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Wednesday 2/29 What You Should Watch

29 Feb

Ok this is it, the last night of sweeps.

Revenge is all new tonight!!! Tyler was shot, by whom we don’t know.  All we do know is. Daniel is going on trial.  Per the preview below, it looks like Daniel finds Amanda’s infinity box. Will he learn her secret? Will he keep it?

The ABC comedy click is all new, Suburgatory and Modern Family are the best way to get over the mid-week hump.

Whitney and Are you there, Chelsea?  are on their way out, get them while you can.


Episode: Scandal
The Graysons unite in the face of recent scandal; Emily becomes increasingly anxious; Amanda’s location is questioned.


Fred thinks Sheila is interested in George; the new poetry teacher, Ms. Evans, takes an interest in Dalia’s prose despite Tessa’s efforts to impress.

Modern Family

Episode: Leap Day
Mitchell feels pressured to make Cameron’s birthday extra special; Jay’s manliness comes into question; the girls interfere with Phil’s leap day plans.


Whitney has an unexpected reaction when confronted with a mugger; Lily tries to keep herself busy after her and Neal’s wedding is called off; Mark encourages Neal to talk about his feelings.

Are You There, Chelsea?

Chelsea faces her father’s wrath after the minor league baseball player (Wilmer Valderrama) she has been dating is traded to the Yankees; Rick helps out Nikki’s grandmother (Estelle Harris).

Survivor: One World

Harsh elements lead to new conflicts between the sexes; poor communication has contestants scrambling during a frustration-filled immunity challenge.

Criminal Minds

The BAU goes to Atlanta to investigate a series of murders, which they believe are being committed by more than one unsub.

Monday Final Ratings: ’2 Broke Girls’ Adjusted Up; ‘Smash,’ ‘Castle’ Adjusted Down + ‘Daytona 500′ Final Ratings – Ratings | TVbytheNumbers

28 Feb

Wow The Voice is tearing it up.

Monday Final Ratings: ’2 Broke Girls’ Adjusted Up; ‘Smash,’ ‘Castle’ Adjusted Down + ‘Daytona 500′ Final Ratings – Ratings | TVbytheNumbers.

Tuesday 2/28 What You Should Watch

28 Feb

Ringer is new tonight, based on the previews it looks like this week is improving on last week. ITs still pretty soapy cheesy, but in a good way. Siobhan is having twins, sounds like multiple baby daddy storyline is coming up here.  There is a clip of Juliet’s mother seducing the teacher and Andrew proposes to Bridget, he thinks they are just renewing their vows, but we know its more.

OMG it the season finale really going to be a Bridget/Andrew wedding with someone breaking in to stop it.  Oy vey.

Now that Henry knows the truth about Bridget he has become a more interesting character, he plays the villain well.  But wait until he finds out about Tyler.  I guess Mr. C will end up dead by the end of the season, but who will be killer?  My bet is Juliet is falsely accused, and goes on trial in season 2.

Of course we have the regular Tuesday night champs, NCIS and NCIS LA.

American Idol, keeps on rolling.

Body of Proof, Unforgettable, Cougar Town, Last Man Standing and The River are new tonight.

Parenthood airs the season finale, and possible series finale tonight. I don’t think it will be back next year.


Bridget realizes she is in over her head when Andrew proposes again; Olivia (Jaime Murray) becomes suspicious of Malcolm; Juliet makes a choice that forces Catherine (Andrea Roth) to take drastic measures.



Episode: Need to Know
Security at a Naval research laboratory is in jeopardy after a petty officer’s murder links to an arms dealer; probationer Ned Dorneget sucks up to Gibbs.

NCIS: Los Angeles

The team searches for evidence of Kensi’s innocence after a meeting involving her father’s sniper unit turns deadly.

Body of Proof

Episode: Home Invasion
The parents of a seemingly perfect family are murdered; Curtis grapples with his new position; Megan’s romantic life heats up.


