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OMG!! Tuesday All New Shows – So much to Watch

31 Oct

All new episodes tonight, we love November Sweeps!!!

Top Spot – Ringer – Why aren’t you watching this show yet.  DVR everything else at 9pm, you won’t be disappointed.


Agent Machado closes in, forcing Bridget to make a revelation to Andrew and Henry; Juliet’s partying escalates; Malcolm goes on the run after escaping his abductors.


Episode: Pot O’ Gold
A new foreign exchange student clashes with Brittany; Mercedes tries to recruit new members to Shelby Corcoran’s (Idina Menzel) glee club.

New Girl

Episode: Naked
Nick’s confidence takes a hit after Jess walks in on him in the buff; Winston researches pop culture references on the Internet


The team looks for answers when the current husband of Gibbs and Fornell’s ex-wife is abducted.

NCIS: Los Angeles

Episode: Honor
The team must establish whether a dishonorably discharged Marine committed a murder or is being framed.

Who ever had 72 days in the Kardashian wedding pool Just Won!

31 Oct

From the moment Kim Kardashian announced her engagement to Kris Humphries, I knew that this was nothing more then another stunt from Kris Jenner‘s publicity machine. I just thought it would last longer then 72 days.  I actually gave it a least a year, they could milk the break up, make up, pregnant, not pregnant but trying, tabloid covers for at least that long.

Since the NBA is on lock out, Kim must have gotten tired of Kris’ ass sitting around the house not working, and kicked him to the curb. What good is it being married to an NBA star, if he isn’t on the road, creating tabloid headlines like, “Kris Caught Cheating, NBA groupie tells all”.  No headlines, no money, and since that is the only way Kim knows how to make a living she needed a payday.

Remember this is the girl that became famous because of a sex tape.

Now, for anyone who believed they were really in love and not marrying for the ETelevision money, I feel sorry for you, you were duped into believing this crap.  But I hope you have finally learned a valuable lesson about Hollywood, fame and money.

Rumor is Miss Kim has a few goals, 1. have a few kids by different famous rich baby daddies, and 2. more marriages then Liz Taylor. Oy Vey.

Marriage equality doesn’t ruin the sanctity of marriage, this kind of crap does.  There are actually girls out there who look up to Kim and actually think her life is something to emulate.  Kim makes a mockery of marriage.

I don’t think Kim should be allowed to get married again for at least 5 years, and when she does she can’t broadcast it on TV or make any money from it.  Then we’ll see how quick she is to walk down the aisle.

What do you think?

Fringe — Friday Can’t Come Soon Enough and other stuff

31 Oct

Thanks TV Line for the tid bits

To ease the wait, here is a link to the Executive Producers Jeff Pinkner and J.H Wyman talking about Peter’s return and the impact it will have.

click here

Are you a fan of Bones, more specifically the Booth/Brennan romance, then click below to feel the love

Booth/Brennan Romance Music Video

Chase and Taub are finally back on House on

Braun HF 1, Germany, 1959

Image via Wikipedia

November 7th click below for a sneak peak

Chase and Taub

Once Upon a Time – The Thing You Love Most

31 Oct

That is one cold-hearted Queen, damn!!!!                   

I am still sold on this show, from the optimistic opening of Cat Steven’s “Don’t be Shy”, to the Queen‘s last act to secure her curse. This show is made of win.

The chemistry between Jennifer Morrison (Emma Swan) and Lana Parrilla (Queen/Regina) is fantastic it is great to see a show with two female leads that are not fighting over a man or acting like whores.   Regina had Emma arrested, so Emma took a chainsaw to her apple tree. Loved it!!

Fun fact, Regina is latin for queen.

Tonight’s episode introduced the famed “mirror, mirror on the wall” played by Giancarlo Esposito, nice addition to the cast. Very clever making his non-fairy tale persona a newspaper editor, telling it like it is.

 I wasn’t totally sold on Ginnfer Goodwin (Snow White) and Jennifer Morrison as mother and daughter, but after tonight’s scene over cookies and hot chocolate, I see subtly similarities on their faces and can see why the casting director thought these two actresses fit well together.

In its second week OUAT held strong in the ratings against Sunday night football, scoring a 3.9 rating in the 18-49 demo.  If it continues ABC will surely order a full season and renew before long.

Here is a preview for next week’s episode

Renew or Cancel Where is your show on the list

30 Oct

We are almost two months into the new TV season, and beginning November sweeps, so lets discuss what shows are “on the bubble”

Fun fact, “on the bubble” is actually a carpenter’s term, it means it “could go either way”, cancel or renew. 

Tv By The Numbers has two columns they run all season, one is the Renew/Cancel Index the other is Bubble Watch. While they are similar, Renew/Cancel is what would happen to a show if the season ended now.  Buh-Bye.  The bubble takes a guess at what will happen in May.

