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Saturday September 15th What You Should Watch

15 Sep

ABC its Notre Dame vs. Michigan State and on FOX its USC at Stanford. NBC is repeating the The Voice episodes from earlier in the week. CBS is showing repeats of NCIS, Hawaii 5-0 and 48 Mystery.

BBC America has new Doctor Who

The Biography Channel has a new episode of Celebrity Ghost Stories

CMT (Country Music Television) Premieres Bayou Billionaires, and Redneck Rehab tonight.

Bayou Billionaires

Gerald Sr. and the Dowden men build a float for the “Holiday in Dixie” parade

Redneck Rehab

Patrick Higgs has alienated his redneck past, but looks to reunite with his family on a camping trip.

Tuesday 5/15 What You Should Watch

15 May

Both NCIS and NCIS LA wrap it up tonight, so does Private Practice.

But the really big news it’s nationals on Glee, will the gang finally win, it is senior year, and the core team is graduating so all signs point to yes.  But this is Glee and who knows with this wacky show.


New Directions prepares a high-concept routine; Tina suffers a head injury; the club performs at nationals for celebrity judge Lindsay Lohan.


Shaken by terrorism, the NCIS faces devastating surprises; the case impacts Jimmy Palmer’s destination wedding.

NCIS: Los Angeles

Episode: Sans Voir
Callen and the team pursue a criminal mastermind motivated by revenge.

Private Practice

The Seaside doctors go to Amelia’s side as she begins labor; Pete and Violet realize how they feel about each other; Addison must make a decision.

3/20 Tuesday What you Should Watch

20 Mar

Glee still isn’t back, it isn’t scheduled until mid April. But in case you wanted to know if Quinn survived the car accident, there are plenty of pictures taken on set when they filmed the next few episodes. 

The River wraps up its run tonight, the series finale airs at 9 on ABC.

NCIS and NCIS LA are all new, so if the FOX comedy block.

Top Spot: Ringer, will Andrew survive getting shot ( of course), will he be paralyzed. Will Shiv drop the whole revenge thing. I don’t belive this is about getting back at Bridget for Sean’s death, she isn’t that sentimental.  After tonight, we only have 4 episodes left, The CW still hasn’t decided if the show is coming back. 


After someone tries to kill Bridget, Agent Machado commits himself to finding the responsible party; Henry suspects Siobhan of putting a hit on her sister; Andrew confesses to asking Malcolm to leave; Juliet disappears.

The River

As the Magus travels to the final destination, one of the crew is shot; Jahel asks a spirit for help.


Episode: The Tell
When classified information is leaked, the Secretary of the Navy (Matt Craven) investigates alongside Gibbs and Dr. Samantha Ryan (Jamie Lee Curtis).

Tuesday 11/22 – What You Should Watch

22 Nov

Tuesday 11/22, we are two days away from Thanksgiving. 

If you follow this blog, then you know if it’s Tuesday the Top Spot must belong to Ringer.  If it was on, but Ringer isn’t on this week, so in its place.

NCIS, I am not a fan of this show, but it kills in the ratings, both in the 18-49 demo and total overall viewers every week.  I have watched it a few times, but it never hooked me in. That doesn’t mean I don’t respect its success and dedicated fans.

Maybe some of that TV Karma will rub off on my Fringe and Ringer.

Also on tonight, The Dancing with Stars Finale and the Top 9 perform on The X-Factor.

As always listings courtesy of Zap2It.

Top Spot 


Anthony DiNozzo Sr. (Robert Wagner) is found in a car with no memory of the previous night and a dead body in the trunk; Tony goes against orders as he tries to establish his father’s innocence.

NCIS: Los Angeles

Episode: The Debt
After a botched assignment, Hetty is forced to fire Deeks; Kensi struggles with unexpected emotions for her former partner.

Dancing With the Stars

The winner is chosen; Lady Antebellum performs.

Tuesday What You Should Watch

8 Nov

I know they are losing their virginity over on Glee, but the top spot still goes to Ringer.

Last Weeks Ringer ended with Bridget’s ultrasound, if you have been watching Bridget is not pregnant, but her sister Siobhan, who she is impersonating is totally PG.  Wonder what the screen will reveal. The episode description says, they all get said news, the episode title. “maybe we can get a dog instead”, leads me to believe they will think Bridget’s lack of  pregnancy will mean she had a mis-carriage.  

I still want a Bridget/Andrew baby, they will definitely have grief sex over this.


Upsetting news affects Henry, Andrew and Bridget; Juliet continues to bond with her teacher (Jason Dohring); Agent Machado confronts Malcolm


Acting as director, Artie leads preparations for the school’s performance of “West Side Story”; Finn talks with a recruiter; someone admires Coach Bieste.

New Girl

Episode: Cece Crashes
Cece tells Jess that Nick has feelings for her; Schmidt tries to hook up with Cece.


The team finds a problem with the DNA samples collected while investigating the crash of a military plane that was transporting caskets.

OMG!! Tuesday All New Shows – So much to Watch

31 Oct

All new episodes tonight, we love November Sweeps!!!

Top Spot – Ringer – Why aren’t you watching this show yet.  DVR everything else at 9pm, you won’t be disappointed.


Agent Machado closes in, forcing Bridget to make a revelation to Andrew and Henry; Juliet’s partying escalates; Malcolm goes on the run after escaping his abductors.


Episode: Pot O’ Gold
A new foreign exchange student clashes with Brittany; Mercedes tries to recruit new members to Shelby Corcoran’s (Idina Menzel) glee club.

New Girl

Episode: Naked
Nick’s confidence takes a hit after Jess walks in on him in the buff; Winston researches pop culture references on the Internet


The team looks for answers when the current husband of Gibbs and Fornell’s ex-wife is abducted.

NCIS: Los Angeles

Episode: Honor
The team must establish whether a dishonorably discharged Marine committed a murder or is being framed.
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