As the family celebrates a momentous occasion, Joel and Julia try to recover from the emotional turmoil they experienced during the adoption process; Adam and Crosby decide the Luncheonette’s fate; Sarah faces a big decision.

The River

Episode: Peaches
nother vessel runs the Magus crew aground; a shocking discovery leads to tears.

Updated (2) TV Ratings Sunday: ‘Academy Awards’ Preliminary Ratings Close To Last Year, ‘Amazing Race,’ ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ At Series Lows – Ratings | TVbytheNumbers

27 Feb

Updated (2) TV Ratings Sunday: ‘Academy Awards’ Preliminary Ratings Close To Last Year, ‘Amazing Race,’ ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ At Series Lows – Ratings | TVbytheNumbers.

Monday 2/27 What You Should Watch

27 Feb

We are in the final days of February Sweeps, more new episodes tonight.

CBS all new, can’t wait for the laughs.  I really love 2 Broke Girls, Jennifer Coolidge is a fantastic addition.

House continues to wrap up its final season in style.

Sad to say it, but Hart of Dixie doesn’t do it for me anymore. I will not be sorry when it gets cancelled, so much potential just wasted.

Smash is on tonight at 10, I am sticking with it for the rest of the season. It started strong, but has waned a bit the last few lets hope it picks up and gets renewed. The main problem with the show is, the characters aren’t likeable, if you are going to center your show around their personal lives then make the characters likeable.  Character Rehab stat for all.  


Karen must learn how to get ahead in the world of Broadway; Derek throws a party for a hot, young celebrity (Nick Jonas); Eileen tests a new fundraising strategy; Tom goes on a date


Episode: Love Is Blind
The team works to save a blind man with a mysterious illness; House’s mother makes an unexpected visit.

2 Broke Girls

Max goes with Caroline to see her father in prison.

Oscars 2012

26 Feb

 Viola Davis was robbed!!!! Lets see Hugo won just about everything.  And Harry Potter was robbed. No big surprises.

Best Moments

Octavia Spencer’s speech

Ben Stiller and Emma Stone

Tina Fey – maybe she should host or at least write the Oscar’s next year

Chris Rock – maybe he should co-host and write with Tina next tear

The What Are They Thinking Bit

Worst Moments

Harry Potter losing .

The Wizard of Oz focus group

The interview segments.

The woman who sang during the In Memoriam segment, her hair and dress were awful. Her voice was beautiful, but the style ruined it.

and the rest

Billy was great in the film montage, but his sound was dicey during the song so I didn’t hear all the jokes.

Nice joke about millionaires giving each other gold statues.

Cinematography – Hugo

Set Design – Hugo

Make up – The Iron Lady. I call BS on this award, how does that movie win over Harry Potter, practically everyone in that movie was in some sort of prosthetic, way more than they had in the Iron Lady.  Just ridiculous.

Sandra Bullock is presenting Foreign Language Film – I do not like her dress, and it looks like she has has a lot of work done.  A Separation won.

Ok here we go, Best Supporting Actress presented by Christian Bale, I can’t wait for Batman this summer.

Octavia Spencer for The Help – She gets a standing ovation, so richly deserved. What a great speech from the heart.

The show just crashed, the bit about the focus group about The Wizard of Oz was not funny. Its too much of an inside joke, I think only Hollywood types who hate focus groups get the joke.

Tina Fey and Bradley Cooper to present Film Editing and Sound awards – as usual Tina Fey is funny, and the winner Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

Sound Editing – Hugo, Sound Mixing – Hugo

Kermie and Miss Piggy – introducing Cirque Du Soleil, ok they are pretty freaking awesome. But I would have preferred they used that time for the Muppet’s to sing Man or a Muppet from their movie, since it is nominated for freaking award.

Gweneth Paltrow and Robert Downey Jr. are presenting Best Documentary –  Undefeated

Chris Rock presenting Best Animated Film – He is hilarious, why isn’t he hosting.  Rango wins, it was very good. Sorry Kung Fu Panda 2 didn’t won it was really good as well.