To determine if a show is “on the bubble” Tv By the Numbers uses the following when evaluating a shows status

  • ratings, not overall viewers, but the share of adults 18-49 (the only demo advertisers care about)
  • syndication money, it used to be a show didn’t go into re-runs or syndication until it went off the air, then it changed to 100 episodes, now the number has dropped to 88
  • who owns the show, this gets back to syndication money, a network will care more about renewing a show they own than one it doesn’t

For example Harry’s Law vs. Community, Harry’s Law has more total viewers then Community,  but they aren’t in the coveted 18-49 demo, and after this season Community will have enough episodes for syndication. It is easier to syndicate a 30 minute comedy then a one hour drama. 

This year The Big Bang Theory set a syndication deal record earning Warner Bros. 2million an episode. 

Shows likely to be cancelled


Fringe (wahhhhhhh)

Body of Proof

On the Bubble

Once Upon A Time

Hart of Dixie


Likely Renewal


Happy Endings

The Good Wife

Certain Renewal


Mike and Molly

Vampire Diaries

To see where your favorite show is on the list click here.

Then come back to discuss in the comments.

Dallas Redux

30 Oct

TNT is doing a Dallas reboot, set to air Summer 2012.

The show is going to revolve around John Ross Ewing III (John Henderson), son of J.R. and Sue Ellen and Christopher Ewing (Jesse Metcalfe) son of Bobby and Pam. J.R III has grown up to be just like his daddy all oil and greed, Christopher has grown up to be just like his daddy, all about Southfork and maintaining the land.

On hand for the re-boot, are Larry Hagman, who created the iconic role of J.R. Ewing, who will ever forget the summer when the question on everyone’s lips was “Who Shot J.R”?.  Linda Gray as Sue Ellen, Patrick Duffy as Bobby, his new wife Anne played by Brenda Strong, Ken Kerchval as Cliff Barnes and Charlene Tilton as Lucy Ewing.

A large part of the success of the orignal show was due in part to what was going on in America at the time. Dallas premiered in 1978 and ran until 1991.  The country was on the verge of big change, we were heading into a presidential campaign that would change the economic landscape of the country for a longtime. Ronald Reagan would become one of the most popular presidents of all time.

We were in the middle of the Iran hostage crisis, the end of a recession, disco and polyester. The 80’s and all it’s excessive, greedy glory was about to be born.  Don’t get me wrong I loved the 80’s, I was in high school and college during that time. I worked retail and made a lot of commission selling designer clothes, everyone was shopping, big hair, big shoulder pads.

Interestingly enough, Dallas will première next summer, and we are once again in a recession and will be in the middle of a very heated presidential election. I wonder how the Dallas re-boot will do? 

Will you be tuning in?

Homeland on Showtime

30 Oct

Homeland on Showtime, is based on an Israeli series called Hatufim (Prisoners of War). The show stars Claire Danes as CIA officer Carrie Mathison, who is convinced a recently returned Iraq POW Nicholas Brody, played by Damian Lewis was turned, and is a threat to national security.

Homeland’s creators and executive producers Howard Gordon and Alex Gansa, who brought us “24”, have gone in completely different direction with the tone of this show. Homeland delivers its protect national security message more quietly then “24”.  Homeland reflects the growth of the country and how we manage our fear and anxiety about terrorism.  Where “24”, was all hysteria the threat is everywhere, Homeland is a character study on the effects of that hysteria.

Both Carrie and Brody are dealing with their psychological demons brought on by their experiences in Iraq, as the viewer we get to see the parallel that is drawn between the 2, it is a nice piece of story telling.

The main action of the show surrounds the, “is he or isn’t he” question, so far the show has done an excellent job of keeping this unanswered. There are moments when you think you have a scene that shows he is turned, but then is zigs instead of zags.  For example, he is shown praying as a muslim, carpet and all, you could argue he is definitely turned, he has been brain washed or he assimilated to survive and hasn’t let go of that assimilation.

Rounding out the cast; the always superb Mandy Patinkin, who plays Carrie’s mentor Saul, and Morena Baccarin who plays Brody’s wife Jessica.

Bottom line, the show is worth checking out, the performances by Lewis and Danes are strong, and the story is compelling. 

Check it out and let me know what you think.

Sunday What to Watch

30 Oct

Listings courtesy of Zap2it

New episodes of The Good Wife, and Once Upon A Time tie for the top spot.

Showtime has Dexter, and an excellent new show called Homeland.  Boardwalk Empire continues to improve on its impressive first season.

What Halloween would be complete with The Simpsons’ annual treehouse of horror special, this year is # 22.

And as always I want to hear from you. What are you watching?

Once Upon a Time

Regina tries to push Emma out of Storybrooke and Henry’s life; information about the Evil Queen’s curse comes out.

