb

In my previous life I was an actress, musical theatre to be exact, just like the girls on Smash. I suffered through many callbacks. Last night’s episode of Smash was a bit of walk down memory lane.

We open with Karen (Katherine McPhee) singing call me to an audience filled with the folks at the show who have not called her back yet.  Really show, really, a little heavy handed and cheesy don’t ya think.

Cut to a meeting with Julia (Debra Messing), Tom (Christian Borle), Derek (Jack Davenport) and Eileen (Anjelica Houston), the creative team debating who should be cast Ivy Lynn (Megan Hilty) or Karen.  Tom is totally team Ivy Lynn, while Derek is totally team Karen, Julia and Eileen are referring.  Tom’s assistant, Ellis (Jamie Cepero) is listening at the door, he is totally up to no good.

Obviously since the episode is titled The Callback we know they can’t make a decision and we must have another callback. And we are off.

The episode also touches on the ridiculous adoption sub-plot and Karen’s relationship with her boyfriend Dev, (Raza Jeffrey). We all know both of these will end badly so lets just wrap those up now.

Best song suggestion ever, Joe DiMaggio, Jack Kennedy and Arthur Miller singing about what they look for in a woman.

Spoiler Alert when all is said done Ivy Lynn gets the job, I am thinking sleeping with director may have helped.  But her joy will be short-lived, when Uma Thurman comes in as the big Hollywood star to boost ticket sales.

Eventually both Karen and Ivy Lynn will be cast, one as Norma Jean and one as Marilyn, the understudy thing has been done to death after “All About Eve” what show could even come close.

Monday 2/13 What You Should Watch

13 Feb

House gets the top spot tonight, it was announced last week that House will not be coming back next year. 

Smash debuted to solid ratings last week, will it hold on in week 2, tonight will tell the tale. I am not sure how long they can keep up the dueling diva storyline once they cast one of the girls, unless the other is the understudy.  Are you on team Karen or team Ivy Lynn, don’t get me wrong Katherine McPhee is really talented, but Megan Hilty is a force. If the show doesn’t work out I predict big things for this young lady. She has made her mark on Brodway, now she will hit it on TV and Film.

Hart of Dixie, last week Lemon’s secret about finding her mom came out. Tonight Zoe will find out about Lemon and Lavon’s affair, will she tell George? Of course not?  I predict the season finale or the second to last episode will be the wedding and the secret will come out. Season 2 will be about the aftermath.

Alcatraz, I am recording and watching a few days later. It is interesting but I don’t schedule my life around it like TVD, Revenge or Ringer.

This season of House has been one of it’s best, last weeks episode was fantastic, the previews for tonight’s show promise more of the same.


Episode: Chase
As Chase treats Moira (Julie Mond), a cloistered nun who is on the verge of making life-altering vows, they form a connection that causes Moira to question her faith; Taub and House take part in a series of pranks.

Hart of Dixie

Wade talks Lemon into participating in a scheme; Lavon asks Zoe for help determining why Didi has been avoiding him; George investigates a client’s unusual behavior.

2 Broke Girls

When Sophie’s (Jennifer Coolidge) beauty overwhelms Earl, Caroline and Max wind up spending Valentine’s Day at the hospital; Caroline tries to rekindle an old flame.


Episode: Pandora
Castle and Beckett discover that the killer they are pursuing is part of an international conspiracy, and they must work with a CIA agent with whom Castle has a history.


Episode: Callbacks
Ivy and Karen work to please the director as they pursue their dream role; Julia and Frank struggle with the adoption process; Eileen works to finance the musical.


Episode: Paxton Petty
The team uses methods of the past to track former inmate Paxton Petty, who has returned to plant bombs in populated areas of San Francisco.

Smash NBC is Broadway Bound

29 Dec

First of all I am sure there will be people who will compare Smash premiering Monday February 6th at 10pm on NBC to Glee, as far as I can tell they are both on TV and both have musical numbers and that is where the similarities end.

Smash follows the drama that goes into launching a Broadway musical. It stars Debra Messing and Christian Borle as songwriting partners who are developing a musical based on Marilyn MonroeAnjelica Houston is the veteran broadway producer, Jack Davenport is the director and no story about the making of a broadway musical would be complete without dueling actresses vying for the lead. Katherine McPhee and Megan Hilty will be duking it out, one is a seasoned professional the other is still trying to get her big break.

The advanced word from those who have seen the screeners say the pilot is tight. It quickly sets up the premise and delivers some outstanding musical numbers along with a big cliffhanger. There is also a sub plot involving Messing and her husband played by Brian D’Arcy James trying to adopt a baby, which plays out with a twist by the second episode.

Did I mention Stephen Spielberg is the executive producer.  I am not really sure how you can get more than one season out of the premise. Maybe a new musical with a new cast every year.

Smash has stiff competition on Monday’s at 10, it’s up against Castle and Hawaii 5-0, both ratings champs.  I predict Smash will do well in the ratings, but it won’t stay on Monday’s at 10 for its entire run. NBC will realize the demo they want watches from 8-9 or 9 to 10.

Here is the trailer – Watch it – Then head to the comments, are you in or out?

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