Billy and Melissa McCarthy doing a bit, that wasn’t so funny.

Benn Stiller and Emma Stone – Best Visual Effects – Their bit is actually funny. – winner – Hugo – again how does Harry Potter not win!!!

Melissa Leo – ugly dress, presenting Best Supporting Actor – Christopher Plummer for The Beginners. He will always be Capt. VonTrapp singing “Edelweiss”.

Penelope Cruz and Owen Wilson to present Best Score – The Artist, ok this guys speech is great, again from the heart and so beautiful.

Will Farrell and Zach G – to present Best Original Song – Man or Muppet YEAH!!!

Angelina Jolie looking beautiful as always – Presenting writing awards and as expected The Descendants wins for adapted and Woody Allen wins for original screenplay for Midnight in Paris.

Rose O’Byrne and Melissa McCarthy did the Scorsese drinking game from The SAG awards. Awesome.

Michael Douglas is presenting Best Director – The guy from The Artist – no surprise

The In Memoriam segment was nice, but who was that chick singing, her hair and outfit where a distraction and tacky.

Ok, Best Actor and Actress here we come.

Best Actor – Jean DuJardin The Artist

Best Actress – Meryl Streep – What a crime, it should have been Viola Davis.

Best Picture – The Artist

Oscars 2012 The Red Carpet

26 Feb

I am watching the Red Carpet arrivals on E! Entertainment Television.

2 questions, 1. Who died and made Kelly Osbourne a fashion expert? She is talking about what makes a dress timeless, etc, where is her fashion degree, she sat first row at fashion week, she threw up on Anna Wintour, what are her credentials. She has skull and cross-bones tattoos on her feet for crying out loud. 2. Who picked out Guliana Rancic’s dress, it is horrible. 

Love watching Ryan Seacrest schmooze with everyone, when Ryan started doing this years ago he was just a guy doing the red-carpet just getting his deals with AI and E!, now he is a major player. He has multimillion dollar deals with E!, he is worth a ton of money and is rumored to take over for Matt Lauer.  “As one power player to another, what are you wearing?”. 

Anywho.. on to the fashion.


Oscar 2012 Wish List

26 Feb

Starlight, Starbright, First star I see tonight, I wish I may, I wish I might, I wish…..

Billy Crystal is funny, I want him to knock it out of the park.

In a surprise upset Brad Pitt wins best actor

Viola Davis wins Best Actress

There is a Muppet sing along of Rainbow Connection, since their nominated song isn’t being performed its the least the academy could do. 

Angelina Joilie wears a magnificent gown.

The Bridesmaids show up and give us another drinking game.

Rooney Mara wipes that smirk off he face and gets rid of those hideous bangs. Even Robert Deniro lost the weight after “Raging Bull” was over. Get over yourself.

Sacha Baron Cohen doesn’t make an ass of himself. He was so good in “Hugo”, The Dictator looks like such a pile of crap, he is killing his career.

Octavia Spencer gives the best acceptance speech of the night.

Smash “Enter Mr. DiMaggio”

25 Feb

What started as a promising show has quickly become a trite soap opera set against the backdrop of launching a Broadway musical.

First of all Ivy Lynn, you are supposed to be seasoned vet, and you honestly can’t tell the director is just using you.  He doesn’t care about working on the character with you, and you fell for the whole excuse about the gas problem at his apartment. He is no different than other man, they don’t invite you over to their place when they don’t want you in their lives.

Katherine McPhee singing more karaoke, didn’t we already see this when she was on American Idol, and she is a lousy actress.

Ellis the assistant as Iago, stealing the notebook, and he has a girlfriend, are they freaking kidding me.

Art imitates life, Debra Messing and the guy playing Joe DiMaggio left their real-life spouses when they met on the set. Their pretend affair became real, nice.

Stop having Anjelica Houston throw drinks in he ex husband’s face, the gag is tired.