The Good Wife

Alicia defends a Taiwanese national; Eli’s ex-wife approaches him about a potential political campaign
Honorable mention:

Allen Gregory

Episode: Pilot
When pretentious 7-year-old Allen Gregory begins the first grade in a public school, he struggles to fit in with his peers; Allen has in interesting first meeting with his principal.

The Simpsons

A boulder traps Homer’s arm when he takes a drive through a canyon; a spider bite paralyzes Homer; Flanders becomes a vigilante by night; Bart and Milhouse travel to a distant planet to obtain an extract.

Pan Am

Despite being close to losing her job, Maggie manages to make it onto a flight to Rio de Janeiro; Kate is unsure of herself after getting a difficult mission involving a Yugoslav diplomat; Ginny’s games don’t sit well with Dean.

The Amazing Race

After falling behind, a dismayed contestant is encouraged by spirited locals; contestants participate in an intense foot race.

Boardwalk Empire

Nucky arranges a risky liquor delivery; complications arise in Nucky’s federal case; Jimmy finds a new mentor; Margaret makes a confession; Lucy struggles in solitude; Van Alden wrestles with his conscience.


Episode: Blind Spot
Brody confronts his surviving jailor; the agency is on the trail of Aileen and Faisel.

Puss and Boots

29 Oct

Taking a break from TV today, I am going to see Puss and Boots 3D, with about a gazillion other people. 

The Vampire Diaries – Ghost World Review

28 Oct

I should have known I would jinx myself, in my Thursday what to watch post I talked about how the Vampire Diaries delivers and that’s why it is my favorite. Well, it didn’t deliver tonight, this was pretty lame. 

Let me see if I understand this correctly, vampires, who are already dead can come back as ghosts when they are killed? Huh?

Moving on

At the end of last week’s episode we saw Mikal take a bite out of Katherine, and ghost Mason attack Damon.  This week’s episode didn’t even hint at Katherine’s fate. WTH.

But we did get plenty of vampire ghosts, some friendly like Casper, some not so much.

After Mason got done kicking Damon’s ass, he revealed his real reason for coming back was to help Tyler. He told Damon and Alaric he knew about a weapon to kill Klaus. 

Best parts of the episode were the Damon and Alaric scenes, I love Alaric for not forgiving Damon so easily, and Damon wants to be forgiven. I haven’t enjoyed a bro-mance this much since Clark and Lex on Smallville.

Once again the Lockwood’s have another buried secret on the property. Good thing they have a lot of land, the writers can keep finding stuff out there for seasons to come.  Mason and Damon head out on their adventure thru the tunnels to find the “weapon” that will kill Klaus.

Meanwhile Elena, still not willing to give up on Stefan, asks Jeremy to use his new-found gift as a medium to contact the ghost of Lexi to come and set Stefan straight.  Jeremy is too busy sucking face with Anna, I don’t care what Bonnie says he is not cheating, and she needs to get over it.

Lexi shows up, she and Elena chain Stefan to a chair and the intervention begins.

Bonnie and Caroline work together to get rid of the ghosts, Bonnie’s grandmother is summoned and tells Bonnie how to get rid of the ghosts. They have to destroy Elena’s necklace.  Off they go to the Salvatore mansion to retrieve the item, but it is gone. (big surprise).  Anna took it, (bigger surprise) she doesnt’ want to go back, she wants to be with Jeremy. 

Then come the bad vamps seeking revenge on the founders, and lucky for them we are having one of those founders celebrations. This one is about lighting lanterns, to symbolize when the town was safe again after the founders killed the vamps.  This history lesson comes courtesy of the head of the history department and Alaric’s boss.  Did I mention he is a member of one of the founding families.  All the warning signs are there, this guy is like the red shirt guy in the original Star Trek. Whenever they beamed down for a mission if a red shirt guy was on the team, he was dead before they got back. So you knew this guy was a goner.

The bad vamps start killing and everyone including Anna realizes it must end, she turns over the necklace.  Bonnie and Grams do a little spell, destroy the necklace and all the ghosts go poof. But not before a sad music montage, of everyone leaving. Very emo.

Lucky for Mrs Lockwood they go poof before they kill her, not so lucky for Damon, Mason goes poof before he can show what he found in the cave. Damon must go to Alaric for help, he agrees, and off they go to the cave. Alaric discovers cave paintings, next episode we get out our decoder rings and figure out what it all means.

Lexi is not successful, before she goes she tells Elena how to finish the job and poof she is gone. Elena, kind of grows a pair and tells Stefan if he wants help she will help him, but if he doesn’t change he will lose her forever.  Blah Blah.

There are only 2 more episodes before the show goes on hiatus until January. Here is a sneak peak for next week’s episode “Ordinary People” (makes me think of the Timothy Hutton movie).  Looks like we all need some post it notes.

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