The next episode, The Cost of Art is about the big name star they have to bring in to attract investors. Poor Ivy, all that sex and it didn’t matter, hope Karen doesn’t trip her when they are in the ensemble together.

Just like a bad relationship that you hope will get better, I am giving Smash the rest of the seaon its only 11 more episodes, may be it will get better. 

What do you think?

Fringe “The End Of All Things”

25 Feb

Last night’s episode of Fringe, “The End of All Things” is about as good as it gets for winter finales. It should be shown to all those who study the craft of making TV as an example of how it should be done.  The episode answered questions spanning multiple seasons, it left a few un-answered, like who shot September and opened up enough new ones to see us thru the final eight episodes of the season and possibly series finale.

The episode was written by David Fury, the man responsible for writing some of the best episodes of  Angel, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, 24 and Lost, it is no wonder this a stand out.

Lets re-cap shall we.

Dr. Jones,perhaps Fringe’s best villain to date is holding Olivia and Nina captive, he is trying to “activate” Olivia’s powers. He is torturing Nina, hoping that Olivia’s love for her as her adoptive mother will kick start her abilities. Apparently that only happens when someone she loves is in danger.

The other Nina Sharpe, who at this point, we believe is evil and has been injecting Olivia with cortexiphan is being interrogated by Broyles.  She insists she is innocent.

In the lab, Peter is trying to get information from a memory card he found in a hidden camera in Olivia’s apartment. Walter is having a snack, he is eating toast with candy colored sprinkles, I love Walter’s snacks and his love of sugar. It makes this former sugar junkie giddy from the thought of a contact high.

The moment we have all been waiting for happens, the Observer, September pops into the lab, literally. unfortunately hs is shot and dying. The team, Peter, Walter, Astrid, Broyles and Lincoln get him on the table but he seizes before he can tell them anything that will help them find Olivia.  The only choice is to have Peter enter his mind, a mind meld if you will. Walter warns if the Observer dies while Peter is in there he could die too. Peter doesn’t care he must rescue Olivia.

Ok, so here comes the meat of the episode and a few answers. Basically September screwed up many years ago and he has been trying to fix things ever since.  When BlueWalter was working on a cure for BluePeter, September showed up in the lab and distracted him, as a result he missed the cure and BluePeter died. September then went to RedWalter and got him to cure RedPeter, BlueWalter brought RedPeter to his time were eventually RedPeter would meet and fall in love with BlueOlivia. Apparently their babies are the key to everyone’s survival. Problem is BluePeter mated with RedOlivia and they had a baby instead, little Henry. Who we found out last night ceased to exist when Peter was erased at the end of last season.

In one of Josh Jackson‘s great moments, the look on his face when he found out in a 10 second span, that he had a son and then didn’t, was a great acting moment.  The look in his eyes, it said it all. So sad for Peter.

Peter has to get back to his time and BlueOlivia, they have to have babies and the world will be right again. Unfortunately September gets pulled away before he could tell us more.  September’s last words to Peter are “go home”.  When Peter reappears in the lab, September has vanished and he tells the gang he is going to his house. Maybe September meant he should literally go home, so he does.

While all this was happening, we found out that the Nina being held with Olivia is really evil and in league with Dr. Jones. She must be RedNina.  The only way to activate Olivia is to kidnap Peter, since the only time she has used her powers was to protect him. So they do, they hold a knife to his throat and she activates, electrocuting the bad guys and saving Peter. 

Jones and Nina get away of course, because we still have to find out who or what is pulling Jones’ strings. You know things on Fringe are never as they appear.

In the end Peter tells Olivia he has been projecting BlueOlivia onto her and it wasn’t right and he must get back to his quest. He must go home.  She has feelings for him and isn’t too happy about being dumped.

The show is off for four weeks, then returns for 8 straight episodes. I suspect we will hear in the next four weeks if it will be renewed or not, it doesn’t really matter the creative team behind Fringe always treats their season finales as series finales. I suspect this year will not be any different and the final 8 will be a truly satisfying ride.

Did you watch? What are your thoughts?

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